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Here’s some stuff I’ve noticed in the last 12 days. Many many things have floated through my head during that time, but some keep on coming back. Ten of them:

There’s no magnet as magnetic as the chick magnet that is being a New York fireman standing on the pavement near his fire engine.

Indecision when ordering a sandwich seems to elicit the same reaction as getting it on with the sandwich maker’s wife next to the cash register. Also, I never feel more British than when I’m saying ta-mah-to and chew-na, rather than ta-may-to and too-na.

There’s always one person who won’t wait for all the alighting passengers to get off a subway train before barging on.

If you’re smoking whilst walking in any park, someone will ask you for a cigarette.

When several people gather near an elevator, someone will always press the button even it’s already illuminated. And if the elevator empties to leave two people standing on the same side, one of them must oh-so-casually saunter to the other side.

You cannot avoid Starbucks here. They are everywhere. I see four of them on my way to the office two blocks away. And, I’m ashamed to say, I’ve used them.

The W hotel’s windows can block all sound except emergency sirens and the echo-y Times Square drift of bloody panpipes.

On any given day I will see at least one person wearing an English football shirt. Usually it’s Man Utd, but I’ve seen a Liverpool, Everton, several Arsenals and two coach loads of Chelseas, who, one assumes, were off to see their pre-season friendly against AC Milan.

Poker seems to be a quite popular televised game here. Err, why?

The mini bar was invented by Satan. Only he would make sure someone never ran out of Pringles.

Written by Craig

August 2nd, 2005 at 10:44 pm

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  1. poker has gone big in general. it’s on TV here as well. it’s all about the new internet players who have the experience of playing millions of games and are willing to take more risks versus the old heads who are more conservative but better at bluffing, the ones who don’t need sunglasses or to cover their mouths.

    poker is the new… eh something. you just haven’t been watching eurosport enough.


    3 Aug 05 at 06:57

  2. Well, smoking is expensive here in NYC, with the bans in place around restaurants and bars and everything. What is it now, $7.50 a pack or something? I’m not a smoker, so I wouldn’t know. ::smiles::

    And no matter how nice you want to be in the subway, there is definitely one person who never lets you win. But during rush hour, you’re all on your own. It’s annoying half the time, but pleasant when somebody goes and gives up a seat for a kid, an old lady, or a stressed-out mother.

    Oh yeah. And Starbucks is definitely everywhere in Manhattan, can’t deny that.


    3 Aug 05 at 07:11

  3. Mmmm Firemen!

    I think that the New York tourist board should be paying you big bucks as you’ve certainly made me want to go to New York now and I’m sure that I am not the only person you’ve elicited this response from!

    Hope you are still having fun and Billy is okay.


    3 Aug 05 at 10:38

  4. I’m a bit flummoxed by the whole poker craze as well…it seems awfully strange to watch it on tv, but I guess it is little different than watching chess…celebrity poker is what I don’t get…why (though, perversely the only one I’d likely watch)…wouldn’t you want to watch the pros and learn a thing or two…American tv is strange strange strange…(This being said after catching the last fifteen minutes of a new reality show about Britney Spears and her husband!).


    3 Aug 05 at 15:01

  5. Mmmmm, Starbucks. I’m all for supporting the local coffee shop, but some of them just can’t make a cup as good as Starbucks. So how many more days are you in New York? Is your trip coming to a close? Great observations on the subway and elevator. Don’t you just want to smack some of those people?

    Thoroughly Amused

    3 Aug 05 at 19:09

  6. “When several people gather near an elevator, someone will always press the button even it’s already illuminated.”

    This one is easy: repeatedly pressing the button makes the elevator arrived more quickly.


    P.S. – Enjoy your last 48 hours in the Big Apple, homie!


    3 Aug 05 at 21:31

  7. Sattva: I just don’t understand how to play poker. Maybe if I did I’d understand why it could be interesting to watch.

    Lisa: I guess I should clarify: the barging onto the train thing happens in London, Berlin, and one would assume, virtually all cities.

    CoCo: I’m expecting a plaque from the mayor any day now!

    Becki: I must admit, I have watched chess on TV and enjoyed it. When Nigel Short was playing Gary Kasparov. Y’know, a bit of British interest an’ all that…

    Amused: As far as I can tell, Starbucks coffee is a lot better here than the coffee-flavoured hot milkshake they serve in Berlin. Yep, the trip’s nearly over, sniff.

    Derick: Really? You think? I’m sceptical, dude.


    4 Aug 05 at 04:18

  8. Gooooooooooner!


    4 Aug 05 at 11:07

  9. surely you mean ‘lifts’ or is americanisation that quick?


    4 Aug 05 at 15:38

  10. I do mean lifts, yes.
    I’m just humouring the Americans.


    4 Aug 05 at 15:46

  11. be careful ‘elevator’ is just the beginning , be careful.
    humouring americans, they should spell things correctly then we would have to …hehe
    im sure ive seen on old u.s. tv shows that they used to spell theatre correctly (as opposed to theater).

    anyone else seen this?


    5 Aug 05 at 00:34

  12. now i know, were all these pringles at the defcom office came from…


    5 Aug 05 at 23:20

  13. Oh yeh, it was Satan who put them there!


    6 Aug 05 at 22:54

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