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Back in snowy Berlin

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That was a very nice relaxing week. No using a computer. Very little mobile phone use, either. Hurrah. I think I’ll be doing an FFF Does type thing about my trip to Gwynedd, so not gonna go into too much detail here. Here’s just some random stuff from my time away.

Lesson learned: in future, don’t take a Zippo lighter with me whenever I want to fly. The security chaps at Berlin Tegel airport asked me to take it out of my bag. Then open it. Then remove the cotton wool-ish stuff. This was a royal pain in the arse, cos it’s crammed in there pretty tight. All good, I’m thinking, I’ve proved that I’m not The Zippo Bomber, but the security guy takes away the fuel-soaked cotton wool stuff, leaving me with a shell of a lighter. Balls.
But it’s weird how security is different in different places. When leaving and entering Berlin, security is tight: they give your passport a good going over and everything. When entering and leaving the UK, you might as well be getting on a bus.

London is still London. Still a place I’m glad that I don’t live in. The amount of utter meaningly shite in newspapers and all around; the no-talent celebs (who, I’m glad to say, I recognise less and less of); the hoards of threatening-looking teenagers; everything looking the same (new buses look like they were inspired by mobile phones which look like they were inspired by cars which look like they were inspired by trainers); and the Tube – it’s still rubbish.

Despite my open-mouthed fascination with him, having a few days off from listening to Bill O’Reilly is very good for the soul. As is being in the middle of nowhere surrounded by hills, cows, sheep, and being able to see all the stars without any street lights getting in the way.

Christmas is here.

No matter how old I get, I still find things like this amusing:

And getting home, back to my own bed, would’ve been a lot nice had I have not been woken up by a massive migraine, lying there for a couple of hours moaning and groaning with a throbbing head. Still feel a bit shit after that, to be honest, but at least I woke up to a snowy Berlin…

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November 25th, 2005 at 1:56 pm

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  1. looking forward to christmas this year; it’ll be a new start for me…

    but first: sinterklaas!!! dutch/belgian thing with st. nicolas and his black helpers (pieten): very nice, esp. for young children

    i love getting up very early, just to be the first one to leave footprints in the snow!!!

    frans theunisz

    25 Nov 05 at 14:37

  2. looks lovely. i love wales. and scotland. and just general pretty british countryside. glad you had a break and got away from it all…

  3. We just had our first snow in Milwaukee. It only half counts though because it wasn’t our first big real snow that leaves the city in a pristine blanket.

    Sorry about the migraine. Is it legal to send Imitrex across the Atlantic?


    25 Nov 05 at 16:32

  4. Snow. Snow, I love snow. I want it, crave it even. Problem is, I live in the South-East of England. I think I may move to Scotland just for the snow.
    Glad you had a great break, they’re needed every so-often.


    25 Nov 05 at 16:57

  5. Ooh, I must visit the English countryside one day…I would really love to see all those stars! Thanks for sharing…

    Like most weary adults who have to travel, I am starting to get tired of snow (I mean, New York and all). (Aah, what’s happening to me…?) Oh well.


    26 Nov 05 at 01:51

  6. Tori – Yes, it’s easy to forget how wonderful the landscape in the UK can be. I miss the skies more than anything. Wont as Brits are to moan about the weather, there’s some fantastic grey skies to see wherever you are.

    Becki – I have no idea if sending drugs is legal… I’ve not been to a doctor about migraines as I always thought it was related to my eye problems, but recently when I saw an eye doctor and found out my eye was fine despite the searing pain, I did that most modern of things: looked on the internet. And migraine ticks all the symptoms boxes. Only taking ibuprofen at the moment which seems to do not a jot…

    Lisa – On behalf of the Welsh, I’ll point out that it wasn’t “English” countryside, but Welsh. Nevertheless, seeing the stars so clearly was very much a treat.


    26 Nov 05 at 18:21

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