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I wonder how many people called Katrina live(d) in New Orleans and the surrounding area. Must be kinda unfortunate to have that name, there, now.
I always feel a bit sorry for people who have a namesake that suddenly becomes famous. Imagine, you’re living your normal life, then suddenly, bang!, there’s another David Beckham who’s way more famous than you are. You get stopped by the police: “What’s your name, sonny?” “David Beckham” “Right, lippy, you’re coming down the Nick!”
Etc. with every famous namesake ever.
I do notice there’s a Craig Robinson who’s a comedian (he was in Friends once and the American version of The Office). No bad feelings or owt, but I do hope his career doesn’t take off.

Anyway, I’ve avoided talking much about what’s happened after Katrina. What to say, really?
We all feel the same about it more or less, don’t we?
I feel guilty about grumbling about not being able to land in Miami and having to spend one night in a hotel in Orlando due to the hurricane, especially now we’re hearing more and more about what conditions are like in the Superdome, and hearing more about the extent of damage. On the BBC earlier, I heard that the affected area is about the size of the UK. Good God! That is insane. Impossible to imagine something that big.

But it seems like not only is it the size of a nation, Mr Bush seems to think it is a foreign nation down there. Why else would he be dragging Condoleezza Rice down there for a photo opportunity, oops, I mean to assess the damage? Nothing to do with the feelings that Kanye West expressed, then…
And why take the defence secretary, too? Maybe just checking that the natives aren’t planning any military action against the US…

It certainly seems obscene that, at the drop of a hat, Bush can find a gazillion dollars to fund his evil schemes, but when it comes to helping the poor in his own country, he doesn’t seem to be able to find his chequebook so quick. And to think, there are still some people out there that think the US government’s interests in other nations’ affairs is purely out of the good of their hearts, (I’m not just US-bashing here. I like the USA. As you may have read a lot lately on this blog. And I’m pretty sure the UK’s government is doing it’s darnedest to be as bastardly as the US’s), doesn’t this just prove they don’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves? Hmmm, Halliburton getting the contract to clean up after Katrina? Interesting…

This dribble of money that a government is willing to stump up is always put into perspective after things like this, and the tsunami last year, when you see how many normal people are donating money… when they’ve already donated it many times over by paying their fucking taxes!

Oh, I dunno, it’s all so depressing that the people who run the world don’t really bother that hard to cover up their intentions and priorities these days. And we still let them do it…

(Sorry, I’m not very good at expressing myself in matters like this. I can’t really find anything to say that’s probably not been said on a million other websites already. Gimme a singing skinhead or ill-mannered coffee shop owner, though, and I’m dynamite, baby! Back to that kinda crap in the next post I suspect…)

Written by Craig

September 4th, 2005 at 4:45 pm

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  1. Yeah, I’ve been reading Baghdad Burning…a blog you’ve probably heard about. Except, I went out and bought the printed version…it is a must read…I can’t even begin to make sense of Katrina…the idea that New Orleans is gone or may cease to exist? That city is a cultural and architectural gem in the US, and now it’s underwater…? I can only take it in at that sort of level at this point, thinking about how once again the socioeconomic prejudices of this country have devastated and outright destroyed and ended the lives of how many is too much for me to grasp right now. I want to do something, and writing a check seems to trite, but it is probably the most I can do. Maybe find clothes, blankets, canned goods, bottled water to donate to aid workers going into the region. It’s like the tsunami all over again, just incomprehensible tragedy. I did get really pissed off when I saw an article on CNN.com about how Katrina is affecting celebrities. I’m sorry, but at least they have to funds to rebuild…I’m sure they’ve lost precious valuables (true valuables like family photos and the like), but it is the poor that should be making the headlines.

    As to the first part of your post, my husband, or soon to be ex-husband (feels weird writing that) is named Bill Elliott. As a kid he went by Billy, and some people still call him that. I guess, besides the obvious one that is the movie, there is also a famous race car driver named Bill Elliott.


    4 Sep 05 at 17:35

  2. I’m really sorry to see that every negative opinion I had about America came true these last few days. I’m not saying I hate America, nor that I don’t feel for the people that have lost so much. But for the best, most advanced and strongest country on earth to fail entirely on its people… I hope it will change America’s opinion on Bush, I hope it will change America…

    Frans Theunisz

    4 Sep 05 at 19:06

  3. So so sad. I read an article today that was saying that so many people had warned that if there ever was a category four or five hurricane then the levees or sea defences would not be strong enough and they needed repairing and strengthening, but nothing was done and budgets were actually cut for that area.

    Singing skinheads and ill-mannered coffee shop owners are good, cos if you start on the serious stuff there’s just too much to talk about and then it gets depressing!


    4 Sep 05 at 19:18

  4. It may sound silly but I do appreciate your words today. I was gonna say something about these Beyoncé-bikini-girls in rooms full of fully clothed boys and how sad that is, be it young females or any female flashed flesh, when you were all struck by their golden features and all, but now we’re levelling again. I think Bush is a scary laugh and dangerous to the world. Katrina truly brought out the ugly truth about him, which I hope his own homies are able to see too. Which I doubt.

    Someone somewhere said “Be thankful for the big problems, otherwise the small ones take over”. Or was it the other way around…?


    4 Sep 05 at 22:33

  5. Ouch, Craig.

    To everyone: I’m so sorry that Bush is my President. I wished we could have had someone else. Then maybe the government wouldn’t be so screwed up.



    5 Sep 05 at 07:15

  6. no need to be sorry. You are doing just fine. Like you said everything has been said a thousand times.


    5 Sep 05 at 09:28

  7. I think that this disaster has shown the American public that their government doesnt always have their best interests at heart. It is interesting to see how Bush is reacting to this, he can’t blame it on terrorists and appeal to the publics humanity. The administration seems to be going round in circles first saying that their releif effort is working and then the next day saying its not enough and that they are sorry. As the govenor of Louisiana said on US news as he broke down “I’m sick of these press conferences….shut up and send us someone!”

    On a lighter note RE the famous namesake thing. When el-Nino (havent got the funny accent on my comp) was ravaging the US coast with freak weather there were incidents of US citizens going through the phone book and calling 1 man who was unfortunately called “Al-Nino” and blaming him for ruined crops, low fish stocks and flooding….Only in America!


    5 Sep 05 at 09:41

  8. Has anyone heard of the John Titor story? A friend of mine told me about him the other day and that the New Orleans floods seem to fit in pretty well with his story. Look him up on google if you haven’t heard of it. It may be total rubbish, but I guess it depends what you believe in. Makes for good reading anyway, and rather interesting…


    5 Sep 05 at 14:10

  9. That John Titor thing reminds me of the main character in Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut.


    5 Sep 05 at 14:58

  10. The only people I feel sorry for down there are the ones that didn’t vote for Bush. To the ones that did, I hope your happy with your president.

    Thoroughly Amused

    6 Sep 05 at 17:20

  11. Some of the refugees (though that word seems funny) from New Orleans are living in an abandoned high school right across from my house in Portland, Oregon. I was thinking of doing something nice for them. Any ideas?

    Michael Johnson

    8 Sep 05 at 05:21

  12. Hi. I know exactly what you mean about how depressing it is when you see so much evidence about how those who have power abuse the hell out of it. Our systems of (pseudo)democratic government seem to reinforce the behaviour that leads to those in the political system losing whatever ideals they may have had in order to be successful within the system.

    I’m in Australia and work in mental health and the management of our public health system is completely corrupt. I’m having every “yes Minister’ farce confirmed as the months go by.

    Back to something less frustrating… Did you ever see a doco called “Alain Berliner” or something like that. The guy decides to track down every person he can find who shares a name with him and has them over for a dinner party.


    8 Sep 05 at 12:09

  13. Michael – I’m sure you’ve thought of practical things, but what about clubbing together with your mates and hiring a puppet show or something so the parents have a bit of relief from having to look after their kids all the time…

    Helen – it makes me so angry sometimes. The. Only. Thing. A. Government. Has. To. Do. Is. Look. After. Its. People.
    How difficult is that for them to understand?


    8 Sep 05 at 12:40

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