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Valley Of The Cnuties

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New stuff online today. I’ve been asked to make a series of eight animations for submarinechannel.com, a lovely Dutch online thingy; a, ahem, “platform for cross-media productions.”
It’s called Valley Of The Cnuties, and the first two episodes are online. Basically, it’s a story of some creatures finding a new home. There’s more of a concept behind it, like, but I don’t need to spell it out for you. Hope you like.

Written by Craig

September 19th, 2005 at 1:57 pm

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  1. Real cuuuuties, you cnuties!
    Love them.


    19 Sep 05 at 14:42

  2. I like it. (:

    For a moment, episodes three and four were online and I could watch them, is it supposed to be like this?


    19 Sep 05 at 14:43

  3. what can i say about your animations? From the music to the in time deck dancing from the Cnuties right through to the dancing inthe sky in episode two ….utterly brilliant. I smiled all the way through each episode.
    Not to gush too much but I keep being bowled over with each installment of your work.
    Excellent, and a devout Red too….can it get much better?

    Lee Jenkins

    19 Sep 05 at 14:44

  4. I really, really like it – its lovely. Nice colours too!


    19 Sep 05 at 15:21

  5. Favorite parts of Episode One: (I mean besides all of it) brilliant song, the opening has that classic newsreel feel of a new cruise ship off on its virgin voyage, I love their hats when first on the deck, I love the way you incorporate things like flotation devices into the choreography, the cnutie with the Abe Lincoln hat playing the banjo, the color shift as they head into the setting sun, the sepia tone of the finish.

    Episode Two: Again, brilliant song. Love the smokey shadow created by the fire and how it bounces off the cnuties, the fact that the center cnutie is roasting a hot dog (is that homage to NY?), the daydream sequence is genius and very touching as though the stars come together to create portray his longing and I love the design of the mountain.

    Overall comment. The frame for the videos is great! All the clues to adventures to be had! I love the sort of Western motif (movie-watching influence?) The browns go nicely with the sort of sepia-tone fade out which makes the saga truly feel like a great , old-fashioned adventure into the unknown.

    I can’t wait until there are more for our viewing enjoyment.


    19 Sep 05 at 16:16

  6. The cnuties kick ass. Favorite part was definitely the guy rockin’ out on the banjo. What song is that in the first episode?

    Thoroughly Amused

    19 Sep 05 at 17:51

  7. Hey! Done procrastinating, are you? Amazing! Best 5 minutes of my day on-call so far!

    Keep going!

    But no wonder you are not getting things done on flipflopflyin’ – you do so many things “outside” your old playground now! (Like conquering the world…)




    19 Sep 05 at 19:29

  8. oh oh oh… they were the cutiest creatures. Did you make the story yourself? Brilliant. Tried to see the second one, but it wasn’t doable.



    19 Sep 05 at 20:01

  9. Just saw no 2 and it was truly… sweeet :)
    Just a quick question – do you mix photoshop with flash? I mean, you can’t pixelate in flash. I’m a little confused here.



    19 Sep 05 at 21:14

  10. Sure you can pixelate in Flash, Elisabeth (sure of it 85%)…I would imagine it would be a long and difficult process.

    And look how procrastinating paid off for Craig! The episodes are absolutely delightful! Makes me think of Looney Tunes.


    19 Sep 05 at 21:27

  11. Please imagine me as a Hungarian who fled to Hollywood as a child in the arms of his mother accepting his Oscar in a rather fetching silk emerald-coloured suit when I say, Thank you, my darlinks!
    It’s nice to know you like these, cos you wouldn’t believe how much trouble I had convincing myself that they were any good. Oh my, I sat here for hours hating my monitor for displaying such shite. But, with a colder, less emotional eye, I can see they’re okay.

    So, once again, thanks for your kind comments. I appreciate them.

    Anyway, answers to specifics:
    Marc: No, it wasn’t supposed to be like that. You get to see them later…
    Lee: Yep, Roy Keane could’ve broke both his feet.
    Becki: Wow, nice essay. Thanks! Just a quick correction, it’s more a Slash-out-of-Guns-N-Roses hat than Abe Lincoln.
    Thoroughly Amused: It’s Pleasure Cruise by George Formby.
    Elisabeth: Yep, I made the story up out of my brain, too. And I draw everything in Photoshop, thenn import it to Flash for the animating. A slightly tedious process…
    Lisa: You’re my new best friend if that reminds you of the amazing Looney Tunes stuff!

    So, yeh, the third and fourth episodes will be online some point soon, not sure exactly. Currently in the middle of making the fifth one, so we’ll see how that goes.


    19 Sep 05 at 22:01

  12. Hey Craig!

    My wife and I were wondering if you do those commercials for Yahoo? You know, the ones with the bands playing, etc. If not, that’s cool, but they look like your minipops, and I smell injustice in the air. Oh wait. Perhaps that’s apple crumb!



    19 Sep 05 at 22:15

  13. Sam, yes. I did them.
    Mmmm, apple crumble…


    19 Sep 05 at 22:36

  14. Hi craig!

    I bought your mini-pops book a few days ago and it just came this afternoon by post. It’s lovely!

    i’ll send you some kind of vain picture of me holding it when i can.

    – Andrew


    19 Sep 05 at 23:03

  15. Ugg, it is Slash…I just want to turn everything into Abe Lincoln lately. Oh, and I don’t mean ugg in a bad way, it is much funnier as a slash hat as it’s a far more interesting contrast to the banjo. Hope you were serious about not minding the long feedback…when I like something I tend to go into specifics.

    I’m glad we were able to bolster your opinion of your work a bit.


    20 Sep 05 at 00:05

  16. Yeh, I was serious. It’s nice to know people see things I didn’t think of.
    The hot dog isn’t an NY thing, cos I did this animation before going to New York. It’s only really there just to make the bottom half of the screen a tiny bit more interesting to look at.
    The frame is more influenced by Communist posters than Westerns, I think. That whole thing of different professions being somehow noble.
    And what you see as sepia is proof that I could improve my drawing: it’s meant to be like a relief cut into wood.


    20 Sep 05 at 00:26

  17. I’ll have to look at them again, because there is a very good chance I’m seeing sepia, or the suggestion of it, because I tend to like sepia tones.

    Ooh, I didn’t catch on to the Communist Poster influence, but in retrosprect I completely see it. When I first looked at the frame I immediately thought of this interview I read where Mark Ryden explained how all his frames are handmade in Thailand and are these unbelievable woodcuts that seem impossibly ornate (much like the paintings) so there was definitely an instinctive wood cut reaction. I think a lot may have had to do with me reading your Sunday, Sunday post before this and thinking that was influencing the episodes more than it is. I’d be reluctant to change them…the colors and drawings are really good as they are.


    20 Sep 05 at 00:55

  18. Lisa: Pixels in Flash was new to me. Teach me! :)

    Craig: The bondfire movie is sooo romantic you just sit sighing watching it.

    Anyway, for u all: I just downloaded “NASA-symphony of the planets”. Does it get any spookier and more beautiful? Just sounds from space, winds, planets’ magnetosphere and stuff I don’t understand. It’s hypnotizing. I’m trying to work here but… and now I’m stuck listening to the estranged sounds…



    20 Sep 05 at 10:47

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