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Bubble Boy

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Been living in a bubble this week.

I’m full of bird flu fears, wondering if I should stock up on bottled water and canned goods… yes, that’s paranoia, folks. I’m thinking maybe I can create a harness that I can dangle out of the window so Billy can go toilet in mid-air.

At the same time I’m trying to enjoy the death throes of autumn, as winter seems to be trying hard to grab Berlin by the nuts.

Watching films is good (from the video shop I’d recommend the truly great Peter Sellers film Being There, and the chuckles-filled Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle; in the cinema, Dear Wendy, and if you can stand the annoying stoned students snorting with laughter at any old vaguely amusing visual gag, the new Wallace & Gromit film).

But this here bubble I’m in, it’s been a smoke-free bubble for a couple of days. My 3452367th attempt at quitting smoking fags is nearly 48 hours old. Quite frankly, the mood swings mean I want to kill you all; and were you to tempt me with a cigarette, I’d kill your children too. Grrr. Of course, that’s just the cold turkey talking…

Written by Craig

October 21st, 2005 at 2:06 pm

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  1. I pledge £10 or euro equivalent, which i will give you, should i come to berlin, if you give up. There, an offer…..


    21 Oct 05 at 14:39

  2. First congrats on your 3452367th show of will power (although there seems a suggestion of a tendency of it to fade fast…at least when it comes to a fag).

    Second: Are you a bird? Or a bird lover? Or what else should be the reason to be in panic? The bird flu has not changed species yet (apart from a few Asians that have been bathing in bird poo while cleaning out large chicken farm units – and they have not been abel to pass it on to any other human) – So mainly it’s still “just” a bird disease – you’d have to be shit scared if you’d be a chicken farmer – but your room didn’t look like you had a chicken farm in your “spare” room.
    If the flu will change species it will almost certainly do so in Asia, where it is highly prevalent and where people tent to live much closer to their live stock than in Europe. So in the end (if it comes) the disease will come by plane – not by bird. I admit: then it may be time to panic (although probably not if you are a healthy young chap that does not smoke).

    Good to have you back!



    21 Oct 05 at 15:02

  3. Been there, done that, was chased in my dreams by fags on legs. For one year. Then went back to smoking. Sorry, no encouragement from me, though I hope you make it!




    21 Oct 05 at 15:32

  4. Just think, if you give up smoking you will no longer be giving money to massive capitalist conglomerates! (oh and your lungs will be nice and clean!)

    I’ve just come back from holiday so I am in a bad mood bubble too!

    Welcome back.


    21 Oct 05 at 16:50

  5. MMMMMMMM smoking i love eet!
    but i don’t miss it when i am at home, i only smoke when i am in Leeds. I know, that probably means i only do it to look cool. Which is the best reason to!

    nice to see you back Craig!
    We missed you there.


    21 Oct 05 at 17:15

  6. Being There really is a great film. Although What’s it REALLY all about? eh? I don’t know.

    Simon Who Went Swimming And Who Likes Cherry Coke

    21 Oct 05 at 17:53

  7. I have a suggestion; Let’s make a bird-flu-free cyber nest. Where it just cannot reach us. I leave the fancy technique to someone else but I think it’s a great idea.
    In Sweden they call in a pandemi, i e a world wide epidemy. I get pictures in my head. Like a black and white pantomime-person or a fluffy panda spreading a deadly virus.



    21 Oct 05 at 22:17

  8. Hmm… just wanted to check if I can log in as “other”…


    21 Oct 05 at 22:22

  9. Well smoking is infinitely more likely to kill you than bird flu. Remember that when you get tempted.


    21 Oct 05 at 22:56

  10. So I guess A.H.’s “The Birds” isn’t a good suggestion…

    I think this is the moment to use the spare room Craig!

    frans theunisz

    22 Oct 05 at 11:38

  11. Too true Benji. Good luck with the giving up. I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life and it’s great!

  12. Sorry, didn’t mean that to sound as smug as it probably did. Hope you do it. You’re saving Billy too – think of that.

  13. A friend of mine just gave up snuff (a Swedish tobacco thing you put under your lip instead of smoking) and she snaps at everything that moves. I know it’s temporary but just so you know – I know what your friends are going through! ;)


    22 Oct 05 at 21:09

  14. I gave up smoking three years ago thinking it was the bravest thing I could do. I used patches and drank lots of water, got a bit grumpy and put on weight. But ultimately I got over it, and now I couldn’t even envisage having a cigarette, I just don’t think about it (except occasionally with booze).
    And i got a lot more sporty, lost the extra fat and feel great most of the time.
    Keep going, it’s worth it!



    24 Oct 05 at 12:54

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