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Yesterday was Get Things Done Monday. for several weeks there have been a few things I’ve needed to do, but I’ve just put them off further and further. On Sunday night, I tried to get to bed early with a view to getting up and getting on.
Which I did. I put on a tie to constantly remind myself throughout the day that I was getting on, being organised, working, and playing Mario 64 was not an option.
I wrote a list and methodically worked through it from “sort out and send stuff to accountant” at the top to “send money to NatWest account” at the bottom. I even did stuff that wasn’t on the list like tidying up a bit.

While I was tidying up, I was sorting through a big stack of Mojo magazines. Seven of the 40 issues I’ve got from March 2001 to present have one or more of The Beatles on the cover (I don’t get it every month cos the shops here in Berlin only tend to get one or two copies, and if I’m late I miss out). That’s a lot. That tells me that even in 2005, The Beatles will sell copies of a magazine.

It just so happened that while I was doing this I had iTunes on shuffle and a couple of my least favourite Beatles songs came up. So I figured that in this post I could do what Mojo do, and write some stuff about The Beatles. So I will (pun intended, Fab-fans). And I thought that I’d write about The Beatles songs I don’t like. Which, of course, might prompt you lot to chip in with comments, which is something that I’ve grown to adore about doing this blog. And it’s kinda easier than writing about the ones I like or love, cos the ones I don’t like is a far shorter list.

Here we go, my five least favourite Beatles songs:
Taxman (Revolver)
Not really the song itself, cos it’s kinda groovy, just the lyrics. I don’t really have to explain why I don’t lke the lyrics do I?

Come Together (Abbey Road)
If ever there was an over-rated Beatles song, this is the one I’d choose. I just do not understand why so many people like it. It’s got a rubbish tune, it’s got no balls (even though it kinda tries to persuade you that it has), it just seems so … empty. Paul Weller doing a turgid cover version sealed it for me, really.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps (The Beatles)
Does it now? “I look at the floor and I see it needs sweeping.” Hmmmm, not really bothered that day, were you George?

I Me Mine (Let It Be)
I don’t just dislike George Harrison, I promise. I do like a lot of his songs. Just his stinkers are stinkier than Paul McCartney’s. This song sounds to me like half a song, well, half an idea, that’s been rustled up to be a full song. The change in tempo seems really forced, and it’s just not very groovy.

What’s The New Mary Jane? (Anthology 3)
Recorded during the sessions for the White Album and quite rightly left off, cos it’s a sack of shit. But, it’s still a Beatles song, and is completely the worst song they ever recorded. Truly fucking awful.

Anyway, like I say, it’s easier to pick the faults of a band who were pretty consistently ace. And this Beatles-related thing is ace too: a poster by exceedingly clever and creative bloke Daniel Eatock with all the lyrics from Beatles songs on it. (If you’ve got a couple of hours to spare, you should check out all of the stuff on his site and that of his old company, Foundation 33, it’s incredibly good.)

Right, time to put on the tie again and get to work.

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September 20th, 2005 at 11:54 am

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  1. Ooh, I have to say I don’t think I know half those Beatles songs. But I like Come Together. I like the start of it. Well, I think it’s the one I’m thinking of, with the schum-dum diddle um-dum guitar thingy at the beginning? What’s wrong with that?

  2. And ooh, I really like that Foundation 33 stuff. Very clever.

  3. I’ve got Penny Lane stuck in my head now and I really don’t like it! The Beatles were quite prolific really and some of their stuff was appalling – but I can never remember the names of the tracks I don’t like, apart from Penny Lane which is just too chirpy.

    I too like the Foundation 33 stuff, I plan to explore it better later when I am not trying to blot Penny Lane out…


    20 Sep 05 at 15:10

  4. Oh, now I’VE got Penny Lane stuck in my head too!

  5. As to While My Guitar Gently Weeps, THANK YOU. I am not a fan of this song. Unfortunately, it was my ex’s favorite Beatles song. Come on, from the title alone you should know this one isn’t going to cut it.

    I was relieved to see none of my favorites on your list…although, in all honesty, they still would have remained my favorites, so I guess that’s sort of a moot point.

    Oh, and the tie idea is brilliant. Perhaps if I put on a nice cocktail dress, I can actually get down to the business of unpacking and setting up my new apartment…especially since I’m having people over tomorrow for the season premiere of Lost. Or I could just Annie Hall it and wear a tie.

    I was listening to the live verion of “Blackbird” on that Paul McCartney live cd that came out a year or two ago, and man, that song still gets me, and his voice still gets me. I’m also a sucker for “Let it Be”, can’t hear it without tearing up (but I’m a bit weepy to begin with so that doesn’t really say much). There is another Beatles’ song I wanted to add to your list, and I can’t think of it and my cds and records are all still in boxes and my I-pod only contains the Beatles songs I like, so, I guess I’m out of luck.


    20 Sep 05 at 15:50

  6. Sorry Tori!


    20 Sep 05 at 17:50

  7. This is a happy post as I’m a huge beatles fan. However, also not meaning to bash the late George, I can’t cope with Within You Without You (it’s the only Sgt Peppers song that warrants a skip, unless I’m feeling very purist) and Something sounds, well, like a cross between George MIchael and Chris DeBurgh. But everything else warrants weeps of enjoyment.

    To make the leap from half empty to half full, what’s ya favourite Beatles Song?


    20 Sep 05 at 19:12

  8. My favourite… that’s too difficult. I guess In My Life is their best song, but my favourite, at the moment at least, is She Loves You.


    20 Sep 05 at 19:31

  9. sorry to interrupt. i’ve got a message from newsfire reader: “The latest attempt to parse this feed resulted in an error. It is likely that this feed is currently invalid. Please contact the operator of this feed to inform them of the error”. so i’m informing you.


    20 Sep 05 at 23:45

  10. I’m glad to hear that In My Life was your favourite! A few weeks ago I sang it (accompanied by two guitars) on stage for a friend’s birthday. He cried! ;)

    It was a huge party at a club with lots of people I hadn’t seen for – well, at least a decade and my voice started out a bit funny (not in a good way). But obviously no one but myself had a problem with that. It’s such a melancholic song.



    21 Sep 05 at 09:58

  11. Anonymous: I tested the RSS stuff and it seems to work fine in my NewsFire…

    Elisabeth: The problem with In My Life is I’ve heard it way too much. It was amazing when I got my Dad’s LPs out and listened to them in my bedroom as a teenager, this ready made body of work that I could listen to right from Love Me Do all the way to Sgt. Pepper (Dad seemed to stop buying records when he got married), and In My Life was a favourite for a long time. But at the moment, I’m really enjoying the early years more than anything.


    21 Sep 05 at 12:51

  12. TOTALLY agree about Come Together!
    So glad someone else thinks so too. It get so much attention which always made me think I was missing something. Now I know that I was right about it all along and everyone else is wrong.

    Thank you.

    Simon Who Went Swimming And Who Likes Cherry Coke

    21 Sep 05 at 15:16

  13. I’ve always thought ‘And I Love Her’ is way too sentimental for the Beatles. The harmonies are just that bit too sickly sweet.

    But the whole second side of Abbey Road is still my favourite bit of Beatles ever and makes me cry every time. Golden Slumbers especially. It’s also got George Harrison’s best guitar solo ever, right at the end of ‘The End’. Five seconds of guitar bliss!

    Simon John Parkin

    21 Sep 05 at 16:25

  14. Simon: Hurrah! I’m not alone!
    Lurch: I’d agree, Abbey Road side two is divine. The whole John/Paul/George guitar solo thing is amazing.


    21 Sep 05 at 16:44

  15. you are wrong about ‘While My Guitar…’. How can you omit ‘Ob-La-Bloody-Di Ob-La-di-Bleedin’Da’? ‘You Won’t See Me’ is very underrated. ‘Yellow Submarine’ is appalling.
    Happy Birthday. Here’s to you Mr. Robinson.


    22 Sep 05 at 18:01

  16. Well, I agree about You Won’t See Me.
    I kinda take Ob La Di and Yellow Submarine for the kinda throwaway ditties they are.


    22 Sep 05 at 18:07

  17. In my life seems to be rather popular! My friend has the opening bars of the song tattooed around his arm in a spiral, so i am inclined to think he has enjoyed it before. i ought to dig it out of my pop’s cd stack that one. here’s 5 i don’t like, if you’re interested: blue jay way, ob-la-di, piggies, maxwell’s silver hammer and oh! darling. da-da!


    26 Sep 05 at 01:36

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