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Guten morgen, heute ich schreiben Deutsch. Wieso? Ich weiss nichts, aber es ist an gut examplar von meine Sheiße Verständnis von der Deutsche Sprache. Die vierte Oog ding ist online. Ich hoffe jeder Palästinensisch ist beleidigen nicht, es war nichts für ungut! Es ist heir im niederländisch und englisch.

Okay, I can’t keep it up… Quick re-cap:
Good morning, today I will write in German. Why? I dunno, but it shows you how rubbish my understanding of the language is. The fourth Oog thingy is up now. I do hope any Palestinians out there aren’t offended, it wasn’t meant that way. Here it is in Dutch and English.

Here’s something I’ve been wondering about: white uniforms.
Lots of professions have white uniforms, most of them have white uniforms for understandable reasons. Doctors and dentists and other medical folk, there’s the cleanliness issue. Same goes for people in catering.
I’m imagining the various naval folk of the world wear white in case they fall overboard and are thus easier to see and rescue.
But painters and decorators: they wear white too. Why? This has got to such a point that I can’t help seeing these blokes wherever I go. It’s like spotting left-handed people. If there’s one nearby, I’ll zone in on him and once again beginning my wondering. Any ideas?

Written by Craig

November 11th, 2005 at 9:29 am

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  1. I want an “On this Day” year-long, calendar, bitch! Get to work!!!!

    P.S. – Fucking bowling shoes.


    11 Nov 05 at 10:18

  2. In my country all schoolboys and schoolgirls must were white uniforms, like doctors and nurses! And usually people that sell ice cream wear them too….Funny!

    Craig! Is it really difficult to design a banner for a weblog? I have one in Blogger and I am hating my template…Can you help me?



    11 Nov 05 at 10:29

  3. House painters commonly wear white so when they are working in the sun they don’t get as hot as if they were wearing darker, more heat absorbing clothes.


    11 Nov 05 at 12:31

  4. I couldn’t find an answer to your question regarding the navy but I found this:
    if you ever fancy dressing like one o’ ’em…


    11 Nov 05 at 12:50

  5. ach je! Das ist das wohl charmanteste Deutsch, das ich je gehört habe. Biiiiiiiiiiiiiitte, täglich ein bißchen davon…


    11 Nov 05 at 13:38

  6. I want an “on this day” all year too. Maybe you should get billy to write the next ones if you don’t have time :P


    11 Nov 05 at 14:07

  7. Maybe painters, decorators etc. wear white so they can spill paint on themselves so it shows up and look like they’ve been REALLY busy :)

    Thats what I do when I’m painting things :)

    loulou apples

    11 Nov 05 at 15:58

  8. I don’t know about wearing white…but I always check to see if people are left-handed as well. Hurrah for us south-paws!


    11 Nov 05 at 17:41

  9. Derick: You can blame it on the shoes if you want, but you’re still my bitch on the bowling lane, dude.

    Laura: I can help – open Photoshop, draw something! ;)

    Nick: That sounds perfectly reasonable. Thanks for that.

    Anon: When I was a kid, I was always into the idea of being in the navy. Apparently, you can sail the seven seas AND put your mind at ease…

    Anon: Vielen dank! Nicht täglich, aber gelegentlich!

    Fluffe: I’d like that too. I’d also like to employ someone to do it for me!

    Loulou: That was almost my first thought; that they use a lot of white paint and the stains are less noticable.

    Becki: Hurrah indeed. Another lefty friend of mine does it too. Must be instinctive.


    11 Nov 05 at 17:48

  10. My grandpa used to get slapped with a ruler by nuns everytime he tried writing left-handed in school. I wonder if that is why he dropped out before finishing seventh grade….


    11 Nov 05 at 19:45

  11. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that a similar thing happened to your Ronald Reagan: natural lefty, forced to be a righty. Who knows, maybe he was a natural Democrat…


    11 Nov 05 at 19:48

  12. I think it’s so nothing clashes when they get paint splots on themselves. Like, what if you’re wearing a bright teal shirt and painting a wall magenta and you spilled on yourself? You’d look like a toner cartridge. At least if you’re wearing white, you just look a mess.


    12 Nov 05 at 05:06

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