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Dusty old folders 2

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Because my brain is an empty vessel today, I thought I’d show you some more crap from the FFF hard drive archives of un-made stuff. Y’know, when I was looking through these folders a short while ago trying to find stuff to show you, it made me miss the old days of FFF, a couple of years ago when I was so into it all, so active. This isn’t self-deprication just to elicit some positive comments from you readers, it’s true: I don’t do half as much stuff on the site as I used to. I’ve just fell out of the habit of pushing and pushing myself to do new stuff for FFF and working at the same time. And, sadly, there’s ideas I’d love to animate really quickly cos they’d make me giggle, but I’ll never do them.

Like the idea of having the Tin Man from Wizard Of Oz at US Immigration:
“Sir, can you please remove the tin clothing”
“I can’t! I am tin!”
“Remove the tin! Now!”
“Listen, I know it sounds weird, but I’m made of tin. Look at my passport”
“And are you visiting the United States alone?”
“No, I’m with my friends…the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, and Dorothy, that cutesy young girl over there with the dog”
“You’re all gonna have to come with me…”

Anyway. Some stuff.

This is the Battenburg Twins. The idea here was to have a table from the sort of Sunday teatime with the grandparents I had when I was a kid (pork pies, pickle, Swiss roll, Carnation…). Just with evil little Battenburg fuckers running around.

I fell in love with this for several months in 2002. It’s called Pepinster (an actual real town name; it’s in Belgium somewhere on the train journey from Brussels to Cologne), and I worked on it for ages, too. Changing this and that, getting really into the details of the train station and the bowls club. Ultimately, that was all at the expense of having an actual well-formed idea. It was just gonna be a drawing of a village with lots of houses and shops and normal life going on. I always imagined this as my own little Under Milk Wood.

A relatively new idea that’s quickly got put on the backburner. Thor and Ana. An actual real dream fully formed as an idea. Thor and Ana would build a little town on a beach. I won’t tell you anymore in case I do actually get around to making it. But this is what they look like.

The Bench. This has the feel of one of those worthy BBC documentaries, I think. It would be 20-odd drawings of this park bench, each at a different hour of the day. These three people would be there at different times, but, just for you, they’re all together.

Finally, something called Lonely Man that looks totally different to other stuff I do. It was gonna be a kinda “talking head,” like in a documentary. This bloke would be being interviewed about his life, and as the interview progresses you’d see that his life is actually very very sad.

Anyway, that’s yer lot.

Written by Craig

September 13th, 2005 at 11:37 am

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  1. I like Lonely Man. Not the fact that he’s lonely, cos that’s sad, just the drawing. It’s nice and fuzzy.

  2. He is almost like a Seurat painting close up, but then I suppose all computer art is a bit like a pointillist painting.

    I love Pepinster, especiallly the little station. I think you need some cricketers playing somewhere, not because of the Ashes but as it looks like the sort of place that would have a village green with cricketers playing very slowly and leisurely with people watching from the pub garden that spreads on to the green – I shall imagine them to be in the dips of the hills out of view and keep my meanderings of the Utopian village to myself!


    13 Sep 05 at 12:51

  3. the longer I look at the lonely man the more I am certain that he ……
    There it was again!
    He MOVES.
    I mean really it seems as if he is actually watching me. Can it be that he is that lonely?


    13 Sep 05 at 13:10

  4. Oooh, Pepinster. You could do that in the Sim City 2000 editor thingy too. Less control, but 3D.

    Then again, if I’m thinking of SCURK (Sim City Urban Renewal Kit), then you fcan customise buildings via a little graphics editor. All pixel-y style, which I believe you have some experience with…


    13 Sep 05 at 15:08

  5. Definitely some good ideas there. Can’t wait to possible see what Thor and Ana come up with.

    Thoroughly Amused

    13 Sep 05 at 20:08

  6. I live quite close to Pepinster actually. The real thing is a bit greyer than your green hill though: walloon industry isn’t the “silicon valley” sort if you know what I mean. Rather call it “silicosis valley”…

    I like the Thor and Ana thing…

    frans theunisz

    13 Sep 05 at 21:08

  7. Well they all look great!

    I miss the old days of FFF too. Not that what you’re doing now isn’t great – I like the stuff you put on here. But I remember when I first found FFF when I was ill one December. I spent a lovely weekend totally lost in your site – it was like getting a new toy for Christmas!

    Looking forward to more good stuff.

    Simon John Parkin

    14 Sep 05 at 12:14

  8. Hang on. Cricket? I’d say golf. Pepinster looks like a village where everybody owns a golf bag and maybe even their own little electric golf car. Yes, golfers they are. And every once in a while they go by train to play different tours, because these villagers are very good at golf. And very environmentally concerned. They win quite a few tournaments and once they actually had Bill Clinton as a guest at their local country golf club. They thought that was a nice occasion.



    14 Sep 05 at 12:48

  9. Speaking of Christmas, can we look forward to some nice festive, Christmas-y things on FFF this year Craig? They always brighten my December days. Sorry to depress everyone with thoughts of xmas in mid-September, but its really not that long now!!


    15 Sep 05 at 10:58

  10. Anna, sssshhh!

  11. I know, I know! I don’t like it as much as the next person, but its true!


    15 Sep 05 at 11:34

  12. You joke about it but these things go through my mind… I try my best for Christmas each year and it gets more and more difficult each year (thus last year’s adaptation of the Icelandic folk tale)


    15 Sep 05 at 11:37

  13. I did my first Christmas brochure of this year back in May and spent most of the hot spell we had researching Christmas images for clients! By December I have forgotten what Christmas was all about!


    15 Sep 05 at 11:50

  14. I’ve been sending stuff out for Christmas gift features since August, but that’s cos the monthly mags work so ridiculously far in advance.

    Can you do a fuzzy Father Christmas, like Lonely Man? Pleeeeease. I think the fuzziness would suit Father Christmas.

  15. What jobs do you do to be so far in advance of everyone else’s Christmas?


    15 Sep 05 at 16:26

  16. Public relations. It’s stupid!

  17. Brochures for a hotel chain… also pretty stupid sometimes, but I did get to design some nice snowflakes this year!


    16 Sep 05 at 11:22

  18. Brochures for a hotel chain… also pretty stupid sometimes, but I did get to design some nice snowflakes this year!


    16 Sep 05 at 11:22

  19. aaah, pretty snowflakes. did you used to make them by folding up paper and cutting holes in it?

  20. I’ve also designed a Christmas recipe booklet in August before now. It made it quite different though. No snow and candles. Fireworks instead!

    Simon John Parkin

    16 Sep 05 at 11:59

  21. Am I the only one with an average, uninteresting job here!?


    16 Sep 05 at 12:36

  22. i dunno anna; what do you do?


    16 Sep 05 at 13:59

  23. Well Craig, thats a very good question. The short answer is ‘not alot’, but I’m supposed to be a Task Manager for an MoD Contractor, working with textiles. It’s kinda like army surplus but on a grander scale. It basically involves enough paperwork to fell entire forests, and occasionally phoning the odd burly lorry driver…


    16 Sep 05 at 14:10

  24. I hope you recycle!

    Does my job sound interesting then?!

  25. Anna – So do you get cheap combat trousers, then?
    Tori – Depends who you’re relating to in public, I guess.


    16 Sep 05 at 16:47

  26. Everyone!

  27. I’m bored – I want to be crane driver! (See everyone’s job has its down days!)


    16 Sep 05 at 17:52

  28. By th way – those Battenburg creatures are really quite scary looking! Think I’ll stick to Angel cake.


    16 Sep 05 at 17:53

  29. I think of my graphic design job as being like a hairdresser. I sometimes talk about the design like a haircut: “OK – if I take a bit off there, change this colour here, tidy it up here…” etc.

    And, like a hairdresser, it’s about making the client feel happy. “Going anywhere nice on your holidays?”

    Simon John Parkin

    16 Sep 05 at 18:11

  30. Cheap combat trousers? I can get em for free!


    16 Sep 05 at 20:06

  31. cool! free things are good.

  32. did you make the vh1 pixelated commercials? they look like your minipops.



    17 Sep 05 at 05:11

  33. Jelene, no not me… What are they? In which country? Do you know if they are online anywhere? Thanks.


    17 Sep 05 at 11:26

  34. So. Is today a good day or a bad day in Berlin? Any tension building up for the big election? Are you allowed to vote or are you still a member of the British imperium and excluded from saying your say in Germany?

    Talking about seeing the Pops online – I went to a page for downloading something and there they were. Green day in your design. I saved a screen shot I think. Could send it over.



    18 Sep 05 at 18:00

  35. I have very little idea. I didn’t really pay any attention to the build up, didn’t get the feeling “on the street” today that anyone was politically charged or anything, but then, my mind was on the Liverpool game, so…
    I don’t get to vote in the main elections, cos I’m a foreigner.

    Thanks for the screenshot.


    18 Sep 05 at 20:26

  36. hey, i think lonely man needs some love. maybe he could get a fuzzy sausage dog or a new lady wife or perhaps some kind of house boy…
    but yup they are both ace and super good.



    30 Sep 05 at 17:32

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