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In a good mood

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After a frustrating early morning watching the Yankees lose and only having a few hours sleep, I woke up feeling inexplicably good. And, surprisingly, considering I’ve had a day where I’ve been running around doing chores, that good mood has continued. I’m going to give the credit to Scott Walker. I woke up with his sumptuous song The World’s Strongest Man as my Ohrwurm. Aaaah, what a song. It’s like being wrapped in a warm blanket and being fed Belgian white chocolate truffles by [insert name of your fantasy foxy person here].

Even being in the launderette didn’t dull my mood. Mainly for two reasons.
Firstly, there were four people in there including me. Of those people in a German waschsalon, three of us were reading the British newspaper The Guardian. That made me smile.
And whilst reading said newspaper, I noticed that the manager of the English football club Bolton Wanderers, Sam Allardyce, not only looks a bit like Meat Loaf, but also … flick flick flick towards the front of the newspaper … he looks like Tom Cruise in this deeply unflattering photo.

La de da… now, gotta go to Kaiser’s, the supermarket equivalent of shaving with a cheese grater covered in dog poo; let’s see if the good mood can battle its way through that.

Written by Craig

October 8th, 2005 at 5:53 pm

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  1. Ugg! Scott Walker is the name of the evil County Executive of Milwaukee!

    Don’t get lost in the supermarket.

    Sorry. I know.


    8 Oct 05 at 18:42

  2. That’s an alarming similarity. When I first clicked the ‘ol shortcut to your blog I though “Huh, meatloaf looks a bit like Tom CRuise”. Ho hum.

    Bizarrely, one of my earliest memories is off being accosted, in german, by a large bearded man during a holiday when I was 3. I was eyeing up some Crayolas too much I think. I ran out crying.

    I hope the same didn’t happen to you today.


    8 Oct 05 at 19:30

  3. look at the size of Tom Cr.’s chin… geez, never noticed that.
    Once dropped 1,5 liters of “multivitamin” juice on the floor of a Kaiser’s. Never saw a woman that angry again. Have a nice weekend!

    frans theunisz

    8 Oct 05 at 20:00

  4. I failed to point out this accostation took place is Kaiser’s, which was actually the point of the anecdote-ette, rather than me being a bit random.

    Happy Days.


    8 Oct 05 at 21:14

  5. please we need a minipop of Belle and Sebastian (http://www.belleandsebastian.uk)

    i didn’t found them!



    8 Oct 05 at 21:25

  6. please we need a minipop of Belle and Sebastian (http://www.belleandsebastian.uk)

    i didn’t found them!



    8 Oct 05 at 21:25

  7. Yippee for good moods. I’m in a good mood today too because the sun is shining. And I’ve been for a walk by the sea. Hope you survived Kaiser’s. It sounds… interesting. Oh, and that photo of Tom Cruise is dodgy! He’s looking dodgier by the day, and even disturbs me slightly now.

  8. yes it’s hard to believe the cute guy from Cocktail and Top Gun has turned into a weirdo. What has happened to him lately? i think that Scientology must have something to do with it!


    10 Oct 05 at 10:03

  9. funny that cos I’m in a rubbish mood. It may be because I haven’t got my Scott Walker CDs on iTunes


    10 Oct 05 at 20:32

  10. Hey, least it’s going to a game five. Now least just hope the Yankees can do it one more time.

    Thoroughly Amused

    10 Oct 05 at 21:01

  11. Something has been worrying me since reading about your unfortunate dog poo incident.

    I’m hoping that you werent wearing your special personally designed Nike trainers???

    But then, I’m thinking I can’t remember you mentioning that you have received them???

    I expect there are a lot of others worrying about this on your behalf!!

    And now I’ve popped my blogging cherry!!

    Thanks for being a part of it!


    11 Oct 05 at 10:48

  12. Tom Cruise looks like a Bo’Selecta version of himself in that photo, but without having a big plastic Bo’Selecta face on :/ like Jimmy Carr does, all the time…

    loulou apples

    12 Oct 05 at 12:34

  13. the only time when big sam looks like tom *huge compliment…BAH!! – or the other way around, either way…jaw went gaping!


    Most words can simply describe

    23 Oct 05 at 06:20

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