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Quick one

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The final part of On This Day is online today. I hope you’ve enjoyed them. I enjoyed making them, twas fun. Dutch/English.

I’m having a get-stuff-done day today: going to the post office, bank, sorting out stuff for my accountant, burning CDs that were promised to friends but are long-overdue, laundry, and I’ve got to wax my Barbour coat; thus, no time for this blogging lark…

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November 14th, 2005 at 12:22 pm

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  1. Wax your Barbour coat?!

  2. Yes, re-apply the protective wax. Keeps water out.


    14 Nov 05 at 16:23

  3. But thats such a mess. Are you going all the way: warming the coat with the hairdryer, waxing it, warming it again and then rubbing all the wax in, evenly? That’s nerdy in an All-Creatures-Big-and-Small way! It is not very expensive to send it to Barbour and have it waxed.
    The other thing is: why are wearing a Barbour Coat anyway?


    14 Nov 05 at 16:34

  4. Buy a Fonzie style leather jacket, get one for Billy too. And maybe a hotrod… And maybe ive skewed off topic here.

    Rocker man & dog!


    14 Nov 05 at 17:25

  5. Oh my, Anonymous, you sound like a pro. I’m just gonna follow the instructions on the tin.
    I’m wearing one cos I like Barbour coats. They’re both practical and good-looking.


    14 Nov 05 at 19:14

  6. Not a pro – just a bored housewife.


    14 Nov 05 at 20:10

  7. look at your cartoon in volkskrant date friday: 11 november 1978/Hollywood sentence, the dutch word ‘onthuld’ with a ‘d’.


    15 Nov 05 at 08:02

  8. I am sad, Argentina lost and I still have no ideas for my weblog. Bwaah!


    16 Nov 05 at 11:35

  9. Very beautiful work!
    But this idea even has more potential. If you managed to take more than just the name of some headlines and maybe mix the meaning of all 3 headlines, it could totally rock.

    Der Weltraumpapst

    24 Nov 05 at 13:51

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