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A very short film about autumn

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I like those time-lapse photography things they do in wildlife documentaries. So I made one that documents autumn giving way to winter. It’s the view from the staircase up to my flat, looking out over where the bins and bicycles live. Don’t get your hopes up: it’s nowt special and is exceedingly short. But somehow the month’s worth of daily photographing sums up my evening’s slightly melancholy mood perfectly. Here you go.

Written by Craig

November 2nd, 2005 at 9:22 pm

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7 Responses to 'A very short film about autumn'

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  1. craig, i am sorry you are melancholy (and it seems you have been for a while) but i have to tell you that i just finally got a chance to watch the valley of the cnuties and you are my hero! thank you. you make lovely things.


    3 Nov 05 at 01:11

  2. That film really does capture Autumn…I wish I could play it in slo-mo to capture each shot a little better.

    The colors are still hanging on here…the trees are usually skeletal by this point, so I’m rather happy about it.


    3 Nov 05 at 04:17

  3. Beautiful. See- displacement activity is the key to kicking the habbit :-)

    How is that going btw?


    3 Nov 05 at 21:30

  4. Aw that’s just gorgeous. I do love the autumn.


    4 Nov 05 at 12:30

  5. Great Craig!

    I disagree with Ren here: melancholy is a beautiful thing! Things can’t always be bright, cheerful and lovely. But melancholy, tristesse, ahhhh… and the same with seasons: you need dark periods to really appreciate the bright ones

    sorry for this shit, i’m enjoying my dark period now, and october (song and movie) show its beauty

    frans theunisz

    4 Nov 05 at 13:57

  6. I do enjoy a good bout of melancholiness. I dunno, it seems to be a nice version of sadness, a sadness you can appreciate, a sadness that allows you to think about the girl you had a crush on at school, wonder what would’ve been, etc.


    5 Nov 05 at 11:20

  7. I wouldn’t recognize what warmth gladness brings with it if not for my melancholic moments.

    Which U2 tune was that? I’m embarassingly unfamiliar but I sure did think it was pretty (all 4 seconds of it *g*).

    Oh, and thank you for the autumn show.


    8 Nov 05 at 18:04

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