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I’m having one of those should’ve-stayed-in-bed days. I woke up around 10.30, and it was a wake-up that felt too sudden, like my head was struggling to keep up with my body. First thing I managed to do was step in dog poo that was right outside the front door of the house. Then, still cursing, I stepped out right in front of a cyclist and nearly injured Billy and myself. I forgot to buy cigarettes and had to go out again. And guess what? I stepped in the same poo again.
I’d quite like to get a haircut today, but the way things are going, I’m not sure I should bother.

Things I’m wondering today:
1. Is possession really nine tenths of the law?
2. Which was the first film to have someone die and then their friend/partner/lover is knelt next to the body and screams an echo-ey “Nooooooooooo!” while the camera swoops off up into the sky?
3. What’s the ratio of normal people to doctors on flights? What are our chances of someone answering the call: Is there a doctor on board?
4. I remember seeing this film on TV ages ago, when I was a teenager in fact. As far as I remember it was about the occupants of a village who thought they were living in the USA, but really it was a Soviet experiment somewhere in deepest, darkest Russia. When they found out, they tried to escape, of course, to the real USA. Anyone else seen it? Anyone know what it was called? I did think John Travolta was in the film, but after checking IMDb and coming up blank, I’m once again confronted by my memory’s ability to fake stuff.

Anyway for your enjoyment today, some quick pen drawings I did the other night while I was watching a Yankees game. Mainly it was an experiment to see how my skills are these days; secretly it’s a pitch for next season’s alternative baseball cards. Could be better, could be worse…

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October 7th, 2005 at 1:55 pm

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  1. Are you talking about “The Experts”? that’s an 80s film about a Russian village where all the people act like Americans
    I think John Travolta was in it too

    Lance Crossfire


    7 Oct 05 at 16:31

  2. 1. Yes … Mostly.
    In the case of most physical property, the proof of legitimate possession affords one the right to ownership of the property. the 9/10 bit is to allow for discrepancy (“I’m 90% sure”, etc.). The whole thing gets muddy when dealing with Intellectual Property and the 9/10 rule is less valid here (for example: cyber-squatting).


    7 Oct 05 at 16:42

  3. You’re right, Lance. Thank you.

    and thank you, Mr or Mrs Legal for clearing that up for me.


    7 Oct 05 at 16:57

  4. Ok, this has just taken me ten minuites to work out,
    The average number of people per doctors in the UK is (according to Oxfam) 604 to 1, and the average size of commercial airliner seats 136 passengers. If you work out the odds, i think it would be a one in 4 chance that there would be a doctor on board your plane. But you may also want to take into account the possibility that doctors travel more often as they are generally wealthier than the average population and might go to international conferences and the like.
    Of course that may be woefully inaccurate.


    7 Oct 05 at 17:05

  5. Bryony, thank you. That’s great. And fairly good news for hypochondriacs.


    7 Oct 05 at 17:09

  6. And to add to Brynoy’s statistics, approximately 45% of the world’s medical doctors are in Europe & North America so flights within these continents may have a higher proportion of doctors than elewhere. I presume that you would only count medical doctors – MD, rather than doctors of philosophy – PhD …
    ” Is there a doctor on board?”
    “Yes, I have just finished my thesis on Garage & Grime music culture in South-East England, how can I help”

    Lady Chatterly


    7 Oct 05 at 18:19

  7. Shit! I HATE stepping in it.




    7 Oct 05 at 19:39

  8. Me too, especially as I always clean Billy’s poo up off the pavement.


    7 Oct 05 at 19:45

  9. Don’t worry, I’ve had a bad day too. Failed my 3rd driving test miserably. Think yourself lucky it was only dog poo!


    7 Oct 05 at 19:48

  10. On the subject of chance in airplanes:

    My nephew, a pilot, says he always brings his own bomb aboard; the chances of there being 2 bombs is very unlikely…

    Craig: get back in bed and work on your pinkboy (that sound disgusting, but you know what I mean…)

    frans theunisz

    8 Oct 05 at 09:41

  11. I agree with Anna – it could have been cow poo. Or… well…



    8 Oct 05 at 11:34

  12. “…with the intention of teaching KGB agents to be hip like Americans”
    Your description sounded like it was a more serious film.
    What about your horror and western phase? Did you see anything good?


    8 Oct 05 at 13:28

  13. Yep, Marc, it was a shoddy film.

    Did I see anything good… well, the western section is a bit shoddy. The horror section never seems to have the ones I want to watch when I go in there…


    8 Oct 05 at 19:18

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