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The last NYC Show-and-Tell

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Well, back in Berlin. Weird sleep patterns: a bit in the afternoon, an early night, then waking up about 3am and watching DVDs, then some more sleep. Still feel a bit phased, like it’s the evening after a really heavy night. But it’s good to be home.

Here’s some photos that I would have used to illustrate yesterday’s post had the cable to attach my camera not been in my luggage. I guess after this I’ll be back to moaning about coffee, rude people in shops and all that day-to-day stuff.

So, goodbye New York:

The sun sets over New Jersey

An illustration of what happens whenever I’m somewhere that doesn’t have pounds or euros as its currency: a shit-load of small coins weighing me down

Goodbye Broadway, goodbye Avenues Seventh, Sixth, Fifth, Madison, Park, Lexington, Third, and Second (photos taken from the back of a cab going to the airport)

And goodbye Manhattan

There underneath the window, middle left-ish of the photo: an LFC flag. You may or may not remember this, but Liverpool FC are currently the European Champions. Yay!

A bit of traffic at the airport

Next stop: Berlin. Oddly, of all the songs that could’ve been the first to come onto my iPod Shuffle when I shoved my headphones in after take off, the very first one, and I kid you not, this is 100% true, was Andrew WK’s “I Love NYC”. (You could be thinking, well the chances aren’t that slim, cos you put it on your Shuffle, you fool. You’d be right to a certain extent, but the night before I left, I re-filled the Shuffle randomly from the 72 hours worth of music on my computer, so it’s still a bit freaky coincidence-ish)

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August 8th, 2005 at 5:11 pm

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  1. Looking forward to seeing FFF Does NYC :-)


    8 Aug 05 at 18:38

  2. Welcome back to a freezing Germany. Good to know you had a save trip home.


    8 Aug 05 at 22:13

  3. Cool. Happy Holidays.

    Do u like the Beta Band? Entirely random, but they came piping through my shuffle as you were talking about yours. Ho Hum.

    Good photo’s, as ever.

    I really must get a blog.


    9 Aug 05 at 00:04

  4. Cool, I always wanted to see the view from an airplane seat!

    I can’t recall that image when I was 5 and all.

    Pretty clouds…

    (From the kid at heart)


    9 Aug 05 at 01:51

  5. Benp: Not sure when I’ll have time to do it, but, yeh, me too.
    Fishy: Thank you. The weather here, after the humidity in NY, is a dream!
    Ed : Yes, I do.
    Lisa: Really? Is that sarcasm? I dunno, I usually think photos from aeroplanes are a bit… corny. I just liked the clouds on this one.


    9 Aug 05 at 11:18

  6. It was almost like being on holiday myself!

    The Beta Band rock by the way.

    Happy landings and good luck with the jet lag – it sucks!


    9 Aug 05 at 11:24

  7. I want to go to New York.


    9 Aug 05 at 13:52

  8. Tori- same. Damn you craig.

    coco and craig- cool. I’m fighting a losing battle trying to introduce them to my mates.


    9 Aug 05 at 15:20

  9. A-ha-ha *evil laugh style*

    I can see that it’d be tough w/ Beta Band.
    Surely a compilation of more accessible moments would work, though.


    9 Aug 05 at 15:34

  10. nope, not sarcasm, craig


    9 Aug 05 at 18:37

  11. lovely. thanks, lisa.


    9 Aug 05 at 20:47

  12. craig- good idea. I think they get spooked by, what Oli (one of the troublesome mates) called “random expanses of nothingness”. Harsh :-)


    9 Aug 05 at 22:00

  13. We should build a road out of the copper coins, which is only $.01. Some people take them for granted because I see them on the street sometimes, covered in dirt and all. Does that happen with euros???

    Deemed kinda worthless when it’s just one coin, but a whole lot of them is worth so much.

    Maybe the way we distribute money is getting outdated. Oh well.


    10 Aug 05 at 04:01

  14. Ed: and random expanses of noodling…
    Lisa: It does happen with euros and British pennies too. Even though these coins are annoying, getting rid of them would only give shop keepers an excuse to put up prices again. Jeez, I sound like my Mum sometimes.


    10 Aug 05 at 10:29

  15. i really liked reading about your nyc journey because it made me really excited to return in two weeks.


    10 Aug 05 at 22:22

  16. Looks like you had a great time in NYC – it sure does take it outta ya though. Did you have a sore neck afterwards? All that looking up at the buildings, sheesh!

    Hey, I was wondering, could I get a high res version of that photo from the plane (http://www.flipflopflyin.com/g/050808-sky.jpg) for my desktop please? I promise not reuse it for anything else. I’m at d.nicoll@gmail.com. Cheers!

    Dave Nicoll

    17 Aug 05 at 09:29

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