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Miami pt.4: addendum

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It’s kinda silly saying I went to Miami. I was in Miami, but all I saw was the inside of two hotels (Mark’s and mine), the penthouse where the parties were, and the inside of lots of taxis. All of those hotels were on one street. I didn’t even see Ocean Drive, which, I’m told, is the famous street with lots of stuff on it. Maybe I should just watch my Miami Vice DVD again and pretend I saw more than I did.

I went onto the beach once. At night. When it was really windy. Mark and I just walked around for a bit with cans of Heineken then went back to the hotel bar.

Talking of hotels, I love how they added an 18% “replenishment charge” to anything you take from the minibar. You pay them to replace the beer you’ve just paid for! Now I see why Paris Hilton’s so rich. It’s all those little things like that. Note to self: buy a hotel.

The flight home was pretty uneventful, anyway. Aside from the handsome French lad sat next to me (the kinda boy you’d see in one of those black and white Pet Shop Boys videos) who had really bad breath and seemed to want an elbow war for the middle arm rest; could’ve done without all of that.

The celeb spotting didn’t stop, though. That American band My Chemical Romance were on the flight, looking like a rock band. And top MTV Germany VJ Markus Kavka, too. He was a friendly fellow. At Heathrow, waiting for the plane to Berlin, we were both in the smoking area, and I was wracking my brain for the name of the band on our flight and figured he should know, so I made my apologies for disturbing him and asked if he knew who it was cos it was driving me insane; one of those tip-of-the-tongue things.

To round of the excitement, as I was getting off the plane at Tegel, there were two policemen waiting at the door, and they promptly arrested the young chap in front of me. They were like, “Are you blah-blah?” The boy nodded. Out came the handcuffs and off he was whisked.

And you know what? The whole time I was there, I never did listen to the Miami Vice theme on my iPod…

Written by Craig

August 31st, 2005 at 7:27 pm

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  1. minibar minipops hmmm… strange…

    (a golden bikini craig… ahhhhhh)

    frans theunisz

    31 Aug 05 at 19:57

  2. (sorry, still tripping on your last post)

    frans theunisz

    31 Aug 05 at 19:57

  3. me too. I’m still processing and can’t catch up. Can I see a timeline of what might have happened in alternate versions (team up with Pharell, fell in love with Missy) with the Miami story?



    31 Aug 05 at 20:03

  4. …go to the wrong party, get shot in the leg cos I just happened to be walking right past Suge Knight…


    31 Aug 05 at 20:25

  5. Since your life has become a nice and hectic celeb-life; can I please be your bag-carrier or ink your art work or just be a tiny little part of the creative process? Maybe it will rub off on me. P-l-e-a-s-e? ;)

    You rule, Craig. Be proud.



    31 Aug 05 at 22:46

  6. I’m developing ‘awesome’ fatigue :-)

    Do you still do any carpentry?


    1 Sep 05 at 00:11

  7. Will there be an FFF does one-street-in-Miami-a-beach-and-a-whole-lot-of-parties in the works?

    I hope so.

    Oh, and did you spot any celebrity pooches for Billy?


    1 Sep 05 at 15:28

  8. Oh yes, did Paris have Tinkerbell or whatever her new little dog’s called with her? Although I think her dogs are boys…

  9. Elisabeth – If I ever need an entourage, I’ll let you know!
    Ed – Oh, me too : )
    Becki – Yeah, I reckon I might do something, it’ll probably just be the same as the blog with some Minipops in it, though.
    Becki & Tori – I can remember seeing ANY dogs in Miami actually. Certainly not with Paris Hilton. But, gossip!, she was with a fella who wasn’t her boyfriend both of the times I saw her.


    1 Sep 05 at 19:49

  10. ha! That world is so surreal…I think I’d need an incredibly long rest after being suddenly immersed in it.


    1 Sep 05 at 20:06

  11. True.
    I enjoyed it a lot, but I enjoyed it because of WHY I was there: because my work got me there.
    BUT, the hanging-out-at-swanky-parties life is incredibly alluring.
    I apologise right now if it ever takes over like a drug and I become a total wanker and start being really blasé, and getting an intern to write these blog comments : )


    1 Sep 05 at 20:31

  12. I believe you that it’s alluring, but I bet you’d get sick of the superficiality after a while…I mean do you really want to end up like Paris Hilton?


    1 Sep 05 at 21:58

  13. good point. well made.


    1 Sep 05 at 22:21

  14. “well made”…the point or Paris Hilton? ;)


    1 Sep 05 at 22:33

  15. now you come to mention it…


    1 Sep 05 at 23:17

  16. ha ha!

  17. Maybe you should start work on an autobiography… :D
    Hope you keep having fun!
    And were my chemical romance rude? They’ve always struck me as the kind of people I wouldn’t like to meet in real life somehow…


    2 Sep 05 at 18:14

  18. I hadn’t checked in with FFF for a looong time until I saw the Minipops on Yahoo. Glad to see everything’s going well!

    ryan p

    2 Sep 05 at 21:27

  19. Hey Craig!

    Just saw a few of your minipop commercials playing over here in the states. The missy elliot one with the ninjas and UFOS was hillarious!

    I liked it a lot :D



    4 Sep 05 at 00:56

  20. Hello

    Last night I saw the Yahoo Music tv spot with Missy Elliot [and ninjas]. I’d known of EBOY, and the glorious isometric pixel world, but minipops fit the bill just fine. I checked out the Yahoo Music site for the video. Sufficed to say, Yahoo loves netscape.

    So I’m wondering where that mini-goodness could be found in some other format. Any format.

    It’s quite astounding.



    4 Sep 05 at 06:50

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