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Everything’s dusty in here. Aaaach, I’m sick of it. But I’ve got too much crap to be bothered to move it all and dust around it. I’m in a funk. Cigarettes are slowly killing me, but I’ve not got the whatever it takes to actually use the Nicorette Microtabs that, comically, sit next to my ashtray to remind me to give up smoking. Billy and I have spent the last ten minutes having a staring contest. He keeps losing. He gives in way too easy and just starts licking my arm. I’m trying to draw a cow – with a pen, not a mouse – from memory. Try it, then Google ‘cow’ and have a look how close you got. Is it just me, or is it really easy to forget the way a cow actually looks? Saw a Christmas advert last night. First time. 7th September and Christmas adverts… I sound like my Mum (again). Will I ever learn to not coo at Apple products? I bought their new Mighty Mouse and it’s shit. That little teat of a scroller is so annoying. It’s hilarious that the manual gives a link to some ergonomics website when that scrollball will give users an arthritic finger. Anyway, the procrastination continues, but it’s procrastination with effort. I went to the video shop to rent Gone In 60 Seconds. I saw the first half of it in the hotel room in Miami, and curiosity finally got the better of me. I guess I should go out and try and buy a ticket for the Wilco concert this Saturday. Totally forgot to do that before, guess it’ll be sold out now, but might as well try, eh? Y’know, one of the most reliable things in this world is cornflakes. Cornflakes with cold semi-skimmed milk. Never ever will I tire of thee. Sorry. This is a dull post. Maybe I should delete all these words, but in a way, because I don’t really do a diary so much these days, I need to write these things here or I’ll not remember them. Congratulations to Northern Ireland, by the way.

Written by Craig

September 8th, 2005 at 2:15 pm

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  1. I think your proctrastination is some sort of virus that spreads through your blog. I had a mean bout of it yesterday…the day I work from home, and I spent a good amount of time in the dilly dally hut, but even more time in the pebble museum. (Embarrassing confession: when I first stumbled upon the pebble museum portion of your site, I thought it was a real place and was indescribably excited and put it on my list of things to see in the UK). I’ve a great love for quirky museums. Anyway, it is still brilliant, and helped me pass through an utterly unproductive afternoon, with a good deal of fun.

    Hope your cow turns out.


    8 Sep 05 at 14:55

  2. i’m at work and still looking at flip flop flying. and then i keep checking back to see if someone else has written something funny in the comments. so i can partly blame you for my procrastination! you sound a bit fed up. here are some other things to draw from memory ot prolong the procrastination if you want: an otter, a pig and a hippopotamus (i like that word).


    8 Sep 05 at 15:08

  3. Hooray for the Irish. Hip-hip-hooray.

    But Craig! Let’s get some perspective! You met Missy Elliot. You need never do *anything* ever again.

    Except feed Billy.


    8 Sep 05 at 15:31

  4. I’m at work too, also looking at the site. Worst part is we’re not actually allowed to use the net at all here (yeah, I’m a rebel). Just tried drawing the cow, and with some success too – well, I was proud anyway. I even affectionately named her Daisy – then realised that I’d left the udders off.


    8 Sep 05 at 15:39

  5. My cow looked like a spotty pig with a straight tail. Your cow could’ve been a boy one anna?


    8 Sep 05 at 16:52

  6. Maybe, but it does look extremely feminine. I’ve also made it a Jersey cow, cos they’re much prettier : )


    8 Sep 05 at 16:59

  7. Becki – if you like museums of crazy things and ever find yourself in the UK then you gotta go see the pencil museum in Cumberland. Apparently pencils were so sought after and expensive that there was even a black-market in them!


    8 Sep 05 at 19:07

  8. Craig, when are you going to get one of those new iPod nanos? I know you want one.

    Thoroughly Amused

    8 Sep 05 at 19:23

  9. Oh absolutely. They look lovely. But I also love my iPod shuffle which is perfect for me, really. I bought one of the 40GB iPods a couple of years ago, and I never use it outside the flat, it’s just a lazyBastard now, so I don’t have to walk all the four or five feet to my CDs. But the shuffle rules. Suits most of my needs: couple hundred songs, constantly replacing them with whatever’s newest in my iTunes. la de da. Happy listening.
    But the ROKR phone thing looks horrible.


    8 Sep 05 at 19:36

  10. Thanks for the tip Benji


    8 Sep 05 at 19:39

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