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Stars in Lincoln

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Who’dda thunk it? Tom Hanks! Audrey Tautou! Sir Ian MacKellen! Forrest Gump, Amelie, and the white-haired fella out of Lord Of The Rings: all in Lincoln!

Even though I’m not in my home town, even though I’ve not been there for a couple of years in fact, I’m still a bit excited and star-struck that they are filming some of the The Da Vinci Code there. (Not that I’ve read or have any interest in reading the book or seeing the subsequent film, but, y’know…)

God, I can only imagine how fizzing with excitement the local newspaper and radio stations must me. Actually, this article from the Lincolnshire Echo helps me more than imagine. Look! Tom Hanks ate in the Wig and Mitre! I used to go there all the time! (It’s a nice place, as it goes. If you’re ever in Lincoln it’s well worth a visit.)

What makes me happiest, though, is that Lincoln Cathedral is gonna be featured in a major Hollywood film, even if they do seem to be making it look like Westminster Abbey. Lincoln Cathedral is so very beautiful. It’s something that, growing up there, you don’t really notice. It’s only since I’ve left Lincoln that I’ve come to appreciate exactly how wonderful it is, and why visitors like it so much.

It’s the approach that does it. Especially at night, cos Lincoln’s surrounding area is really really flat. Flat like that cruel Degrassi Junior High joke about the walls being jealous. So on the A46 from Newark, all you see are fields, the odd small village, and there in the distance: the cathedral is on top of a hill, illuminated with huge lights, like a big fancy lemon-flavoured jelly.

Tom Hanks! In Lincoln… wow, that’s like the most exciting thing that’s happened there since Jon Pertwee opened the Supa Co-op.

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August 18th, 2005 at 11:56 am

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  1. What’s the “cruel Degrassi Junior High joke about the walls being jealous”? What’s the “cruel Degrassi Junior High joke about the walls being jealous”?

    Stuart who used to work at J17 frantically

    18 Aug 05 at 13:39

  2. Today, we are all Lincolnites!

    I had my A Level exam results today. Not as many stars on the exam certificate as in Lincoln, but oh well :-)


    18 Aug 05 at 16:14

  3. ‘WOLF’ from Gladiators once opened the cheap-chain shop, (can’t remember the name), in Bournemouth. He was in his leotard and everything. We also had the ‘Spicier Girls’ open the ‘AllDays’ 24hr shop that was pretty much at the end of our garden. Our flat mate invited them back for a cuppa. Imaging the shock when the rest of us came down for brekkie in our pants to find a barely-lookie-likie of ‘Scary’ in our sitting room.


    18 Aug 05 at 18:22

  4. i haven’t read the da vincci code, and am quite ashamed to say that it’s because i refuse to succumb to its popularity. well, not in the manner of how one wouldn’t read harry potter, but cause it’s annoying how everyone shapes their whole belief about the issue from reading da vincci code alone.

    on the other hand, i’ve watched amelie ten times, and Sporty Spice is coming to perform where i live.

    cat, circus and oddity

    18 Aug 05 at 20:59

  5. Do you get stars for A levels? Aaah… can’t even remember getting my results!

    I’ve read the Da Vinci Code just to see what the fuss was about. I’ve never been to Lincoln. Is the rest of the place nice, or just the cathedral? Did you hear about the nuns who protested against them filming there though?!

    I saw Tom Hanks at Wimbledon once…


    18 Aug 05 at 23:23

  6. Sadly Stars don’t exist in A-Level- just A to U. And 4 As, so I’m fairly chuffed :-)

    I read the da Vinci code and really didn’t enjoy it. It’s written as if it were a computer manual.

    And Dan Brown is one of those slightly ‘I’m trying to be quirky but really I’m a bit of a willy’ authors who does things like sleeping upside down. But that’s neither here nor there :-)


    18 Aug 05 at 23:29

  7. Stuart: it’s a bit hazy in the memory, but I remember that line quite clearly. I think it was in a swimming pool, and soom boys were teasing a flat-chested girl: you’re so flat the walls are jealous.

    Ed: Don’t worry. I got a C in art and failed geographym and look at me now! Drawing dumb pictures of pop stars for a living…

    Benji: At least with a Spice Girls tribute band all the members will be vaguely like the real ones. It’s when you get tribute Duran Duran acts where the singer is only like Simon Le Bon if you squint and the rest of em are only in the band cos they can play instruments.

    Cat: I have no idea what the Da Vinci Code is about. I’m guessing Da Vinci, and from the fuss the nun made at the Cathedral, I’m pretty sure Jesus is involved somewhere.
    did you watch A Very Long Engagement too? That’s wonderful… really wonderful.

    Tori: It’s difficult to say. It’s a town of 90,000 people plus a fairly large extra chunk of students during term time. It’s not the Lincoln that shaped me anymore, cos the bars are different, the clubs are different, and virtually everyone I knew in Lincoln left just like I did.
    But, I’d recommend it for a weekend visit. The lower part of the town in pretty run-of-the-mill, but go up the hill and it’s kinda classy around the cathedral and the castle, which are only a few hundred yards apart.
    I saw the film Wimbledon once. My review: utter shite (apart from seeing Dunst in a little white skirt getting a sweaty forehead).


    19 Aug 05 at 00:43

  8. Ed, star pupil!

    Yeh, Wimbledon the film was Rubbish. I worked there one year. That was quite good actually. Sneaked into the show courts to see lots of free tennis. Randomly saw Jimmy ‘Chin’ Hill and David Frost having a chat.

    Might take a little day trip to Lincoln, it’s not far from Norfolk…


    19 Aug 05 at 10:33

  9. Where do you live in Norfolk? My Gran lives in Hunstanton, where I’ve just spent a week. It was very wet :-(


    19 Aug 05 at 11:19

  10. I live in the middle of nowhere, kind of in the middle of Norfolk. It was wet? It’s been quite good weather this week I thought!


    19 Aug 05 at 11:54

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