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Ear-plugs advised

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Well, it’s Saturday. Football day. Hooray. That, for me, means another hour and a half sat near my computer listening to the Liverpoolfc.tv commentary on their match. Better than nothing, I suppose.
Occasionally though, usually for friendlies and matches that aren’t on telly, they do video coverage. That was the case for LFC’s last Champions League qualifier game, at home to CSKA Sofia. So, they have a commentator and am ex-player doing all the talking. One of those ex-players is the quite unlikeable Phil Neal. This is a little movie of him (I just filmed the Real player window on my computer screen) before that CSKA Sofia game trying to sing along with You’ll Never Walk Alone. I’m not sure that he’s aware that the microphone can hear him, and if he is, well, shame on him for trying to sing. That’s him on the right in the little box, by the way.
It’s painful, it really is.

Written by Craig

September 10th, 2005 at 10:28 am

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  1. i’m sorry to hear that no one has given you this fine piece of advice before. but here it goes.
    1.visit http://www.pplive.com
    2.download the program.
    3.visit http://asiaplate.com/live.today.htm
    4. click on the startsports link for Tottenham vs. Liverpool


    10 Sep 05 at 12:03

  2. Hey ! we’ve discovered your work ! thanks for that
    keep up…


    PS. are you a telepathic freak brother of us ???……



    10 Sep 05 at 14:26

  3. I forgot to mention that one day we’ll manage to become minipops too !! we’re workin hard for it !!!! YEAH !!


    10 Sep 05 at 14:28

  4. Anonymous,
    Thanks for the info. Seems, though, that it’s all a PC thing, not Mac, sadly. Ho hum, I’ll have to stick to the commentary stuff…


    10 Sep 05 at 15:54

  5. oh God, that’s bloody awful, especially the warbly bits.


    10 Sep 05 at 16:34

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