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Cnuties episode 5

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Episode five of Valley Of The Cnuties is online over at submarinechannel.com.

Maybe it’s time to explain a little more about them. Each episode is a snapshot of the lives of those in a community. Each one takes place during a decade. This one is the 1970s; the previous one the 60s, and back to the first one being the 1930s. The music is from those decades, too. The plan was to make a story that all fitted together like you were re-visiting a community, so you could see how their lives had developed, but also as a vague representation of something from that decade. It doesn’t always fit perfectly, but it’s close.

Anyway, hope you like this very minimal fifth episode. If you think to yourself, hey, this animation is broken, well, it isn’t; like I say it’s very minimal, but it’s worth waiting, cos stuff does happen eventually. And it’s minimal for a reason, that most Craig-ish of reasons, too: Kraftwerk.

Written by Craig

November 29th, 2005 at 11:28 am

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  1. That episode was shit.


    29 Nov 05 at 18:35

  2. shit? it was shit good!
    80’s all over again…
    love the details; the smoke, the pee, (the terminator???)

    great thing craig, can’t wait to see the ninetees!

    frans theunisz

    29 Nov 05 at 20:14

  3. Craig, another great episode!! How long does it take you to put one of those together? Will we find out what grabbed one of the cnuties while he was taking a whiz? Is he alright?

    Thoroughly Amused

    29 Nov 05 at 20:49

  4. I sat an inch from the screen following every move. Brilliant.


    30 Nov 05 at 09:14

  5. Thanks, chaps.
    We might find out what happened… I imagine we will…


    30 Nov 05 at 14:01

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