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Rather annoyingly, I left a tiny thing behind in New York: a mini DVI to DVI adapter. This is the thing that I need to attach my PowerBook to a monitor. Up until about two years ago, I didn’t use an external monitor, just hunching myself over the PowerBook and making do. But after two days without the use of a monitor, I was starting to get ever-so-slightly irritated. Especially as I went to a Apple supplier to get one yesterday and they didn’t have one in stock. I had to go back today and get it. This store is just a bit too far away to be an okay distance, and it involves a long, arduous bus journey; a bus journey that, if you can get in and out of the shop within ten minutes isn’t so bad cos you can get the return bus fairly swiftly. If not, which is more often the case, it’s a twenty-odd minute wait.

So I’m on the bus, and it’s one of those buses with seats that face both forwards and backwards. From my seat, I can see a girl, maybe early 20s at most, and she’s listening to music on headphones. She’s a good-looking girl, not my cup of tea, but if you saw her, you’d say she was good-looking. She was good-looking in that shower-gel-model kinda way. I’m sure she’ll have lovely wedding photos one day.

(I do wonder why it is we all have different tastes when it comes to the looks of other people. And why some people, like the girl on the bus, can be attractive yet not stir any emotions at all. Heidi Klum, for example. Most men would be drooling, but she’s just not for me.)

Anyway, she’s nodding away and she’s also silently singing along with a smile on her face, in the way Janet Jackson would’ve been looking in one of her earlier videos. This made me stop in my tracks (well, it would’ve if I’d have been on tracks) and made me realise that what I was doing to the music in my headphones was rhythmically dragging my tongue along the back of my lower set of teeth. Whereas she came out looking a bit like a white Janet Jackson, I ended up looking like a bearded Stephen Hawking. I have a tendency towards this sort of behaviour; being lost in my own world whilst to everyone around, I’m just a gurning fool or vacant-eyed loon. Must try and stop that.

Anyway, I got my DVI thingy; I’m now looking at this text on my nice big monitor, and I’m about to grab some toast before I go out for a beer cos I’m really quite hungry. Anyone else noticed, by the way, the effect perfume has on you when you’re stomach-rottingly hungry? I ask cos I passed a woman on the street just outside my flat, and she was drenched in something expensive-smelling. Am I alone, or does it feel like acid is scrunching your stomach up, the way Peter Parker’s boss in Spiderman would scrunch up a sheet of A4 paper with his fist?

Written by Craig

August 9th, 2005 at 8:40 pm

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  1. ‘lo

    I can’t sympathise with the DVI thing, not using DVI ‘n’ all. But I appreciate your frustration. I want to get an external monitor now that I’m taking photography quite seriously, and my laptop screen isn’t too hot.

    I suffer from exactly the same thing- disattaching from your face. People say ‘you look grumpy’ when infact I’m completely not, I’ve just drifted off thinking about how duck’s should beuild runways so they don’t have to land in such a silly way. Or something.

    As for the perfume thing. Erm, I’ll have to try it!

    P.S. To your cricket promoting friend, I watched the 2nd test the other day whilst assembling a flat pack filling cabinet. It’s great! I’m hooked.


    9 Aug 05 at 22:09

  2. I get all light headed and dizzy when I smell that crap on an empty stomach.

    Thoroughly Amused

    9 Aug 05 at 23:11

  3. the perfume thing is so true…


    10 Aug 05 at 11:57

  4. Ooh, the second test actually made cricket look exciting! Roll on Old Trafford…

    Perfume, yes, smelly. Not sure about the scrunchy acid thing, but it’s not nice on an empty stomach.

    I hate it when I fall asleep somewhere like a train cos I know that I’ll get a slack jaw and start dribbling or something!


    10 Aug 05 at 12:17

  5. That’s smelling it (perfume), not drinking it or something. Although one of my brother’s freaky friends did drink perfume once. Weirdo.


    10 Aug 05 at 12:18

  6. The cricket was possibly one of the tensest games ever. I honestly thought that last shot had gone for four. Much cheering when Geraint Jones started waving the ball around!
    As for perfume, I don’t have problems whilst hungry. But then again, I don’t know many perfumed people.
    Also, can sympathise on women. I mean, I like good looks ,but there are some ‘good looking’ people that I find bland or even unattractive. Guess I’m not like the other guys…


    10 Aug 05 at 12:47

  7. Yay for boys who don’t like the stunners!


    10 Aug 05 at 14:46

  8. Not that I’m saying I’m ugly.

    Now i’m rambling. It’s my birthday today, so I’m on major work avoidance! Yippee!


    10 Aug 05 at 15:41

  9. Cricket schmicket..

    Oh, don’t get me wrong, I like stunners, but they gotta have something about them too, can’t just be good-looking with no interesting stuff goin’ on.


    10 Aug 05 at 15:49

  10. Ah, but how do you know there’s no interesting stuff going on with Heidi Klum? Not that I’m sticking up for her, but just wondering…!


    10 Aug 05 at 16:09

  11. Oh, i wasn’t casting aspersions on her mental capacity, i meant interesting looks-wise.


    10 Aug 05 at 16:24

  12. I have no sense of smell, but I do like your description of a scrunchy stomach, i can actually visualise that! If I ever win the lottery can I commission you to make pretty pixelly pictures of what smells may look like?


    11 Aug 05 at 01:57

  13. Aah, I see.


    11 Aug 05 at 10:13

  14. nin: yeah, alright, then.


    11 Aug 05 at 10:40

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