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Today was an utterly normal office-life day. Up, shower, coffee, work, lunch, more work, home. But home, of course, is a hotel. It’s not home, it’s where I’m sleeping and watching telly. Looking at my photos of my New York adventure, I’ve not taken any of the hotel room, so I decided to rectify that. But I went a step further. I made a little film.
Here it is, in two sizes: large (Quicktime .mov, 11.0MB) and small (Quicktime .mov, 3.4MB).

Written by Craig

August 1st, 2005 at 10:30 pm

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  1. Wow Craig,

    That was a tasty treat! I like it a lot!

    Since you’ve been staying at the W for so long, I’m curious to know who’s actually picking up the tab…because I know the hotel stuff can be preeeety pricey.

    Hope you’re still having fun in the city!


    2 Aug 05 at 07:59

  2. Very cool. The music makes a whole beautiful lot of it, yes, but I just love the taxi view. Nice minibar as well. Thank you!


    2 Aug 05 at 11:49

  3. Thanks Craig, that was very cool!

    I love the Concretes, I’ve just had to rush to find it, so I can listen to for the first time in ages.


    2 Aug 05 at 12:32

  4. Dammit!! I have no speakers!


    2 Aug 05 at 13:37

  5. Lovely film, great use of the best sitcom ever, Mr FFF. Speaking of similar films, you may want to check out the Italian film The Consequences Of Love, bit like yours/Lost in Translation but with the mafia (whom I’m sure you tried to include)…


    Mr Sneeze

    Mr Sneeze

    2 Aug 05 at 13:41

  6. Come back to Berlin. You’re missing minutes and minutes of almost ping-pong-ready sunshine.



    2 Aug 05 at 13:58

  7. ooh, it’s a W. I stayed in the W in Union Square once. Work paid, natch. I had bacon, eggs and fried potatoes for breakfast. It was ace.

    Stuart who used to work at J17

    2 Aug 05 at 13:58

  8. Was that the episode with Keith Hernandez? I just watched it yesterday on DVD.
    I wish I could be in a nice hotel in an exciting city I don’t know yet.Thanks for letting us have at least a little bit of that through your pictures. (:


    2 Aug 05 at 14:39

  9. Oooh, lotsa comments…lovely. Thank you.

    Lisa: The client is paying.

    Johnny: The music is utterly lovely, huh? I almost don’t want to know what the singer looks like in case it shatters my illusions. It’s an expensive minibar, too. I often wonder how they come to the prices they choose. Do they really sit there with a straight face and say, yep, Snickers should be $7.

    Aetheria: I have a friend who works for a leading UK men’s lifestyle magazine. Even his computer doesn’t have speakers, so don’t worry.

    Mr Sneeze: Not seen that one. I will investigate when I get back to Europe.

    Derick: Yeh, I must be missing so much!

    Stuart: Hey, how’s it going? I had that same breakfast on my first day here. Since my early days in the hotel, though, I’ve not bothered with breakfast. It’s just way too much food for that time of day.

    Marc: That’s the one!


    2 Aug 05 at 15:26

  10. wow… great mini-movie.
    and don’t apologise for lit… i can imagine your sort of stuck in a lost-in-translation-like feeling.

    have fun out there, and say hello to nyc for me.


    2 Aug 05 at 16:02

  11. I can’t see the clip, it won’t work on my PC :(

    Oh well, am sure it’s lovely. Maybe you could do a travel(b)log and publish a book of all your postings and pics and doodlings. I’d buy it!


    2 Aug 05 at 17:03

  12. Yeh, a couple of people have said it doesn’t work on a PC. Not sure why. Sorry.


    2 Aug 05 at 17:26

  13. Craig,

    Thanks again for your continued blogging. The Concretes make it all seem very melancholy and I was made to feel even sadder for you when Billy appeared as your desktop picture (melan-spaniel, perhaps?).

    BTW, it works on my PC. Maybe users need to install Quicktime…

    Keep up the excellent work!!!


    2 Aug 05 at 17:52

  14. works on my PC as well and it is truly lovely. The taxi section is very nice indeed. Nice piece of work especially the fade out with the shades


    2 Aug 05 at 18:35

  15. Worked on my PC fine, and I must say it was a nice little break from work here at the office. I will be sure to pick up that album. Hey, you should take those pencils back with you as a little keep-sake. You know, something to remind you of the place. Unless of course you already have one of there bathrobes stuffed in your bag.

    Thoroughly Amused

    2 Aug 05 at 18:55

  16. Yeh, I could watch those taxis all night. Slowly filling up the street, then flying off downtown.

    Don’t worry, I’m having at least one of them pencils!


    2 Aug 05 at 23:46

  17. Hello Craig
    I’m fine – working at More now. Longing for the day that I can commission you to do a Minipop Position Of The Fortnight… Smutty pixels.
    We’re having a cake sale in the office today. People have been baking. I’ve had a rice crispie cake.

    Stuart who used to work at J17

    5 Aug 05 at 11:57

  18. smutty Minipops? Mein Gott!


    5 Aug 05 at 14:15

  19. You wouldn’t even need to bother pixellating their little genitalia…

    Right, I’m off to the pub. The More cake sale raised £53.34!

    Have a good weekend.

    Stuart who used to work at J17

    5 Aug 05 at 18:15

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