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Tag der Deutschen Einheit

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Today is a public holiday here in Germany. It’s the Tag der Deutschen Einheit, the day celebrating the reunification in 1990. Not that I’ve noticed anyone celebrating so far. I’m sure most people would be happy to celebrate by going to Ikea or somewhere, but those shops ain’t open today. As it is, it’s a perfect day for a) trying to watch the partial eclipse, hoping that the clouds would part for long enough to see it (they didn’t), b) doing a painting of one of the fellows I did pencil drawings of over the weekend (see below), and c) going back to bed and watching some DVDs (which will be happening a few short moments after I click the ‘Publish Post’ button).

Written by Craig

October 3rd, 2005 at 1:43 pm

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  1. His eyes don’t look as tired in the painting. Perhaps he had a cup of coffee during his lead to oil evolution?


    3 Oct 05 at 15:07

  2. Which DVDs? Still exploring Asian Westerns?

    That painting is just plain weird. I’m sure someone could analyse it and tell you a lot about you.

  3. And to think I thought that easel in your office photo was just an attractivelly bohemian clothes stand….


    3 Oct 05 at 19:10

  4. I know where “Ze Germans” are: they all invaded the Netherlands today for a day at sea! A 200km trip cost me 4 hours today…

    Ok I’m alright now… breathe in, breathe out.


    frans theunisz

    3 Oct 05 at 20:34

  5. oiii


    4 Oct 05 at 01:18

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