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I had a ticket to see Wilco in London way back in 1997. Then, a few days before, my step father died and I went home and missed the concert. Since then, for one reason or another I’ve always been otherwise engaged with uncancel-able things whenever they’ve played. And since then again, they’ve release what is my favourite album of the decade so far, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

So, of course, like a total dick, I completely forgot about buying a ticket for last night’s Berlin show until three days ago.
Needn’t have worried, though, cos I got a ticket, and as it happens, it didn’t seem to be sold out anyway. If you know Berlin, it was at Postbahnhof. If not, then, pfff, the venue holds maybe 800-1000 people. I saw The Arcade Fire there earlier this year and it was rammed, but last night was nicely filled: room to move, but not sparse.

Long time readers of Flip Flop Flying will know that I like to complain about things at concerts, but last night was spot on.
I arrived, got a beer, wandered into the main room and ended up right down the front on the side. Really good view (I could see the shoes of the band), no tall people in front of me. Hurrah. And within ten minutes, the band were on.

And they were magnificent. A big chunk of songs off A Ghost Is Born (Spiders was utterly fantastic) and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and a smattering of songs off other releases. Played for nigh on two hours, encores (something I tend to dislike normally) were played and deserved due to the crowd’s massive amount of come-back-on-you-Wilcos type noise, and it was all over by a very respectable 10pm, and I was home in time to catch the miserable bottom of the 9th of the Red Sox/Yankees game.

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September 11th, 2005 at 12:05 pm

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  1. Don’t worry babe – the yankee scum will win tonight no doubt.

    elizabeth x


    11 Sep 05 at 12:17

  2. Nice pics. this is probably a dumb question, but have you seen the Wilco documentary?


    11 Sep 05 at 15:57

  3. It made me like them even more…


    11 Sep 05 at 16:09

  4. funny, most people I know that have seen it have the exact opposite reaction. I have to plead guilty to actually not having seen it.


    11 Sep 05 at 17:50

  5. Is it really bad that I’ve never actually heard of Wilco?

  6. For some reason, I’ve always missed them when they’ve played in London. Scandalous, really, ‘cos normally I’m obsessive about getting tickets for things. I would love to hear Spiders played live. (The recorded version has a very dodgy edit when the first section of the big riff comes in, have you noticed?)
    Glad you had a good experience, though. No tall people! Maybe it’s only us sensitive shorties who appreciate music like Wilco.

    Ian Mac

    12 Sep 05 at 12:32

  7. Yes, Tori, that is really bad. You’re missing a lot.


    12 Sep 05 at 12:49

  8. Anonymous is right, Tori.


    12 Sep 05 at 13:24

  9. well, what kind of music is it? if there’s one song that sums them up, what is it? I’ll download it this afternoon…

  10. Oooh, subjective…
    Erm, if I was to direct you to one song it’d probably be I Am Trying To Break Your Heart.
    It’s not the most user-friendly song (and it’s not too out there, either), but I think it’s a good indication of what you’d get from a Wilco record. Melodic and sonically interesting. And if you dig it, you’ll like the whole Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album
    Please report back, Tori.


    12 Sep 05 at 14:20

  11. Ooh, I like it. It is interesting. The singing guy sounds like it takes him a little while to warm to the song. About halfway through. He sounds a bit tired, or like he’s been smoking too many cigarettes. It’s good though. Thanks!

  12. Hurrah!
    The rest of that album is wonderful too.


    12 Sep 05 at 14:52

  13. Oh come on now, the baseball game had a great ending.

    Thoroughly Amused

    12 Sep 05 at 17:38

  14. they are good… I saw them in Berkeley opening for Sheryl Crow about 7 years ago… they were awesome, Michael Penn was singing with them (does he still?) and Mr. Sean Penn himself was sitting just to the left as I walked in…

    like your blog!


    16 Sep 05 at 03:52

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