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New trainers

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I was lucky enough to have got an appointment at the NikeiD at 255 Studio place. It’s where you can get custome made trainers. Woo. It’s a bit like what you can do on the website, but with a bit more choice and someone sitting there helping you. (That someone who was helping me was an exceeeeeeeeeedingly attractive young lady. Oh lucky lucky me.)
It’s really nice in there, too. Lovely design an’ all that, great trainer-based wallpaper, a beautiful mirror with trainers carved into the frame. Oh, it was an aesthete’s dream.

So I sat down, chose the colours, and they were all kinda green-ish, all working together nicely; then the little devil on my shoulder reminded me that I could do anything I wanted. So I put a little bit of red in there too. Hurrah.

All I do now is sit back and wait for them to ship me my lovely new trainers.
(Nike advert over.)

Written by Craig

August 5th, 2005 at 5:11 pm

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  1. What a sell-out! But it is indeed a beautiful place.
    Is drillTEAM the company you are working for in New York?
    Cheers from Paris!


    6 Aug 05 at 00:21

  2. Craig, I’ve been neglecting your blog and have just discovered you’re in New York… you must be coming close to the end of your stay by now. I was there for a month too, in fact I left just the day you arrived! What’s more, I went to all the same shows you did when I first got there: “Little Boy” and “Greater New York”!

    See you when you get back to Berlin!



    6 Aug 05 at 11:43

  3. No, I wasn’t working for Drillteam, but it was they who tipped me off about the Nike place.

    Nick, I’ll send you an email when I get home.


    6 Aug 05 at 22:15

  4. hey, actually you can do the same thing here in Berlin, yeah, Berlin has his own Nike ID lab


    7 Aug 05 at 23:40

  5. ooh, i wanted to get some of those. what are the trainers actually like, quality wise? and aren’t they weird to walk in? you have to practise walking in them or something and you can’t run for more than 20 mins wearing them?? not that i would ever run for more than a minute to catch a bus/train, etc…


    8 Aug 05 at 17:00

  6. One in Berlin? Well I never… that could’ve saved a lot of hassle (having to buy Nike vouchers from Niketown cos they don’t take non-US credit cards, etc.)

    The trainers seem really nice. Dead comfy an’ that.


    8 Aug 05 at 18:03

  7. WARNING FFFBoy! These are the most comfy trainers E-V-E-R invented! I have two pairs in this style and they’re BETTER than slippers. Which may sound heavenly – and it is – but it’s been hellish trying on different trainer designs ever since. Others feel as ergonomic as a left glove on a right hand. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to buy these waffles for ever…

    Mr Sneeze

    10 Aug 05 at 11:41

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