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Sunday Sunday

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For the past few days I’ve been thinking about what to write next, and ultimately I came up blank every day. Good thing is my procrastination has subsided a bit; been busy doing some work which you’ll see soon, maybe tomorrow in fact.
Life going on, things happening, la la la.
Oh, I’ve still got nothing to say, really…
I’ve rented plenty of DVDs over the past few days: Dawn Of The Dead (enjoyed it a lot), Scream (kinda shit, I thought), Aviator (mmmm, was that a gorgeous looking film or what?), Once Upon A Time In America (looooooong). I’m on a mission to explore the sections of the video shop that I don’t usually bother with, so if any of you can recommend good horror, westerns or asian movies, I’d be grateful. The shit thing about my local shop is that the westerns, horror, sci-fi and porn films are all in the back section; and I just know that when I come out of that section, some people are thinking, “Look at the beardy bloke with the nerdy specs and the Barbour coat, he’s so renting XXXL Boobs!”
Anything else to tell you? Not really…
Doesn’t melancholy sound like it should be a happy word? Melon: a jolly old fruit. Collie: a smiley friendly dog.
I’ll shut up now.

Written by Craig

September 18th, 2005 at 7:54 pm

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  1. hello, can’t recommend any horror films cos i can’t watch them. far too scary. i found jurassic park scary so anything that has an actual 18 certificate is a definite no go. there’s that western with cate blanchett… ‘the missing’. i don’t know if it’s any good as i haven’t actually seen it. let me know if it’s any good… otherwise, there are the old ‘classics’, but you must have seen ‘butch cassidy and the sundance kid’? why horror, westerns or asian films anyway?

  2. Asian horror(ish): Old Boy
    Asian Western: most Akira Kurosawa, especially Yojimbo
    Aisan war: loads of great Korean war films

    It’s a bit worrying I know this


    18 Sep 05 at 21:17

  3. Tori- Because those are the sections of the video shop that I tend to just ignore, but I’ve kinda exhausted the other sections and feel I should do some crop rotation of my viewing habits a bit.
    Dave- Thanks, big boy.


    18 Sep 05 at 21:21

  4. ah yes, i am a bit slow today.

  5. Too much relating to the public?


    18 Sep 05 at 21:49

  6. no, just generally slow i think…

  7. …it happens sometimes (actually quite often at the moment!)

  8. oh aye, it happens every day for me at some point


    18 Sep 05 at 21:58

  9. at least working by yourself mostly you can hide it, when i have a ‘moment’ people just look at me like i’m a bit simple

  10. why are you so melancholy anyway?

  11. Oh, that wonderful little thought of the word Melancholy! I’ll remember that when my own eternal melancholy crawl up on me… That sounded like weird English.



    18 Sep 05 at 22:46

  12. it makes me think of ‘mellon collie and the infinite sadness’ by smashing pumpkins.

  13. I liked ‘Young Guns’ when I was about 15 but I haven’t seen it since so I’m not sure if I should recommend it.
    I have also seen ‘Once upon a time in the west’ just once and also a really long time ago, but I definitely recommend that one.
    If you like sci-fi (+horror) you could watch ‘Event Horizon’. And, if you haven’t seen it, try ‘The Ring’. That was a positive surprise, it was much better than I had expected.
    Have fun!


    19 Sep 05 at 02:02

  14. Hello
    A few advices : KIKUJIRO’S SUMMER and other Takeshi Kitano movies
    THE EEL and WARM WATER UNDER A RED BRIDGE by Shohei Imamura.

    Did you see all japanese cartoons that were realised recently ? (not only miyazaki, but Cowboy Bebop and Tokyo Godfathers)

    Western : HIGH NOON is ver good


    19 Sep 05 at 08:50

  15. For Westerns I’d recommend My Darling Clementine, The Big Country and Shane.

    Dave Shelton

    19 Sep 05 at 09:07

  16. I’d recommend The Station Agent

    Matt Sephton

    19 Sep 05 at 10:54

  17. Yeah, Battle Royale is cool. I was ever so slightly confused by the ending, but it’s cool.

    Have ya seen Spirited Away? Surely you have. That’s great too: uncannily dream-like.


    19 Sep 05 at 13:59

  18. Excellent. Thanks, chaps.
    I loved The Station Agent and Spritied Away.
    The others will og on a list in my wallet for future reminding when I’m in the video shop.


    19 Sep 05 at 15:33

  19. Asian movies: To Live, The King of Masks (you’ve probably seen these as they aren’t very obscure), St. John’s Wort (Japanese horror)

    I’ve been making my way through Icelandic movies. If you don’t like slow-pacing, you probably won’t like these, but I loved Cold Fever and Noi Albinoi.

    Other movies that I have to recommend because they are my favorites are: The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928…I don’t know how they filmed what they did with the technology of the time), The Color of Paradise (great Iranian film) and I find a general re-watching of the good ol’ Woody Allen comedies (Bananas, Life & Death, Play it Again, Sam, Zelig and of course Annie Hall) to generally be good for one’s mental health.

    p.s. Whenever I post on a Sunday, I always end up using the same subject heading you did, and then I get the song stuck in my head for the rest of the day. So for a while, I made a point of using a different subject title, but it didn’t matter because it was a conscious effort and “Sunday, Sunday” was still stuck in my head.


    19 Sep 05 at 15:59

  20. I’m late on this, but er ‘Old Boy’ sure was interesting, if you’re into violent, obscure, subtitled Korean films.

    Then again, I am most definitely NOT, and I enjoyed it, so I’d say that was worth a rent.


    19 Sep 05 at 18:45

  21. Can’t be too late with comments on movies: craig can’t possibly have seen all tips yet…

    Horror / thriller: shallow grave! Love it, seen it 4 times now…

    And I can only agree with marc on the ring: great movie!

    frans theunisz

    19 Sep 05 at 19:00

  22. tori, now you’ve mentioned ‘mellon collie and the infinite sadness’, you’ve made me think of ‘Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavoured Water’. Which makes me feel a little bit melancholy and a whole lot ill. Thanks.


    19 Sep 05 at 19:39

  23. I’ve begun my renting marathon with Once Upon A Time In The West. I also got Hostage, that Bruce Willis film, which was pretty good.

    Becki: Yes, the Woody Allen section at the shop has been plundered many times, and the good thing is there alwways seems to be films that I’ve still not seen by him.

    Dave: Oh yes, an ugly bit of imagery, that.


    20 Sep 05 at 12:12

  24. Sorry Dave.

    And everyone else who is now didsturbed.

  25. craig, randomly my friend got ‘the missing’ out on DVD last night. i’m not going to recommend it to you. it’s ok, but i’m just not recommending it!

  26. I’ve noticed that my video shop’s horror section has alopecia, not really covering all the bases very well. But I watched Friday The 13th and Night Of The Living Dead last night and, well, I wasn’t scared at all…
    I want a horror film that scares the shit out of me!


    21 Sep 05 at 12:43

  27. Craig, dude, go for surreal and colourful and mad and rent some Fellini or Buñuel! The former’s Roma or La Dolce Vita or I Vitelloni and the latter’s The Milky Way, Belle De Jour, The Discreet Charm Of The Bourgeoisie… they’re all pretty funny and silly…

    Mr Sneeze

    21 Sep 05 at 13:41

  28. are you going to watch that new film that’s out at the moment – ‘wolf creek’. or at least i think that’s what it’s called. apparently it’s REALLY scary. but i wouldn’t know, cos i can’t take scary films so there is no way i would ever go and watch it. if i see a scary i have to wear a hoodie the wrong way round in case i need to block eyes and ears…

  29. Mr Sneeze: That’s a good point… I do need to do some classics.
    Tori: I heard about that on the Mark Kermode podcast, sounds fabbo!


    21 Sep 05 at 16:45

  30. So what’s ‘XXXL Boobs’ like?


    22 Sep 05 at 18:03

  31. Brilliant!


    22 Sep 05 at 18:05

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