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(Most of) the info from Wikipedia.
In 1692, the last person was hanged in the US for witchcraft.
In 1949, the Soviet Union detonates its first nuclear weapon.
In 1955, ITV goes on air.
In 1980, Iraq invades Iran.
And celebrating their birthdays today: Nick Cave, Joan Jett, Chesney Hawkes, Ronaldo, Harry bloody Kewell, cutie Billie Piper.
And me.
I’m halfway to seventy.
And still making a stupid face (for my own comedic benefit) when I break wind.

Written by Craig

September 22nd, 2005 at 12:24 pm

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  1. Happy Birthday Craig!


    22 Sep 05 at 12:30

  2. Happy Birthday!


    22 Sep 05 at 13:08

  3. Happy Birthday, may your year be a good one.

    Imagine sharing your birthday with Chesney Hawkes!

    Can you imagine what a party all you birthday people would have together. Nick, Billy, Joan and Chesney could all sing a little ditty (although quite what they would sing…) and Ronaldo and Harry could play keepy uppies!


    22 Sep 05 at 13:26

  4. Happy Birthday Craig!

    do you feel an odd connection to Chesney et al? I have the same birthday, and date, as Orlando Bloom, and so somehow I’ve taken an especial interest in his career, silly ‘eh?


    22 Sep 05 at 13:37

  5. Danke schoen all.

    CoCo: I think Harry would injure himself trying to play keepy-up. Oooh, me groin hurts…
    But it’d be nice to have the sing song.

    Cat: I don’t really. But if a famous person comes up in my dream, I tend to feel a bit closer to them, oddly.


    22 Sep 05 at 13:46

  6. Have you planned anything special to celebrate?


    22 Sep 05 at 13:57

  7. Billy will get a special long walk, I’ll go to the cinema, having a night off from the horror DVDs (Child’s Play and Hellraiser last night), and then home to watch the Yankees game. I’ll try and squeeze in some cake, too.


    22 Sep 05 at 14:05

  8. Cake is good! :)



    22 Sep 05 at 14:15

  9. craig craig craig..what happened to having faith in Harry Kewell..i’m sure we’ll see the best of him this season (yes i’ve said that for about 2 years now)


    22 Sep 05 at 14:45

  10. hello! it’s rachel, but i suppose which one it is doesn’t matter much. anyhoo maybe try to think of it as half way away from 70 instead of half way until? but you seem perhaps to already be doing that. in other news, did you make the advertisement for the zuender netzmagazin that is on diezeit.de? it sure appears that you did! i could probably find this out by sluething your site but eh. anyway, it is nice and i was happy to see it as i tried to make some kind of sense of this election thing going on.


    22 Sep 05 at 15:05

  11. Happy bday Craig! Have a good one!


    22 Sep 05 at 16:05

  12. Happy birthday. Wow, you share a birthday with Nick Cave and Joan Jet! (note just one). I’m stuck with Leonardo Dicaprio and Demi Moore.

    The witchcraft thing is pretty cool too, well in a morbid, messed up puritanical-thinking sort of way.

    I hope you have cake and see something good at the cinema.

    best wishes.


    22 Sep 05 at 16:55

  13. wow i have the same birthday as River Phoenix, Gene Kelly and Keith Moon! thats well cool. i wish i’d known that when i was at school.


    22 Sep 05 at 17:08

  14. Craig happy 35th birthday!! Looks like the Yankees gave you a little present last night and knocked the Red Sox out of 1st place. Tonight should be a good game.

    Thoroughly Amused

    22 Sep 05 at 17:29

  15. Fihu: Thank you. It is.
    Anon: Thank you. Pfff, I stuck up for him for ages, but really, sod him.
    Weez: Thank you. Hello Rachel. Nope I didn’t do it, but, I’ll be taking care of business. *cracks knuckles*
    Kitty: Thank you.
    Becki: Thank you. Perhaps they could reintroduce the witchcraft thing and invent a law that every time Rumsfeld opens his mouth it is considered witchcraft. I mean, if you look at it sideways, it is, really.
    Bryony: Thank you. Gene Kelly! That’s fab!
    TA: Thank you. Oh yes, that was a good present to wake up to.


    22 Sep 05 at 18:03

  16. That is a wonderful idea…perfect way to take out the whole admin.

    Oh, and I checked out Wikipedia for my birthday, which is the coolest of birthdays: 11/11/77. Well it would be a bit cooler if I was really old and it was 11/11/11. But I can’t complain as Ned Kelly was hung on my birthday! And, Dostoyevsky was born the same day…which leads to an interesting side note. I have a friend who grew up in the Russian town of Omsk. This was one of the “closed cities” of the Soviet Union, and also happened to be the place Dostoyevsky was exiled to. She remembers passing his house all the time. Also, one of their assignments in elementary school was to write letters to Ronald Reagan asking him to please not bomb them.

    Sorry for the digression.


    22 Sep 05 at 18:20

  17. oh no you have an imposter! the shame that must be brought to them is great.


    22 Sep 05 at 18:41

  18. It will be brought… it… will… be… brought… [insert evil laugh here]


    22 Sep 05 at 18:44

  19. you’re going to regret those words one day and wake up from nightmares of a laughing harry kewell pointing at you..just like gerard houllier wakes up every night with the images of bruno cheyrou and el hadji diouf in his head :P


    22 Sep 05 at 19:35

  20. Happy Birthday Craig!
    Many happy returns!

    Thanks for making me calculate that I am halfway to 74…
    But the “looking your bithday up in wikipedia” bit was fun – signing of the first french constitution – first performance of the canadian national anthem (?) – and “birthday sharing” with jeff beck and claude chabrol – but also german terrorist brigitte mohnhaupt – never knew all that…
    Thanks Craig! Have a nice evening!




    22 Sep 05 at 19:47

  21. Ha ha! I’m not even 25 yet! Wooo!

    Ahem. Happy birthday, is perhaps what I meant.


    22 Sep 05 at 20:58

  22. Anon: I’d love Kewell to be fantastic for LFC, but, sadly, I don’t see it happening.
    Alex: Thank you.
    Paul: No need to ha! ha!, I don’t really care that I’m old(er). I’m quite glad that I managed to grow up without computer games and 24 hour Sky TV being such a big dominant thing… Ooooh, when I were a lad it were all hula hoops etc.


    22 Sep 05 at 22:16

  23. C’mon Craig – hula hoops – I wish -we only had wooden sticks to poke around (and that was only two years before your time – amazing)!




    22 Sep 05 at 22:34

  24. Cuz he’s a jolly good fellooooooow – and so say all of us!!! Happy birthday, old man! Did you know your numerological number for this year is 2? If you want to know what fate has in store for you I can tell you, but otherwise we can just leave it at that.

    So my birtday mate is Dave McKean! My favourite artist in the Sandman chronicles, yey. I knew there was something special with that guy. All the time it was him being born on dec 29.

    May your spirits guide you this day, Craig, and good night from Stockholm. ;)



    22 Sep 05 at 23:30

  25. Birtday? That sounded German. Should have been birthhhhhday. My tired brain is closing down as is my spelling…



    22 Sep 05 at 23:32


    Hope you’ve had a lovely day, sorry for the late happy returns.

    I’ve still got a hula hoop. And a skipping rope.

    Any I share my birthday with Roy Keane, Antonio Banderas, Rosanna Arquette and a whole load of other people I’ve never heard of. Ooh, and on my birthday in 1948 Candid Camera made its television debut after being on radio for a year as Candid Microphone. WOW!

  27. Happy Birthday Craig! It’s been quite a year! Minipops and all!


    Nothing but the best!
    P.S. And I do miss Looney Toons on the telly! I love their stuff…


    23 Sep 05 at 02:30

  28. P.P.S. I share my birthday with Harry Houdini, Alyson Hannigan, and Tommy Hilfiger! Wowee!

    I do love Wikipedia!


    23 Sep 05 at 02:32

  29. Uh oh. Grandad’s talking about what things were like in the “old days”. Quick, slip him a Werther’s Original and let’s go play Grand Theft Auto.


    23 Sep 05 at 12:02

  30. You’re nearly twice my age. I need to get older (thankfully this’ll happen without much input from me).

    Happy Birthday.


    23 Sep 05 at 14:10

  31. You know the ’14 hundred and 92′ rhyme? It’s shit. All it helps you to remember is that Columbus sailed the ocean blue in a year ending in ‘2’. I had to look it up on wikipedia just to post this, because I thought it was weird that the last witch was hanged in America the year it was discovered.

    And well done for saying ‘hanged’, not ‘hung’, which is what you do with picture frames.

    And last and definitely least, happy birthday

    (I was joking about the least bit)


    23 Sep 05 at 14:24

  32. Happy Birthday Craig!!
    Have a fab one!


    23 Sep 05 at 15:02

  33. happy birthday for yesterday! hope you had a good one :) you mentioned loving the new kanye west album the other day – he did a live set for radio one which is on their site, a litle happy birthday link :)


    loulou apples

    23 Sep 05 at 17:10

  34. Happy Birthday from Hungary, Craig!


    23 Sep 05 at 17:52

  35. Happy Birthday from Hungary, Craig!


    23 Sep 05 at 17:52

  36. Well! Happy birthday!

    Simon Who Went Swimming And Who Likes Cherry Coke

    23 Sep 05 at 18:05

  37. I know I’m a day late, but…many happy returns all the same, Craig!

    Pluto was discovered and John Travolta was born on my birthday. Coincidence? I think not.


    23 Sep 05 at 18:35

  38. Happy bidet!

    Also, what do you make of the new Nintendo controller?

    Matt Sephton

    23 Sep 05 at 20:33

  39. From the sunny town of Maastricht,
    Frans wishes you “‘ne gooie verjaordaag, un gooij leefste en un gooij gezoondheid!”

    What did you wish for blowing out candles this morning???

    And was she wearing a silver or golden bikini?

    frans theunisz

    23 Sep 05 at 20:50

  40. Happy Birthday!!
    Hilary Duff and I will be turning 18 on Tuesday. You should come to our crunken party!


    23 Sep 05 at 21:51

  41. Ok, a bit late but see above. Since Frans said his Happy Birthday in the interesting Dutch language, I’ll say the same in Swedish: Ha den äran på födelsedagen, Craig!



    23 Sep 05 at 22:07

  42. *hehe* i just got the greenday minipops ad on shockwave.com. nice work!


    24 Sep 05 at 08:32

  43. What can I say?
    Thank you everybody.


    24 Sep 05 at 17:37

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