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The Aristocrats

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I had to go to the cinema before I go home. One of the delicious benefits of being here is seeing films before your European pals. So I went to see The Aristocrats with Mark and his pals this evening.

If you’ve not heard about it, check the site; but a quick synopsis is this: it’s a load of comedians talking about and telling an old joke that begins the same (A man walks into a talent agency..) and ends the same. What happens is the middle is generally utter filth, but always different depending on who’s telling the joke. Comedians featured in the film include a lot of Americans I’ve never heard of and a lot I have heard of (Jason Alexander, Drew Carey, Billy Connolly, Richard Lewis, Trey Parker & Matt Stone, Sarah Silverman, Steven Wright amongst others).

Rather than give you some crummy netboy review, I’ll just let you know which boxes I would’ve ticked on this questionnaire I was handed as I entered the cinema had I been bothered to fill it in.

How would you rate the movie?
[ ] Excellent
[x] Very Good
[ ] Good
[ ] Fair
[ ] Poor

Would you recommend the movie to a friend?
[x] Definitely
[ ] Probably
[ ] Probably Not
[ ] Definitely Not

How did the movie measure up to your expectations?
[ ] Better than expected
[x] About what I expected
[ ] Not as good as expected

Would you pay to see this movie again in a theater?
[x] Yes
[ ] No

Which of the following words or phrases best describe the movie you just saw? (check as many as apply)
[x] Funny/humorous
[ ] Good/interesting story
[x] Offensive
[ ] Weak story/no plot
[x] Lived up to the hype
[x] Silly, in a good way
[x] Interesting characters
[ ] Not funny enough
[ ] Nothing new/it’s been done before
[ ] Didn’t feel involved in the story
[ ] Has a good story
[x] Clever/witty
[ ] Confusing
[ ] Good music
[x] Different/original
[ ] Not my type of film
[ ] Too slow in spots
[ ] Too corny
[ ] Involving/draws you in
[x] Entertaining/fun to watch
[ ] Good mix of comedy and story
[x] Held my interest from start to finish
[ ] Too unrealistic
[ ] Too juvenile/silly/stupid

Please note, any spelling above that is, y’know, Yankee-style English, is used because I’m quoting the questionnaire, not because I’ve defected, homeboy.

It was a funny film. BUT it wasn’t as funny the woman in a restaurant (and I use that word fairly loosely) I saw as we ate before we went to the kino. She was maybe late fifties, beige hair piled up in a sort of wind tunnel style, that matt skin texture produced when you wear too much foundation (how do I know this?), and Bono-style shades. She spent a while picking at her teeth, and ordered a milkshake. Then she just sat there for a good ten minutes, not touching the shake, not really doing anything; she’d pressed pause on her life’s remote control. Then all of a sudden, she picked up the shake and wolfed it down in one go. Maybe you had to be there, but trust me, it was funny.

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August 3rd, 2005 at 11:00 pm

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  1. She sounds like the kind of woman who would make the recipes on the back of the Oreo cookies boxes – they are very beige and bizarre too. Think of some of Fanny Craddock’s more sublime creations!


    4 Aug 05 at 14:11

  2. I gotta do an animation of her when I get home. She’s perfect for it.


    4 Aug 05 at 15:47

  3. Fanny Craddock or Beige Lady?


    4 Aug 05 at 16:37

  4. Beige lady. From the short time I was in the same room as her, she brings LOTS of ideas flooding!


    4 Aug 05 at 16:51

  5. I bet it is some sort of ritual…deeply rooted in childhood trauma or memories…or some strange angel/devil internal conversation had taken over her for those ten minutes of pause.

    Great story.


    4 Aug 05 at 21:24

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