Flip Flop Flying


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Far be it from me to mock the hobbies of others, but whilst watching this on superhandz.com (link via Boing Boing), I couldn’t help laugh like Eric Cartman.

Written by Craig

September 28th, 2005 at 3:58 pm

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  1. I bet you’ve secretly tried it since though…

    I thought he was going to do an impression of a tarantula or something.

    Did I miss anything not having sound on my computer?!

    Underground Master Manipulators, ha ha ha! I could do that.

  2. Oh man, I came across the same thing yesterday myself while I was on boing boing and had quiet a laugh. The best one was the girl stacking the cups.

    Thoroughly Amused

    28 Sep 05 at 17:38

  3. Oh, I shouldn’t have checked to see if you updated…this is way too fun and weird and I should be working.


    28 Sep 05 at 18:39

  4. Tori – Yes, you need the music. It’s too funny to miss.


    28 Sep 05 at 19:08

  5. Ha, I saw it on BB too. Amused me and work people yesterday afternoon. Grand :D


    28 Sep 05 at 20:35

  6. Well that was scary!


    28 Sep 05 at 21:10

  7. What the hell Craig? What were you thinking?

    These were easily the worst 3 minutes of my day…

    I cried Craig, I really did.

    PS: Did you find Ben E. King’s version of Sandy??? I’ve been playing the cd ever since your post…

    Frans Theunisz

    28 Sep 05 at 22:14

  8. Hi Craig – those hands kind of freaked me out. Though, I’ve only been awake for about a half an hour and, if you don’t blink and just stare at the screen, it’s kind of hypnotic…
    This is just an excuse to post something really – I’ve been reading your blog for months – because I was watching Mtv (in Holland)yesterday and, suddenly, there were Mini-pops on my tv! I was pretty excited. I hope you actually made that for them, and they didn’t just rip you off.


    29 Sep 05 at 09:32

  9. Julie,
    Thanks. What did you exactly see on MTV? Was it an advert for Yahoo! Music? If yes, then I’m involved. If no, then, I have no idea what it is…


    29 Sep 05 at 12:37

  10. Yeah the weird dancing hand thing is good, but whats really great is the pen spinning! i have been trying unsucessfully all day now to get some of that hand action going.
    To no avail.


    29 Sep 05 at 14:11

  11. Hmm – I don’t think it was for Yahoo… I have to admit, I wasn’t paying a lot of attention until some Mini-pops caught my eye. I thought it was a ad for MTV itself and I think it might have been in Dutch. All I remember is a tiny 50 Cent. I had a look on the mtv.nl site and there’s nothing there, but I’ll keep an eye out for the ad and let you know more when I see it again. I really hope this isn’t some evil MTV scheme to steal your work!


    29 Sep 05 at 14:32

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