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Let’s go, Challengers!

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I know, I know, I only wrote something about baseball a couple of days ago, but it just so happens I’m gonna write about it again now… beacaaaaaaause I went to see a game this afternoon. It was a 2. Bundesliga Nord game between Berlin Challengers and Wuppertal Stingrays (and yes, it does seem that all German baseball teams have English names; my favourite, chuckles-wise, is Hamburg Oysters. Grrr, tough!).

Compare and contrast what it’s like going to a New York Yankees game…

…and what it’s like at a Berlin Challengers game:

50-ish thousand in Yankee Stadium, 30-ish people in a field somewhere in deepest west Berlin. But it was a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon: pretty hot, the odd beer, and a chance to sit down with my American pal and ask all those irritating questions you have about a sport you’re new to.

And, as often seems to happen to, I’m sure, all of us: a man (his t-shirt declared him Baseball Dad) with a mouth and opinions but nobody to talk to found a couple of English speakers to drone on at about this, that, and everything in-between. He didn’t do himself any favours when, after I’d told him I had a cocker spaniel, he just blurted out, “They’re stoopid dogs!”
(I’m not sure what he was doing in the photo, cos I was trying to be sneaky and get a snap of him. Maybe he’s demonstrating how to make love to a porpoise…)

Of course, the level of play was lower than that of MLB teams, but… well, actually, how the hell do I know? The pitchers did okay, the batters did okay, the only thing for certain that was nowhere near as good was the throwing of the fielding players, which at times was woeful.

Anyway, one thing I didn’t see at Yankee Stadium, I did see today: one of the players having a piss in the bushes.

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August 21st, 2005 at 11:27 pm

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  1. Excellent names!! Wuppertal Stingrays – yee ha!


    22 Aug 05 at 10:35

  2. I’m in complete darkness here, gamewise, but it’s hilarious to see the comparison between the baseball court of the Yankee Stadium and the off off o-f-f field of some school yard. And my English is so poor now that I actually blush when I type…



    22 Aug 05 at 23:18

  3. Ha!! Yes, he definitely looks like he’s gettin’ busy with a porpoise!

    mama jens

    25 Aug 05 at 12:06

  4. yay hooray! challengers forever. my good old baseball team! i really know all these famous people ;) ..



    1 Sep 05 at 13:59

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