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I’ve been deliberately secretive about what I was working on in New York. Fact is, I’ve been working on this a lot longer than just those two weeks; I’ve been working on this particular project in spurts for a long while now. But this coming weekend, all that work is gonna be put out there for all to see.

It’s the biggest project I’ve ever worked on. Not work-load wise, but in terms of exposure: more people will see this than anything I’ve ever done before. That is quite a daunting, but great thought.

What I’ve been doing is designing and drawing characters and backgrounds and all the other stuff that will happen in three TV commercials. The first of these commercials will be shown in the US this Sunday night during one of the ad breaks of MTV’s VMAs, and they’ll be on a few of the hipper TV channels for about three weeks. Me excitey!

There’ll also be posters that’ll be going up on walls around New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.
So, the ads were sorted out, copywritten, art and creative directed by some splendid chaps at Ogilvy, the animations were produced by Nexus (who also did the Observer Music Magazine adverts I worked on) and directed by Smith and Foulkes, the geniuses behind the utterly delicious Honda adverts with all the car engines flying around and rabbits and lovely stuff, and, well, I did the drawings and cigarette smoking.

I can’t show you anything now, but once they’ve officially launched, I’ll show you.
And what are the ads for, you may well be asking?
Yahoo! Music Unlimited.
If you’re interested, here’s a press release.

Written by Craig

August 24th, 2005 at 11:19 am

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  1. Wow! That is huge! Congratulations, you really deserve the attention.


    24 Aug 05 at 11:55

  2. will they be shown in the UK?


    24 Aug 05 at 12:22

  3. That is desperatelly hardcore :-)



    24 Aug 05 at 12:22

  4. Where’s the videos?


    24 Aug 05 at 12:37

  5. Thanks, chaps.
    Johnny: Can’t show you yet. Next week, I think.


    24 Aug 05 at 12:42

  6. Well done Craig!

    It’s a shame, though, that on the press release they’ve JPEG’d the hell out of the mini pop image.

    Matt Sephton

    24 Aug 05 at 13:00

  7. Nice! Will they launch in the UK too? Will we have another source for music apart from iTunes?

    Hooray for you.


    24 Aug 05 at 13:35

  8. Sweet.

    Coco: I thought Yahoo’s music subscribe-y thingy already had launched in the UK?


    24 Aug 05 at 13:58

  9. Thanks – I’ll have a look, I am an Apple child so unless its spoon fed I tend not to notice!


    24 Aug 05 at 15:02

  10. Wow – that’s so exciting Craig! Hopefully when I see the ads they will exorcise the memory of that really rubbish Mini-pops copycat Virgin ad that’s always on at the cinema. Has anyone seen it?


    24 Aug 05 at 15:18

  11. Funnily enough, Nexus and I did those ads too!
    Soon the whole world with be pixelated.
    Waaahahahahaha!, says Craig as he twirls his waxed moustache around his evil tophat.


    24 Aug 05 at 15:24

  12. You’ll have to replace billy with a grey evil-looking cat to stroke…..


    24 Aug 05 at 15:33

  13. More like superhero – well done you! Can we have a mini of you in a cape…….?


    24 Aug 05 at 15:39

  14. Hooray! Good for you, I’m rather excited too, in a vicarious type-way.

    Simon who likes Cherry Coke

    24 Aug 05 at 16:00

  15. Phew. Thought you’d sold out to McDonalds! I was picturing mini/pixellated Ronalds, Hamburglers, Big Macs and the Golden Arches… ah ha!

    Mr Sneeze

    24 Aug 05 at 17:25

  16. You go Craig!! Fan-bloody-tastic! I thought I would see you in Computer Arts Special, showing off your pixel world, one of these days and instead you are now conquering(?) the world! I am so… I suppose proud of you. *a happy, content smile and a deep sigh as if I had anything to do with your success*

    Elisabeth, Stockholm


    24 Aug 05 at 18:19

  17. Is it the Clash (with Strummer missing in that case) on the press release picture? The poses look suspiciously similar… ;)

    E, Stockholm


    24 Aug 05 at 18:23

  18. Hm… sorry… Green Day… ok.



    24 Aug 05 at 18:30

  19. craig goin’ for tha bling bling!!! No wonder you were staying in this posh hotel…. ENJOY!


    24 Aug 05 at 21:52

  20. Congrats, Craig! I never watch MTV anymore, but I’ll most definitely be watching the VMAs (or, more specifically, the commercial parts)!


    24 Aug 05 at 23:00

  21. Wow! Fantastic stuff. That is soooooo exciting. You hob-nobber.


    25 Aug 05 at 11:43

  22. You are one lucky (and talented) beeatch! Did you know that like a billion people watch the VMA’s? Your homies up in the pberg hood will be watching.

    mama jens

    25 Aug 05 at 12:03

  23. National Craig day in Lincoln….

    Now you can get that statue!


    25 Aug 05 at 12:22

  24. brilliant stuff. you’ll be making music videos for the mercury prize listings soon :)

    cat, circus and oddity

    25 Aug 05 at 13:36

  25. That’s so exciting!! Proper big time stuff, well done you! Feel bizarrely proud for those of us that have been following your stuff for so long! hurrah for you!


    30 Aug 05 at 14:27

  26. Blimey. Thank you, everybody.
    *Curtsies like a girl*


    30 Aug 05 at 15:58

  27. Hey! i’m a bit behind here, but congratulations! For real!
    As an aspiring graphic designer, y’know, I can appreciate what a great oppertunity this is, exposure wise.
    It is my honour to have had comments replied to by you *bows deeply*


    2 Sep 05 at 17:58

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