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Miami pt.2: setting the scene

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Everything I went to took place at the Setai Hotel’s penthouse. Yahoo! rented it for the weekend and staged five parties there. One every evening, and afternoon jobs on Saturday and Sunday.

These wristbands were my most important possessions of the weekend, allowing me to be in the same rooms as, oooh, Jamie Foxx, Carmen Electra, Gwen Stefani, Lindsey Lohan… (Not that I saw any of those people, but damn it, they were there!)

I think I would be quite happy to live in that penthouse. It was massive. Windows all around, nice decor, a pool, a huge terrace, and a pretty spectacular view. Yep, I think I could handle that.

So, the place was decked out with some Y! Music logos and loads of Minipops from various aspects of the campaign. Big TVs showed the animations constantly. Woo.

There were well-stocked bars full of every imaginable drink one might want, very tasty food, cigars, and a troupe of handsome buff blokes and hot chicks employed, it seems, to be handsome and hot. Woo again.
Of course, these people were quite intimidatingly beautiful at first, but as the weekend wore on the ones I spoke to were all cool, interesting and dead friendly people.
Anyway, I’m not even gonna pretend I was taking a photo of anything other than hot women in bikinis in this next photo, cos that’s exactly what I was doing.

The whole setting was amazing. To walk around and see these Minipops that I sat here clicking away at on my grubby desk, sipping luke warm coffee, letting Billy lick my free hand at the same time: these Minipops were now printed beautifully in frames, they were cut-out Perspex statuettes, they were all over the place. I was a proud boy when I saw all that. I soaked up every moment, cos I don’t want to forget anything.

I know what you want me to write about here, and I promise I’ll get to the celebs in the next post!

Written by Craig

August 30th, 2005 at 8:09 pm

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  1. Time to rest a little I guess…
    It’s great moment you are living and thank you for sharing it. Go minipops!


    30 Aug 05 at 21:54

  2. Craig this is just awesome. I remember the heady days on when someone made that little excell game, and I was like- “That’s Craigs stuff! Wow!” and look what’s happened in the last 2 years. Silly as it sounds, I feel a sort of vicarious pride. Long may it (your success, not my pride) continue!

    Have yourself an intensely well deserved sleep.


    30 Aug 05 at 22:03

  3. Wow, those perspex minipops look sooo damn cool!! Did you get to keep them?

    Congrats, you really deserve all the success in the world!!


    31 Aug 05 at 17:22

  4. I did. At the end of the night of the Missy party, I did a quick scoot around and nabbed five of them. And one of the framed pictures, too (the Pharrell one).


    31 Aug 05 at 18:26

  5. I also found your site by the excel game, and I’ve ‘never looked back since’.
    I’m glad you’ve got wider attention!
    (And those perspex minipops are AWESOME!)


    2 Sep 05 at 18:04

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