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A bunch of new and slightly-less-new Minipops for you today.
The new ones: Tip-top short stop for them wonderful New York Yankees, Derek Jeter; a new version of Franz Ferdinand; eighties band that I always disliked, Eurythmics (although I do like Stevie Wonder’s harmonica solo on that song about the angel playing with my heart); Bruce Willis as John McClane in Die Hard With A Vengeance; and Japanese PM Junichiro Koizumi.
The slightly less new ones, ie. ones that I did to go in frames that helped decorate the Yahoo! Music penthouse when I was in Miami, including Diddy, Jay Z, Kanyé West, John Legend, and the Einstein of pop, Jessica Simpson.

Also, as you might suspect from all the hoo-haw I made about it the last couple of days, the third On This Day piece for de Volkskrant is online today, in Dutch, on their Oog page (English version here). Today’s is my favourite of the five that I’ve done for them, so it’s all downhill from here, kids.

Finally, a nice fellow over at londonist.com wrote such a nice piece about Flip Flop Flyin’ the other day that my rampaging ego demands that I link it.

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November 10th, 2005 at 10:01 am

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  1. i miss the ohrwurm too. It was sad to see it go…


    10 Nov 05 at 10:47

  2. I can’t see the English version?


    10 Nov 05 at 12:35

  3. Oops, sorry; it’s online now.


    10 Nov 05 at 12:52

  4. And to the first anon person: I have been thinking about bringing it back, especially since I could do it bloggy style like this…


    10 Nov 05 at 12:58

  5. Hey, that was a very nice review. All true of course.

  6. That wasn’t fake sincerity by the way, just in case it seemed that way, I do agree with him!

  7. About time we saw some new mini pops :)


    10 Nov 05 at 15:46

  8. Craig!

    I can’t belive I was in Berlin last weekend and I didn’t try to contact you to thank you again for my copy of the Minipops book!

    I hope you are doing fine there, it is a wonderful city!


    Laura (the girl at Books Etc. Bayswater, London)


    10 Nov 05 at 15:58

  9. Hi Craig!
    I like today’s Oog!!!
    There is a translation mistake in the Dutch version though: the “In Cambodia… ” line has it’s verb in the wrong position…

    I know, I’m a wanker for telling this.

    Sorry Craig

    frans theunisz

    10 Nov 05 at 18:45

  10. Tori – Thank you.
    Fluffe – Oh, the pressure to deliver! Iinsert dramatic fainting action here.)
    Laura – That’s a shame, hope you had fun.
    Frans – Don’t worry, I don’t speak Dutch, so someone else translated it…


    10 Nov 05 at 19:22

  11. Eek almighty Craig, that’s almost an obiturary!


    10 Nov 05 at 21:38

  12. I like it in Dutch best. Sesame Street sounds better


    11 Nov 05 at 05:53

  13. Hi

    I’m not the Alex that did the review (although I might have been)… Almost forgot about that Face feature that got me writing FFF into my browser first…

    I do agree wholeheartedly with all alex said – and I might add I’m enjoying your blog on the same level!




    11 Nov 05 at 08:59

  14. ooh, glad to hear ohrwurm may be coming back.
    Another “old” thing i really liked was the condiment shelf… but that really was ages ago


    11 Nov 05 at 10:16

  15. robert.the boys a stalker.


    11 Nov 05 at 23:50

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