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Fun Fun Fun: the book

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The Beatles fans amongst you will know how Abbey Road was the last album they recorded, but Let It Be was the last album they released.
I have a similar tale. Early on in 2004, I put together a book called Fun Fun Fun, but for one reason or another, it got delayed. The Minipops book was then put together, thrust out into the world, sold quite well (thank you!), and the Fun Fun Fun book was still sat in boxes in a warehouse somewhere in Taiwan. Fast forward to now and that book is finally hitting the shops. Yay!

It makes me happy that it’s coming out just in time for Christmas. It’s been quite frustrating knowing that the copies of the book were printed and ready to go, but, like I say, for one reason or another, it hadn’t come out.

But it’s out now. Not sure exactly how many shops will have it, but here’s a list of those that the distribution company have told me should have it. It should also be available from the European Amazon stores soon, too. For those of you in North American or anywhere else non-European, I’m afraid I don’t have much info. Sorry.

So, what’s this book about? Well, here’s some pictures, then I’ll explain some more…

It’s based on the Fun Fun Fun part of Flip Flop Flyin’, except it’s not animated, and has been re-drawn, cos I wanted to make some things nicer than they are on the site. The whole idea is to just offer up thirty ways to make you smile; make your day a tiny bit nicer, were you to need such help. Twenty of the double-page drawings are from the site, ten of them are brand new, ‘specially for the book.

Like all pop stars who’ll tell you that their latest album is their best, I have a lot more affection for this book that the Minipops book. That’s mainly cos it has more of my ideas in it, rather than representations of famous folk which is basically one idea multiplied by 800. So, yeh, I’m kinda proud of this book. The publishers, PPBook, did a wonderful job with the printing, the colours look great. All in all, it makes me smile.
Hopefully it might make you smile too.
Hopefully you might buy it.
Or at least have a flick through in your local book shop.
Anyway, advert over.
Thanks for your attention.

Written by Craig

November 29th, 2005 at 2:54 pm

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  1. ! it looks ace!
    Does the ink smell delicious?
    I love the smell of a brand new book. Mmmmm


    29 Nov 05 at 15:34

  2. You got a buyer here. Finally he’s out and in hardback.
    Oh, and did I mention; You’re the best.


    PS Tell me I’m still Officially Fan No1.


    29 Nov 05 at 15:35

  3. Just a few reflections;
    The Swedish Prince of Punk is Thåström and he just wrote a song called “Fan fan fan”, which translated into English is “Damn damn damn” which is pretty close to “Fun fun fun” phonetically in Swedish. Oh, that was a strange sentence…

    Anyway, I checked out the Swedish site http://www.adlibris.se but they didn’t have the book. Wrote to them and gave them a hint.


    29 Nov 05 at 15:54

  4. you know you’ve made it when the Tate Modern is one of the select places selling your work. WAY TO GO!


    29 Nov 05 at 16:15

  5. Yay!


    29 Nov 05 at 18:25

  6. Congratulations!
    Another buyer here (and it looks like a good presi for Xmas too… – who would not want a smile as a present)!
    And I love the cnuties (if I have not mentioned that before – although I have to admit it is a strong move to make us sit through this minimal exercise – only to feel like a kid in the puppet theatre shouting “Watch out!” at the screen… I’m shocked you killed a cnutie (or will he/she reappear?)!! Shame on you!

    Best of luck with your book!


    PS: Cunning how you put yourselves in one line with the Beatles… ;)


    29 Nov 05 at 18:53

  7. PPS: I forgot how good “wirr sind die Roboterrr” sounds – amazing!
    Thanks for reminding me!



    29 Nov 05 at 18:54

  8. whooohooo! christmas present no. 1!!! looks great craig

    PS: who’s the blonde standing next next to you and billy?

    golden bikini… mmmmmm…
    *end flashback*

    frans theunisz

    29 Nov 05 at 20:19

  9. Brahnu: The ink does smell nice, yes.
    Elisabeth: Thank you.
    Becki: Today, the shop; tomorrow, the Turbine Hall.
    Alex: He might be dead, he might not be…
    Frans: The girl is nobody in particular, just a blonde in a bikini. And the dog isn’t Billy, it’s Tessa. This shows how long ago I did the book, Billy wasn’t in my life at that time, thus my childhood dog is the coverstar.


    30 Nov 05 at 14:06

  10. Ooh, another buyer here. I will be giving out smiles for Christmas. I love books. Especially fun and pretty and bright and colourful ones.

  11. You’ve got another buyer here for certain, only problem is… I can’t seem to find it on Amazon… I’m in the UK, but… well, it doesn’t seem to be there!
    Do you maybe possibly pretty please have a direct link to the page it’s on? I’d appreciate it muchly :]


    30 Nov 05 at 22:47

  12. It doesn’t seem to be on Amazon yet, but the distribution people have told me it *should* be on there this week…
    But Waterstone’s will apparently have it, so, maybe it’s worth giving them a try. Thank you!


    1 Dec 05 at 12:14

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