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Back in September, I tried to hide my desire for some birthday wishes within a post about those On This Day things where newspapers tell you what happened in the past on today’s date.
At around the same time I was asked if I’d like to do something for top Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, for a feature on their website called Oog. This area of the site is where artists do something about news/politics/current affairs.
I decided to do something based on, and named after, these On This Day things. Online today is the first of those. There’ll be a new one online every week day ’til next Monday. Click this link to see the Dutch language version on the Oog page. For the rest of you who don’t understand Dutch, clickity here.

Written by Craig

November 8th, 2005 at 10:51 am

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  1. A great idea nicely done.

    Matt Sephton

    8 Nov 05 at 11:41

  2. Excellent, i like the mixed up title.


    8 Nov 05 at 11:43

  3. These are brilliant!


    8 Nov 05 at 15:43

  4. fab Craig, only I can’t quite see clearly enough to decide if Hitler really did only have one ball…


    8 Nov 05 at 18:13

  5. Heel mooi gedaan Craig!!! (nice one C.)

    By the way: I was visiting my sister last weekend and showed her my Minipops book. She recognised it because there had been an article about minipops in the “NRC” newspaper! True fact, or another one of my evil sisters plots to conquer the world??

    frans theunisz

    8 Nov 05 at 18:56

  6. Mmm, mmm, mmm…

    That’s some good stuff, Craig! It’s so clever and it’s wonderful to look at! Great on birthday cards, haha.


    9 Nov 05 at 08:26

  7. Genious you! How did you come up with the idea to mix the events? Brilliant! As I’ve said before, if only I could probe your brain… ;)


    9 Nov 05 at 09:58

  8. ::pokes with a stick to Craig’s head::



    9 Nov 05 at 17:22

  9. Thank you, all.


    9 Nov 05 at 19:02

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