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Mapping Bruce

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I was procrastinating a bit earlier, and iTunes shuffled up Bruce Springsteen’s 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy). It’s a wonderful wonderful song. And it made me shuffle off to Google Maps to have a look where Asbury Park is.
It looks like this:

And because I was in a procrastinating mood, I went to brucespringsteen.net, looked at the songs page and decided to do the same for every song he’s done with a location in the title (pedants will notice that I’ve not done Viva Las Vegas and Jersey Girl, but I decided not to cos they’re covers).
It was a good lesson in how to piss away a couple of hours…

A Good Man Is Hard To Find (Pittsburgh)
This is Pittsburgh:

Atlantic City
Oooh! I recognise this from what I saw from the window when I was flying to Miami:

Balboa Park
In San Diego. It’s that green bit in the middle:

Born In The U.S.A.
If you look hard, you’ll see it there; right in between Canada and Mexico:

Cadillac Ranch
A mate of my Dad’s went to see Bruce at Wembley Stadium in, I think, 1985. He brought me back a programme and there were pics of The Boss at Cadillac Ranch. If you’ve not seen photos, it’s a bit like a tidy version of Stonehenge, but with cars stuck almost vertically into the ground instead of stones. In the pic below, it’s that row of dots at the bottom. It’s near Amarillo, Texas, just off I-40, the old Route 66..:

Darlington County
It’s in South Carolina:

Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street?
NYC, of course:

Galveston Bay
Near Houston:

Incident On 57th Street
NYC again:

Mary Queen Of Arkansas
Kinda somewhere here:

Matamoros Banks
On the Mexican side of the border with the US, it’s that city beneath the meandering river:

Again, kinda somewhere here:

New York City Serenade
So good they… etc.:

R.E.M. went all the way, Johnny Cash shot a man here just to watch him die..:

Santa Ana
I’m so tempted to make a crap joke about this being Santa Claus’s sister:

Sinaloa Cowboys
A region of Mexico, kinda around where the arrow is pointing:

Streets Of Philadelphia
Yep, there they are:

Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
In Belmar, New Jersey:

The E Street Shuffle
Also in Belmar. Look how the streets cross each other! This is like a Springsteen cosmic hotspot or something:

In Ohio:

Well, on reflection, that really was a pointless waste of time. Thank you if you bothered to get this far… you must be a Bruce fan, too. Anyway, at least it’s another dumb thing ticked off my big list of dumb things to do.

Written by Craig

September 24th, 2005 at 5:02 pm

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  1. You could turn this into an art exhibit…nice mats and frames…hipsters would love it.

    It looks like you are getting as much work done as I did yesterday.

    I have to admit I never realized geography was Bruce’s muse.


    24 Sep 05 at 18:52

  2. This is proper times columnist stuff :-)

    Ty, gave me a few minutes of entertainment. I’ve had a grumpy day so far so this has been a good thing.

    We make her paint her face and dance.


    24 Sep 05 at 19:01

  3. Ty?
    I’ve no idea what you’re on about, dude…


    24 Sep 05 at 19:31

  4. Love springsteen too craig…
    I actually found a picture of madam marie (4th of july). “Did you hear the cops finaly busted madam marie, for telling fortunes better than they do” (google it)
    It must be one of my favourite songs by bruce. (and Ben E Kings version on “one step up, two steps back” is even better than the original)

    I love the way you can almost see a movie in his songs…

    frans theunisz

    24 Sep 05 at 19:37

  5. Ty= thank you, dude…


    24 Sep 05 at 21:42

  6. So much Ohio content here lately (I grew up sort of near Youngstown, so between that and the Browns love the other day, I’m overcome with home-state pride).


    24 Sep 05 at 21:46

  7. Ed: Oh, I feel old now, what with you kids and your net lingo… anyway, you’re welcome.
    Frans: I’m about to Google now… not heard Ben E.’s version, will have to “find” that somewhere.
    Heather: Glad to make you happy, luv. How’s Rita doing? Anywhere near you yet?


    25 Sep 05 at 01:13

  8. Will look forward to the next installment of the Dumb Things To Do list…

    Did you hear about the Google maps thing compromising top secret UK military places? They blanked out USA stuff, but not any from any other countries!

  9. Well I can name drop now and say I spent my summer holidays in France with the Vice president of Google, who is in charge of everything that isn’t the main search, like blogger, maps, earth, gmail etc etc.

    Anyway he said that they were getting various calls from various governments around the world who are having their feather ruffled :-)

    Still, the UK is in such piss poor resolution compared to the US anyway. My house is a smudged pixel :-)


    25 Sep 05 at 15:28

  10. You can’t even see my house as a smudged pixel. You keep some high company Mr Ed.

  11. oh my, you must be really bored. At least I did some useful stuff with Google Earth and planned my holiday with it :) Sorry, I am being a bit mean…


    25 Sep 05 at 17:06

  12. Talk about feeling old. I saw two of Springsteen’s absolutely greatest shows in 1981(?) and in 1986(?). The q-marks stands for my embarrasingly bad memory.

    When I do stuff like your maps people tend to say “God, Elisabeth, you have too much time on your hands!”



    25 Sep 05 at 18:04

  13. Waste of time my ass! As a fellow procrastinator and music lover I see this as an admirable use of time. And maps are great to stare at too. In fact, that’s a green light for me to spend today mapping the geography of Tom Waits’ songs – he’s someone else who likes to get plenty of locations into his lyrics. Thanks for inspiring a few hours of idling!


    26 Sep 05 at 09:51

  14. I love to read your blog and like your screenshots or photographs a lot, as long as there aren’t too much of them. As I am condemned to use ISDN I have to admit that I didn’t like that load of pictures in a row. There are still ppl that can’t get dsl. Please take that into consideration.
    Thanks in advance :)


    26 Sep 05 at 22:32

  15. Martin: If I gave you the impression that I am efficient and never do any procrastination (god, that word is hard) I simply gave you the wrong impression. I love the mappie thing! It’s just nice to see someone else fiddling with stuff when you’re supposed to do something completely different. ;)

    Craig: I was incredibly happy to find this google earth program. Just one question – how can your resolution be so much better than mine?? One great thing though was that you could actually see the yellow taxi cabs on Manhattan. I mean, from space zooming in to little cars! Amazing!



    27 Sep 05 at 22:41

  16. d’oh, came back to this a bit late, and look! no hurricane in austin. Elsewhere, though, things are still pretty messed up, so we’re grateful to have escaped with only 107 degree heat. Several days in a row.


    28 Sep 05 at 19:15

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