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In the occasional previously-untitled series People In My Neighbourhood Who Sing (first entry here), there’s now two new entries:

1. Last night, my upstairs neighbours had a party. They’re relative new to the building, and their predecessors had lots of loud house music thudding parties that always seemed to be announced by a notice next to the letterboxes about an hour before the parties started. The new neighbours actually came ’round and smilingly apologised in advance and offered an invite to drop by if I wanted to. Anyway, I geared up for some pillow-strapped-to-my-head-trying-to-sleep action, but in the end, it was quite gentle. Especially considering I am a bit of an old curmudgeon when it comes to parties, with a moody pout on standby as soon as I hear footfall through the ceiling. So they were listening to some nice music (Out Of Time by Blur, Be My Baby by Vanessa Paradis), then suddenly, just as I was making some toast in the kitchen, beneath their open windows, I heard some real singing. A bunch of women (and possibly a man, too) singing something old-sounding and extremely jolly and melodic. I stood by the open window, listened to it all, and saw a couple of other neighbours at their windows too. It was lovely.

2. This one freaked me out, it was like one of those TV adverts where they have someone “bad”-looking who totally flips your preconceptions. It’s 9.30 on a Sunday morning, taking Billy out for a poo. Only other people around are yawning their way to cafes for breakfast. Then, a skinhead. Tall, strong build, the big Doctor Martens, pale blue jeans with turned-up cuffs, etc. He was striding along the pavement singing the Bacharach and David song, I’ll Never Fall In Love Again. Hurrah.

Anyway, after the whole Miami thing, I’ve had a few blogging-free days. And you know what? It’s really easy to get out of the habit, and forget what to do. Especially after a few posts that were based on atypical days of my life, coming back to the normal world of neighbours and dog-walking has been a bit odd. I need to plug in my brain again and stop thinking about BeyoncĂ©’s bikini.

Written by Craig

September 4th, 2005 at 11:01 am

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  1. The singing sounds perfectly enchanting.

    The skin-head encounter seems made for you to do something creative with…

    Hey, I opened a thing on Blogger…and I am a bit dumb when it comes to technology. Is there any way to restrict access to your stuff like there is on live journal (my old and probably permanent blogging home?)

    Sorry to bother you, but no one else seems to know.


    4 Sep 05 at 15:14

  2. I love it when people do something unexpected. Like when you meet new people you can’t help but form an opinion of what they’re like and then when you find out more things about them it’s quite often surprising and makes them more interesting (or not). Hope you’re having a lovely weekend. It’s hot and sunny here, for once.

  3. p.s. nothing wrong with thinking about Beyonce’s bikini – sounds like one of those ‘never-to-be-repeated’ scenarios you’ll be thinking about FOREVAH!

  4. hmmm golden bikini….

    (damn, forgot about it….)

    Sorry Craig, won’t happen again!

    Frans Theunisz

    4 Sep 05 at 19:10

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