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More Cnuties

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Episodes three and four of Valley Of The Cnuties are online now over at submarinechannel.com.
The last time you saw them, they’d been on a boat ride and camped out on a beach; episode three sees them finally get to the valley, while in episode four certain dreams are realised.
Hope you like.

Written by Craig

November 1st, 2005 at 10:49 am

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  1. I think large, limited edition Cnutie posters would sell well :-)


    1 Nov 05 at 14:04

  2. in the words of tinkie winkie et al….
    again again again…


    (btw heres to Crouch getting his first tonight)

    Lee Jenkins

    1 Nov 05 at 15:32

  3. Excellent stuff

    Matt Sephton

    1 Nov 05 at 16:21

  4. Great work man, can’t wait to see the other rest.

    Thoroughly Amused

    1 Nov 05 at 19:11

  5. Great Cra’ig!
    Don’t know if I’m right, but the ‘nutie in #3: is he doin’ a bit o’ the ol’ springsteen playin’ his guitar not facing the audi’ence?

    fran's theunis'z

    1 Nov 05 at 21:15

  6. sorry for the apostrophes, but you should see above post as a comment on last entry as well…

    frans theunisz

    1 Nov 05 at 21:16

  7. Thanks y’all.

    Ed: That would be nice, yes. I will suggest it to the people who need to be suggested to.
    Lee: I was in the company of a Spaniard last night, so I got my pronounciations of Xabi Alonso and Morientes and Luis Garcia laughed at.
    Fran’s: It wasn’t intentionally Bruce, but now you mention it…


    2 Nov 05 at 09:54

  8. Oh, those cute, cool Cnuties! My work mates (we all sit with head phones on not to disturb each other) ask what I’m smiling from ear to ear for. Episode three is genious!!! Thanks!


    3 Nov 05 at 12:01

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