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Stuck in Orlando

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So, the one thing I didn’t mention was that I’d be going to Miami to hang around while Yahoo! Music Unlimited promotes the hell out of itself, thus my Minipops will be, I’m told, quite visible.

Any of you that have been following the weather, though, will know about Hurricane Katrina, which hit Miami just as my flight was coming in to land. Mein Gott! Is it scary being in a plane during a hurricane!

The pilot tried to land, but we were being buffeted all around, all over the place, able to see nothing out of the windows, and then we rose, and the pilot told us we were flying to Orlando to land there.

And you know what my first thought was? Not ‘Thank God I’m not gonna die in a hurricane’, but, ‘Fuck, when am I ever gonna get to smoke a fucking cigarette?’

Immigration was a pain in the arse in Orlando. The slowest man in the world asking about every single stamp in my passport (‘Why did you go to Turkey?’ ‘Champions League final, dude, Liverpool won on penalties, it was fucking brilliant!’ Okay, I only said the first three words of that sentence, but I sent the rest telepathically).

Bumming around in the airport for, like, EVER; eventually we all get carted off in a bus around some highways/freeways/whatever and after nearly 20 hours of travelling, I’m dropped off in front of the Florida Mall Hotel. The name says it all. It was a hotel in a mall. Nice view of, err, huge carparks from the window. But incredibly friendly staff. The room was a bit crappy too (clock had the wrong time on it, the desk was dusty, the minibar was empty and turned off).

So I spent a couple of hours zoned out in front of ESPN, fell asleep, had fitful sleep, had rubbish breakfast, walked around the mall, got a cab, and now I’m in a tiny cube in the Hyatt Hotel’s business centre (ie a dingy room with an ancient PC, a dusty plant and wicker chairs) at Orlando airport, waiting for my flight, finally, to Miami.

I have photos of the hurricane from the plane, but no way to put them online right now. I’ll do that when I’m back in Germany.

But I do have Jan Hammer’s Miami Vice Theme ready to rock the iPod when I finally land.

Okay, better go and check in again and do the whole security thing.

Written by Craig

August 26th, 2005 at 12:43 pm

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  1. Were you not wearing your Bob Ross t-shirt?


    26 Aug 05 at 19:19

  2. So you’re going to the MTV Music Video Awards??? Coooool. Tell us which plastic and perma-tanned people you see!


    26 Aug 05 at 20:49

  3. Scary stuff…glad you are all right and hope Miami is fun. Be wary of the spray tans…I’ve heard they have medusa-like powers in their strange orange glow.


    27 Aug 05 at 07:01

  4. When you went through security for your internal flight did you have to go through the ‘air bullet booth’? It’s a new thing I experienced in LA recently and it was quite comical… especially after the 2nd time…
    More info here


    27 Aug 05 at 10:21

  5. Okay, after being nice about Americans, I have to say: that’s the one hting that fucks me off – some twat in immigration assuming visiting Turkey is a suspicious act. maybe if they actually visited Turkey once they might know

    apologies to nice Americans I know there’s lots of you


    27 Aug 05 at 15:56

  6. Just heard that Hurricane Katrina (who thinks up the names?!) is still on the warpath. Hope you’re ok in Miami. I read a story about a confused alligator swimming through one of the flooded neighbourhoods in Miami! Hope the show goes ahead and minipops rule!

  7. woo, you get around much these day, huh?


    28 Aug 05 at 12:42

  8. oo..you mentioned 25-05-05 again..well done =)


    28 Aug 05 at 13:19

  9. I saw it!!!

    I love the part where the techie puts Billie’s head back on for him! Brilliant….much better than the show iself…maybe it is better if your there, but auughh….just watched to see your ads, and was not disapointed.

    congrats, congrats, congrats….they are going to be huge.



    29 Aug 05 at 02:40

  10. cool clips! You can be proud of yourself.


    29 Aug 05 at 12:59

  11. You probably have a great time right now, but… have you had a Katrina encounter? Just a bit concerned. So please do write a word or two in the blog.



    30 Aug 05 at 00:37

  12. Thanks everyone.
    Just got back to my flat after a long long journey, leaving my hotel at 1pm-ish and getting back here midday-ish euro time (6am Miami time).
    It was an adventure from start to finish. God knows how I’ll put it all in one blog post.
    But, I will tease you by telling you something: I saw an exceedingly famous female singer rubbing sun cream on her bikini clad body at a party on Sunday afternoon. I tell you who it was after I’ve recovered a little.


    30 Aug 05 at 12:48

  13. Some responses:
    Ed – No, I was wearing a Wedding Present t-shirt which just got confused looks from people.
    Tori – No, I didn’t go to the event itself, but by all accounts (from speaking to people who did go at a party afterwards), it was far better to watch on TV, unless you had Jay Z’s seat.
    Becki – Lots of tans. I felt very pale, amongst other things.
    G – Going from Orlando to Miami was fine. Really simple.
    Dave – Yep, it irked me a bit too. I can understand that there are certain countries that they’ll be careful about, but his tone was really suspicious.
    Tori – Alphabetical. That’s how they name them. If a hurricane does serious serious damage, like it seems like Katrina has, they ‘retire’ the name for a certain period of time to give it’s dues.
    Anon – Fuck, yeah, baby!
    Anon – Fuck, yeah, baby!
    Becki – Wahey! It was quite a thrill seeing it on TV, especially as Green Day’d just won an award *Craig moonwalks with pride*
    Anon – Thanks, I am.
    Elisabeth – A little bit, see next post for more details. Cos I’ll tell you who the bikini girl was too!


    30 Aug 05 at 16:08

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