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Mmmm… pizza

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Relaxing. That was the last thirty six hours or so. Lots of sleep. Lots of telly (I’m currently enjoying Law & Order that seem to be endless on one of the channels here).

Sunday afternoon I went to Madison Square Park, put in my headphones and listened to WFMU’s Communication Breakdown podcast, whipped out my notebook and doodled for a couple of hours, watching the people go by.

Oh that was nice. It was good to completely relax, and watch other people relaxing too. And it was good to do some drawing with coloured pencils rather than a mouse. Most of the time, my notebook is something I just use to plan out stuff for FFF, but rarely just drawing for drawing’s sake.

Late afternoon I met up with Josh and we took a long long long walk to meet up with Mark. From 23rd Street all the way to Brooklyn. Passing lots of impressive buildings, strange and beautiful people, and tiny moments in time that I’ll always remember.

Here’s some photos from the walk (although the first one was taken earlier in the morning in Times Square):

This chap in the white trousers below was interesting. He walked quite near us for a few blocks so I had chance to notice that he held a Pearl Jam cassette in his right hand. Whenever he passed somebody, he’d flash the tape at them, like it was a badge in a TV cop show. Was he trying to sell this tape? Or trying to preach the gospel of Eddie Vedder in a silent subliminal way?

So, we went across and under the Brooklyn Bridge to a pizza restaurant, Grimaldi’s. Never before have I queued for 40-odd minutes to get into a pizza place, but, I’m told, it’s one of, if not the, best pizza restaurants in the city. And my oh my was it delicious. Even the edges with no toppings on it was tasty.

Bellies full, we left and took a quick wander down the street to get a lovely ice cream from another been-doing-it-for-ages type shop. It’s such a shame these days that the word vanilla is often used to mean bland. The vanilla ice cream I had was one of the tastiest, most flavoursome ice creams I’ve ever had. So we stood by the water’s edge, looked over the river at the illuminated Manhattan skyline and scoffed our ice creams. It would’ve been romantic, but, y’know, Josh is a fella and, well, just not my type.

Once I got back to the hotel, flicked on the TV, and yay! another Law & Order to send me off to sleep…

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August 1st, 2005 at 10:35 am

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  1. Ah, you are getting the true American experience–pizza, ice cream and several consecutive episodes of Law & Order! I never used to watch it, but now that it’s on 27 times a day I’m hooked. It’s such satisfying television: the bad guys are really really bad, the good guys fight against all obstacles, and justice is served right before the credits roll.

    Keep posting–I feel like a virtual tourist!

    -Kelly F


    1 Aug 05 at 20:29

  2. I am already a virtual tourist when I’m reading Craig’s entries.
    I suggest he tours the world and reports :)


    1 Aug 05 at 23:15

  3. Kelly – you hit the nail on the head there. Plus you get to see Ice T playing Ice T playing a cop.
    Fishy – I too suggest that I tour the world and report on it. Now, who can I get to pay me to do that…?


    2 Aug 05 at 04:51

  4. We Americans like our Law & Order. Or at least I do?

    Your pictures are wonderful.


    2 Aug 05 at 05:07

  5. can’t get enough…gonna have to buy DVDs and take them home…

    (and thank you)


    2 Aug 05 at 14:39

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