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A better world

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A better world would be ours if…

1. White men in their twenties or thirties were banned from smoking cigars.

You don’t look like Jay Z, you don’t look like a rich ol’ fella on a yacht, you look like a drunk office worker who’s thrown caution to the wind for ten minutes.

2. Articles about the Pixies in music magazines were no longer allowed.

How many times do we need to know that Black Francis fired the group by fax? Zzzzz…

3. Skits on hip hop albums were…


4. Football players not being allowed to moan about anything ever.

You earn way too much money. Your life will always be cushy. You don’t have it bad.

5. Companies were not be allowed to change their logos just because some marketing dude in a fancy suit says the old one is old-fashioned.

This is something that gets my goat. After two years-ish, I still can’t get used to the new UPS logo. Every UPS van that goes by provokes a moment’s pause and a little sigh, thinking of what used to be. Which bunch of no-talent marketing shits decided that their lovely classy logo should change to something so ordinary and bland? After Eights, too. Why did they feel the need to change their clock logo and make it all modern and liquid-ly drawn?

It’s horrible to admit, but one can become attached the the corporate identity of certain products or firms. I really should not care about UPS’s logo, but I do. Maybe it’s because the way companies decide to present themselves shape the way we live our lives. Their blandness contributes to our cities lacking in character. This is maybe why expertly (or even crudely) hand-painted signs seems so delicious these days.

This has been on my mind for a while. In my new-found thirst for baseball knowledge, I was looking at the logos of the Major League Baseball teams. Of the thirty teams, I only really like a few of them (Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, and I’m a little bit attracted to the St. Louis Cardinals’ logo, too). Actually, come to think of it, five out of thirty logos is pretty good.

Then I looked at the logos of other sporting teams/clubs. There really are very few that are graphically strong. I quite like those of Cleveland Browns, Le Mans UC72, Racing Club de Avellaneda, and Yomiuri Giants, but on the whole, it’s a fairly ropey area of graphic design.

Sadly, I can’t really find any for English football clubs that are really really nice. Some have elements of niceness, but in the modern era of re-touching logos to be a bit more franchise-y, a lot of them have lost their charm. Specifically, and it saddens me to say this, the club badge of Liverpool FC.

When I was a kid it was like this…

Then in the nineties it changed to this…

And now it’s…

What used to be a simple elegant Liver bird with ‘L.F.C.’ written underneath slowly evolved into the current monstrocity.
What’s the point? I totally understand why there are the flames; that makes sense (in case you’re unaware, it’s to remember the 96 who died at Hillsborough). But all the other crap, the You’ll Never Walk Alone area, the scrolls, the actual shape of the shield and stuff. And, damn, that horrible green!

Anyway, that wasn’t meant to be a big rant. I meant to write a quick five-point piece about annoying things. Just seems that the annoyance got a grip.

Written by Craig

September 21st, 2005 at 1:52 pm

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  1. i prefer the old liverpool logo too. and it is annoying and i never quite understand it either when companies ‘dullify’ their logos. actually, the only logo i can think of that i prefered the new one is the bt one. i didn’t like the old person thingy. but i don’t know much about design really, so i could be totally out of line there.

  2. Design should be for everyone, not just designers so I think a non-designers point of view is just as valid as a designers on the whole.

    What is it with football clubs and their logos/badges anyway. I loathe the most recent Arsenal one – it looks so cheap, I know the old one was, well, old fashioned, but at least it didn’t look like an amateur football club had had it done on someones PC!

    Couldn’t agree more on Points 1 and 4 either!


    21 Sep 05 at 15:00

  3. Talking about brands changing… Have you heard, ‘Smarties’, (probably only known to Brits), are apparently ditching the tube packaging!


    21 Sep 05 at 15:12

  4. Your right Craig. The LFC Crest isnt as cool as the one we grew up with. That said LFC did have a crest at that time it was just that they only used it on official things such as letters and programmes. Ill try and dig it out for you.
    We all clamour for the days when we just have the Liiverbird back where it belongs on the shirt but a promise is a promise. Thats why when we get to a final I love to see the Liverbird proudly displayed in the centre of the shirt.
    I suppose market rebranding is another cost of throw-away culture because unless something is bright and sparkly new then its definately old and old doesnt mean reliable and experienced it means decrepit in this day and age Im sad to say.

    Lee Jenkins

    21 Sep 05 at 15:13

  5. On logos…this happened with the Milwaukee Brewers a few years back and still makes me crazy angry. I’m not even a baseball fan, but they had a GREAT Logo. I don’t know how or if I even can put images in a comment, but you can see it here:


    I grew up with the baseball mitt with the clever M and B in it. Everyone in Milwaukee wants this logo back. The new logo is a piece of crap. It personally offends me.

    I too agree with point one. I just feel embarrassed for the guys when I see them. It reminds me of the cigar-smoking in American Psycho…still ridiculous…so it’s been going on even longer than Jay-z (speaking of which, have you heard the Grey Album…probably?).

    I got all defensive when I thought you were going to dis the Pixies, but I agree with the article point…and love the portraits.


    21 Sep 05 at 16:09

  6. MLB logos, generally speaking, use to be so much better:


    Except, maybe, for the Orioles – those logos have always kind of sucked:




    21 Sep 05 at 16:12

  7. Tori: I agree about the BT logo. And CoCo is right.
    CoCo: The new AFC one just doesn’t loo like it’s for a football club, I think.
    Benji: Really? That is a real shame.
    Lee: The thing I find odd is that football clubs are all about history. Okay, “the next game is the most important” etc., but for supporters of all clubs there’s an accumulation of history that is fundamental to why we adore the club. I really don’t understand that the people who decide these things don’t see that we don’t care who’s on the board, what they think. Especially with a club like LFC who completely know and exploit their history (you can’t move for mentions of “5 times” this year). It’s like redesigning a gravestone cos you don’t like the font your granny chose and that it doesn’t represent the way the family wants to be perceived in 2005. Grrr.


    21 Sep 05 at 16:15

  8. Becki: Oooh, I like the MB logo, that’s kinda groovy. I love the California Angels logo with the map on it. That almost amateur style with the letters now really looking correct is great. And I wonder when the Cleveland Indians are gonna realise how offensive their logo is?
    I’m never gonna diss the Pixies. Not never ever.

    Derick: Yep, the Baltimore one is lame. Thanks, dude, I’ll be spending the whole afternoon going through that link… Yummy!


    21 Sep 05 at 16:26

  9. Wow, those teams change their logos a LOT.

  10. The best way to get design to be better is to nick the copies of PHotoshop from every one of these designers and get them to use Serif without any clipart. See how they like it when they only have the basics to work with!


    21 Sep 05 at 18:28

  11. Man, if we could get rid of skits on Hip Hop albums I would be a happy man.

    Thoroughly Amused

    21 Sep 05 at 19:14

  12. Anon: Yep. Nail > head.
    TA: And while they’re taking off the skits, hip hoppers should learn that just because a CD can hold 80 minutes of music, it doesn’t mean you have to fill it up with shitty pointless demos, mixes and, shudder, ballads.


    21 Sep 05 at 19:23

  13. The Cleveland Indians logo has long been a point of controversy in the States.

    Glad to know there won’t be any Pixies dissing from FFF.


    21 Sep 05 at 19:58

  14. And now over to something compleeetely different:
    What would a MiniPop-Antony (without the Johnsons) look like? Please make one, Craig, pretty please? ;)



    21 Sep 05 at 20:39

  15. Pondering cigars…

    Since everyone fitfully agrees, I am happy to differ.

    So I smoke the occasional cigar and I am not yet 40 (close, but no … – oh ah).
    I am sorry to learn you think the world would be a better place without me.
    And I do not even care to know who Jay Z is…

    I used to be a heavy smoker of cigarettes, but I managed to kick that habit, at least.



    21 Sep 05 at 21:12

  16. but what’s wrong with the pixies? hahaha.

    cat, circus and oddity

    22 Sep 05 at 06:16

  17. “I was born 22 September 1970 in a hospital in Lincoln, UK.”

    Happy Birthday, pixel bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If my calculations are correct, you have reached the auspicious age of 35! Well done, Meester Robinson!

    I made you a birthday fCard:




    22 Sep 05 at 11:43

  18. I read a critique of our new Gooner team badge in a graphic design magazine. They reckoned it was well bland too, and had introduced a funny new red for no reason.

    Apparently, we were keen to change it as we were having trouble copyrighting the old one, cos it used lots of different, old elements of indeterminate ownership. So we at least changed it for a reasonable reason.

    Guess Brand Creation Professionals have to feed their kids too.


    22 Sep 05 at 12:39

  19. Go Brownies!


    22 Sep 05 at 13:24

  20. For some reason, I used to hate any Liverpool logo that was red and yellow. The colours really seemed to clash – but hey, you’re right, nothing like that grim green now. But then I’m a Forest fan – surely ours is the only cool, sweet, simple logo still stuck in the cute fashion of days gone by?

    Mr Sneeze

    22 Sep 05 at 16:44

  21. a) funny, I was saying the exact same thing the other day about hip hop skits. Has anyone in the history of the world ever laughed at one?
    b) I refer the honourable gentleman to the Forest logo
    c) I’ve got that Beatles poster! It’s ace. My friend did something similair with famous advertising slogans eg ‘just do it’. That’s ace too.


    23 Sep 05 at 14:21

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