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A very important question

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Any Mario 64 geeks, errr, I mean experts, out there?
I’ll tell you why I ask: I lost Mario’s hat when I was blown off the big snowman in Snowman’s Land. And, as luck most definitely wouldn’t have it, the hat blow into the big, blocky, ice thing where you get the In The Deep Freeze star. So, I can’t get the hat, cos when I try to do so, I automatically fall directly onto the star and exit the level, leaving Mario hatless, the poor little bugger.
Anyone know a cunning trick that can get me out of this icy jam?

Written by Craig

August 22nd, 2005 at 1:33 pm

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  1. Can’t help you, my N64 collects dust. However, you’ll be delighted to hear that I think Mario and co would make good minipops.


    22 Aug 05 at 13:59

  2. If you save it without your hat on, when you enter the level again, the snowman in front of the cannon will be wearing it.

    Also: a bit of a trick…

    From the cannon, walk right, past the small snowman, and into the corner of the level. You should see a couple of trees. Stand by the one nearest the corner, and you should teleport. Teleport back and forth a few times, and then go back to your hat. There should be more than one. Picking up more than one will cause Mario to hold the extra one in his hand. Push the punch button, and he will swing his hat. Unfortunately, you lose the hat weapon when you exit the level.

    Matt Sephton

    22 Aug 05 at 14:09

  3. Do a google on “Game name walkthrough”, you’ll find all you need. For the game, I mean.

    And don’t forget to put something else for “game name”… :)


    22 Aug 05 at 14:10

  4. Thank you all.
    Matt, it worked! Yay!
    Now my day isn’t ruined!


    22 Aug 05 at 14:23

  5. Seeing as I was too late to help with the Mario problem, I thought you might like to know that I bought the Minipops book for a friends birthday at the weekend, and it was passed around the pub with glee, and many people who were unaware of the joys of pixellated small people are now fans.
    Now stop playing Mario and do some work! and I agree – a minipops mario is a must.


    22 Aug 05 at 15:37

  6. Sorry, I’m still lost in the delights of Yoshi’s Island on the SNES I got off eBay!

    Mr Sneeze

    22 Aug 05 at 19:11

  7. Craig, you’re welcome!

    Mr Sneeze, I’m playing that through in it’s GBA version on my Nintendo DS. I do have the SNES version it’s just not portable enough. ;)

    Matt Sephton

    22 Aug 05 at 20:43

  8. Hmm… still pretty lost since Super Mario doesn’t do it for me.

    But I looked at your little film of the posters in the staircase and I can only imagine the pride in your chest looking at those posters…
    Especially since some of them are so outstandingly funny, like the Marilyn Manson-character. I burst when I looked at it first. Lovely!



    22 Aug 05 at 23:38

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