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Scary Electronics?

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What did this store used to be called before they blacked out three letters?
Sunny Electronics? Saucy Electronics? Sulky Electronics? Salty Electronics? Smoky Electronics? Saggy Electronics? Soggy Electronics? Slimy Electronics? Surly Electronics? Spicy Electronics? Softy Electronics? Savoy Electronics? Spiky Electronics? Scary Electronics? Shady Electronics? Shaky Electronics? Shiny Electronics? Silky Electronics? Saggy Electronics? Sandy Electronics? Snowy Electronics? Spacy Electronics? Sappy Electronics? Snaky Electronics?
Or was it just something simple like Sally or Sammy Electronics?
I need to know!

Written by Craig

August 4th, 2005 at 4:00 pm

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    4 Aug 05 at 23:18

  2. Maybe you could go in and ask em?


    5 Aug 05 at 06:57

  3. It could have been Silly Electronics too…


    5 Aug 05 at 09:53

  4. nah nah…it was shady electronics


    5 Aug 05 at 11:37

  5. it was definitely SEXXY electronics. With two Xs, to make it obvious. And then they realised…


    5 Aug 05 at 12:25

  6. No, I’m sorry. It may not be exciting but the sign was SUNNY ELECTRONICS. It is still called that.

    300 W 49TH St
    New York, NY 10019-7391
    (212) 333-4915

    Luigi Castigliane


    5 Aug 05 at 12:44

  7. You know what’s weird? This morning I looked at that little ‘A’ shaped sign next to the shop (behind the walking man in the photo). Well, there’s a logo, which has a sun on it. And a word running through the middle, which has been covered with masking tape. So they’ve covered the word ‘sunny’ here too.
    I wonder what’s going on? Is there another Sunny Electronics that are forcing them to quit using the name? Is the owner too depressed for such a happy name? Hmmm…


    5 Aug 05 at 16:26

  8. Maybe there changing it to sucky electronics.

    Thoroughly Amused

    5 Aug 05 at 17:34

  9. I know that there are dodgy knock-off electronic goods (the kind given out at those shady “auctions” that are on for “one day only” in some empty shop) that are called “Sunny” and they are often sold as Sony…”Get yer bargains here, Sunny Walkman only £5″ etc. so maybe they have been pressed by Sony (Electronics?) to change their name due to the (deliberate?) confusion when the name is spoken. The company is registered as “Sunny Electronics Worldwide” so they might have been stepping on Sony’s toes a little. Or maybe not, maybe it is now winter in the owner’s heart…


    5 Aug 05 at 20:46

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