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A Doggy Western

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You know what Billy and I get up to when we’ve got nowt else to do? We make silly films. Like this one, a Western called Once Upon A Time In The Spare Room.

Written by Craig

October 11th, 2005 at 8:46 pm

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26 Responses to 'A Doggy Western'

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  1. nice zippo


    11 Oct 05 at 21:14

  2. Genius. If you were a famous sportsman, that would be prime Question of Sport Material. Sadly I’ve not yet come across A Question of Minipops.


    11 Oct 05 at 22:01

  3. HAHAHA!!!!! This is great Craig! (sorry Billy, you are great too!)

    Those hours and hours of western watching finally had their effect!

    The suspense… The Man… The Dog… The spare room…

    The spare room? What the hell Craig; get yourselves together and use it: minipop-wonderland-adventurepark, scaletrix-race-set-24hours-contest-room, snooker-room.

    My god, I wouldn’t sleep until I had filled that room!

    frans theunisz

    11 Oct 05 at 22:13

  4. ace film craig. I remember when I had a beard like that. Mind you mine got out of control and I became somewhat of a Charlie Manson looky-likey.
    btw whats that font at the beginning? is it atomic media’s circa
    god I love that font but $39! eesh…me too poor

    Lee Jenkins

    11 Oct 05 at 22:51

  5. Thank you Franz. Yes, I was great. And that doggy snack was mmm-mmm-mmm tasty!


    11 Oct 05 at 22:56

  6. Ed – Blimey, there’s something I’d forgotten about.
    Franz – Well, it’s currently working hard as my own personal echo chamber, so it’s not really ‘spare’.
    Lee – The font is Rosewood and it was on my PowerBook when I bought it, I think…


    11 Oct 05 at 22:58

  7. rosewood huh! Why wasnt on my eMac when i got that? Drat!

    *goes off to look for it

    Lee Jenkins

    11 Oct 05 at 23:09

  8. Ha ha! At last I have been able to see one of your little films. Very good! Billy is so cute.

    Ed, definitely agree about Question of Sport! I’m quite good at that bit, randomly.

  9. Ooh, also just watched your video of FFF does New York cos I couldn’t see it before. I want to go to New York.

  10. how long would billy’s ears be it you shaved the hair off? is it all just hair and there are just little holes at the top?


    12 Oct 05 at 13:39

  11. Sweet, we kinda know what you look like now. Liked the movie too, nice choice of music.

    Thoroughly Amused

    12 Oct 05 at 17:19

  12. Bryony – the hair extends about an inch longer than the ear.


    12 Oct 05 at 17:26

  13. Great! So, when’s the feature-length, Hollywood blockbuster film coming out?

    Here’s a film of my dog Juju: http://www.beesnthings.co.uk/jujudoeshenfieldbig.mpg
    …totally inspired by Billy’s films!

    Simon John Parkin

    12 Oct 05 at 18:10

  14. How does he hear? don’t the ears cover the ear-holes completely?


    13 Oct 05 at 09:44

  15. Great little movie! Congratulations! One example that not only the content of a film is important but also the music makes a film. I really have to laugh!

    FoX Words

    13 Oct 05 at 19:22

  16. Bryony – He’s fine with hearing, what you can’t see is that his ear holes are very close to the front of the ear flap.

    Fox – I’ll pass on your compliments to Ennio Morricone should I ever bump into him!


    13 Oct 05 at 19:56

  17. great! do this.

    FoX Words

    13 Oct 05 at 22:24

  18. Craig – have we lost you? I miss your words and wits. A lot.



    18 Oct 05 at 13:21

  19. hellooooooooooo? Craig?


    19 Oct 05 at 18:42

  20. Tap tap on the screen… anyone there? *glances here and there*




    19 Oct 05 at 23:30

  21. Yeh, what am I supposed to do whilst sitting at my desk, actual work?!

  22. Seconded. We need another emulational high powered nicety from you.


    20 Oct 05 at 12:34

  23. Oi, what are you playing at?! get back on here with more tales from Berlin!


    20 Oct 05 at 13:19

  24. Ok, seriously Flipflopflying-boy, can we do anything for you? Can we help you in any way?

    ‘Cos I’m afraid you’re stuck with us. Your cyber-friends and fans. ;)



    20 Oct 05 at 20:01

  25. :)


    23 Oct 05 at 01:02

  26. Craig, now that you’ve given up smoking, can I have your Zippo? Mine always get nicked.


    27 Oct 05 at 12:34

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