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Dusty but half full

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After the grumpiness earlier, I’m a bit more upbeat now. I did some productive stuff. I took my watch to the menders and I got a ticket for the Wilco concert. Yay. That’s one of the great things about Berlin: you can still get a ticket for a decent concert two days before. Not always the case, but more often than not.

On my way to get the ticket I got a coffee from one of my local shops. One of the women who works there was using a rubber stamp and inkpad to put the shop’s logo on some plain white paper bags they use for bagels and sandwiches. As I was waiting for my coffee, I stood transfixed, watching her: inkpad, bag, inkpad, bag, inkpad, bag, inkpad, bag. It was amazingly relaxing watching someone do a tedious job.

So, to treat myself for having done such a sterling job with the watch and ticket, I went to a comic shop at and bought Harvey Pekar’s Best Of American Splendor book cos, well, I enjoyed the film, and felt that when in a funk, it’s probably a good idea to read someone who’s also in a funk.

All of the above happened whilst listening to the wonderful new Kanye West album, so smiles all round, really.

Anyway, I mentioned before about trying to draw a cow. I took a photo. Here is proof that I’m no good at drawing a cow without reference material.

And on the subject of drawings of animals. Here’s a photo of a circus flyer I picked up today. If they can guarantee this wonderful spectacle of a woman with a flag astride a tiger astride a horse: I’m there!

Finally, I thought maybe you’d like to see where all this blogging comes from. Click the below image for a full-on, big-but-crappy panorama of my office.

Written by Craig

September 8th, 2005 at 10:36 pm

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  1. Craig, you have the same stereo I gave my brother for Christmas.

    Thoroughly Amused

    9 Sep 05 at 00:32

  2. Hey Craig, my girlfriend brought me a copy of that American Splendor book for my birthday. Signed too!


    9 Sep 05 at 00:47

  3. Are those two small Mark Ryden prints/paintings in the cool matching frames?

    And do you really have two rubix cubes at your desk!?!

    Your office is much too fun to do any work in.

    I think you have more cds than I do!


    9 Sep 05 at 04:37

  4. What happened to the red drawers you had at Hykeham Road? Those red Ikea (?) ones reminded me of them.

    Lance Crossfire


    9 Sep 05 at 05:41

  5. that looks like the most pleasant workspace in the world. you should see my dorm room.
    in the united states, everyone puts the mouse on the other side of the computer. is that like driving on the other side of the road?


    9 Sep 05 at 06:05

  6. Wow! Another person that has two Rubic’s cubes… – I didn’t think I’d know anyone else!

    Having said that: “knowing” is not exactly the right word – although it comes so natural (following your website(s) for 4 years – helping me procrastinate – making me proud to “know” you for longer than the TV watching public…) This is a strange medium I have to say!
    Anyway – Congratulations on all your success (I always knew someone who could think up such a poetic story about a young man with a long arm would become successful)!

    Nice to express myself to you for the first time (when I heard you express yourself for so long)!




    9 Sep 05 at 08:13

  7. Is that a michael jackson doll on top of the cd’s???
    craig…. i know he’s also into mini, but seriously…
    i’d like to see that replaced with a beyonce-bikini-doll (gold / silver will do just fine thank you)…

    frans theunisz

    9 Sep 05 at 09:47

  8. hey, cool office. eclectic mix of pictures on the wall. and How Many CDs?! and you can actually do the rubik’s cube. impressive. i just don’t get them. my desk at work, well, at the moment you can’t actually see the desk. i’m a bit messy. your plant looks like it’s wilting a bit…

  9. Amused: Be aware that the CD player will fuck up within 18 months or so and start skipping like crazy.

    J Yates: Hurrah.

    Becki: Yes, they are Mark Ryden prints, and yes I do have two Rubik’s Cubes.

    Lance: It’s in the garage at my Mum’s house.

    Katie: Everywhere in the world people put mouses on the right side, cos, of course, why would left handed people ever need anything ever. Which is another rant for another day against society’s Southpawism…

    Alex: Thank you.

    Frans: You’re obsessed with Beyoncé’s bikini, huh? Would it fry your brain if I told you I had a photo? And yes, it is a Michael Jackson doll.

    Tori: Well, it was a concsious effort to not have posters anymore, so flea market shopping saw the beginnings of having framed stuff on the walls. But getting stuff framed yourself is SO expensive. I can do the Cube, yes. coughgeekcough. The plant is on its last legs, sadly. I was a bad parent.


    9 Sep 05 at 12:50

  10. May I ask which Michael Jackson doll it is? I had the red-leather “Beat It” doll, but in a rush of childhood impulsiveness, cut the nose off with a scissors to make it more “life-like”.

    I do still have my silver glove.

    I thought those were Ryden prints. I have the Blood, Sweat and Tears series just waiting to go up in my dining room when I move on the 15th. I was starting to worry that he was in a slump and the paintings were becoming caricatures of themselves, but then, lo and behold, the Creatix is unveiled and Ryden is back in his brilliance.


    9 Sep 05 at 14:00

  11. Ok, enough torture with the two rubiks…
    I confess: I cheated when I was 12, peeling off all stickers and replacing them…
    Feels nice actually, this confession…

    (to be honest craig: it WOULD fry my brain, so don’t tell me…)

    frans theunisz

    9 Sep 05 at 16:14

  12. Behind the whited out patch… that’s The Beyoncé


    9 Sep 05 at 16:46

  13. Is that The Jay-Z next to her?


    9 Sep 05 at 16:58

  14. Craig, it actually fucked up a month after we got it and I returned it and the new one has worked like a charm and it’s been hauled to three states so far cus my brother is a nomad. Also, even though I’m right handed I keep my mouse on the left side of my keyboard just to work the other side of my brain once in awhile.

    Thoroughly Amused

    9 Sep 05 at 17:23

  15. Man that’s creepy: our Mac desktops are arranged in quite a similar fashion.

    It’s not really that creepy. There’s only so many ways to arrange icons.


    9 Sep 05 at 17:58

  16. I like you office. When/if I get an office, that’s how I imagine it.

    Anyway, Reitender Tiger.


    P.S. You might (or might not) be interested to know that the last test match is teetering on the edge for England. But it’s early days.


    9 Sep 05 at 19:44

  17. Ooooh a Kraftwerk mouse mat!

    Ian Mac

    9 Sep 05 at 19:54

  18. And, tut,tut, filter tipped red Gauloises. If you are going to kill yourself, at least do it it with proper unfiltered blue Gauloises. The packet looks cool. :-)

    That’s over 500 CDs there, n’est ce pas?

    George in Grasse

    10 Sep 05 at 19:53

  19. I got rsi in my right hand and shoulder from mousing artwork … WorkCover OT said everyone who uses a computer should use the mouse on the left-hand side if there is a number pad because the number pad forces you to reach further than you should. Yay ambidextrous!


    11 Sep 05 at 03:16

  20. Ok craig, I must admit that I imagined her prettier in real life… And what’s with the security on her… She has her own mini-heli-securi thing going on! Very stylish…
    Tori: If that’s Jay-Z, then: HAHA! (Nelson Muntz – Simpsons laugh) His feet won’t reach the ground!!! Plus he’s wearing high heels….

    And that was the last Beyonce post. EVER…

    frans theunisz

    11 Sep 05 at 09:54

  21. I think the helicopter was papparazzi.


    11 Sep 05 at 12:29

  22. Rubic cubes? Couldn’t care less about them, but the little guitar (I don’t know the English word for it) in the right corner! When on earth do you fiddle with it? And what songs do you play? Do you have little guitar-breaks every now and then? Love the thought… ;)



    12 Sep 05 at 08:41

  23. i have two rubic cubes on my office desk (among other things like trolls and such). never touched them, in fear of discovering that i’m not so clever after all :P

    cat, circus and oddity

    12 Sep 05 at 12:46

  24. It’s all about being able to remember a series of moves. Basically, all you need to do is get one face done with all the edges in the right place next to their relevant centre piece. After that all you need to do is remember about five or six algorithms and you’ve done it. It’s memory, not skill.


    12 Sep 05 at 13:31

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