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My life is collapsing in on itself. The pink areas on the above photo show where I’ve been this week. I’ve covered, what, roughly a square kilometre..? I am becoming a hermit with ever decreasing spheres of living. Billy’s away visiting his grandparents this week, so there’s not even a reason to go the park.

Work, listening to football on the Internet, watching baseball on the Internet, work, some South Park, some Curb Your Enthusiasm, cigarettes, coffee, sleeping from 6am to 12pm. That is my week.

Well, that was my week until yesterday when I woke up with a pain in my right ear. That damn ear infection is back. It hurts and there’s a constant sound like when you pinch the end of a balloon to let the air out slowly. Trip to see the doctor, he had a good root around and prescribed some ear drops. Then I woke up this morning with a pain in my right eye. A trip to a different doctor. Now I’ve got pupils the size of the Arctic Circle due to all the eye drops. It’s like the right side of my head is useless. Blurry hearing, blurry vision.

Plus the side effect of having these chemicals in my ear nose and throat area is the constant chemical taste in my mouth. It’s yucky, mum! I want some milkshake and a Beano!

It’s all affected my memory too. I absolutely didn’t know if I’d shut the door to my flat on the way out. Could not remember. Had to re-climb the stairs to double check. Same thing happened at the doctors when I used the toilet. Did I flush it and put the seat down or not? I’m not sure.

Anyway, enough of my self-pity. Here’s a photo of the air freshener in said toilet that looks like it should be a spook from Ghostbusters or something.

Written by Craig

September 30th, 2005 at 4:04 pm

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  1. You take pictures in some very unusual places Craig!


    30 Sep 05 at 16:17

  2. My camera is smaller than a cigarette packet, so I often have it in my trouser pocket. Actually, I was urinating at the exact same time as taking the photo. Yummy, huh?


    30 Sep 05 at 16:26

  3. hey, if you look on the far left of the route, at the end of the street you didn’t go down, there’s a big stadium. I bet you never even noticed. Maybe something’s happening (t)here and you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr Robinson?

    I miss asking my mum for comics from the shops when I was ill. Even when I was a bit too old for it, I asked her to get me Depeche Mode’s ‘Stripped’ on 12″, and made sure she knew what the difference was.


    30 Sep 05 at 16:30

  4. Davey, I saw Germany v Holland women’s football match there once. Billy and I walk around the the park that brders the stadium. I’ve also seen Madonna live at the basketball arena just north of the stadium.


    30 Sep 05 at 16:35

  5. Do you have friends in Berlin?


    30 Sep 05 at 17:47

  6. Billy.


    30 Sep 05 at 18:02

  7. That is a quite fantastic photo Craig. The framing, the tones, it’s genius.
    I tried to listen to my mobile phone messages while urinating at the same time. Dropped the phone in the lav and destroyed it. There’s a lesson for you.

    Ian Mac

    30 Sep 05 at 18:49

  8. tee hee. you should just concentrate on one thing ian mac.

    i hope ear-y eye stuff gets better soon craig. i’d send you a ‘get better soon’ box, but you’d probably be better by the time it got there.

    why is billy away? our dogs don’t go on holidays.

  9. Again?! Didn’t you get checked inside out just a few months ago? X-rayed and all? Sounds like tinnitus to me but I guess you know better. Poor poor Craig.

    Talking about moms and sickness; I always shouted “Moooooom!!!!” from the top of my lungs when I was a sick teenager but all I got was an irritated “If you want something you come down here! I can’t hear a word you say!”. That didn’t stop me from crying out “But moooooooooooooom!!!!” though… ;)



    30 Sep 05 at 23:03

  10. I recently bought some Buster comic annuals on Ebay to cheer myself up through a patch of illness. I got a 1964 annual which made my day! A highly recommended bit of nostalgia gathering.

    That toilet freshener looks like the napster logo.

    Simon John Parkin

    1 Oct 05 at 10:49

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