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Some corporate beauty

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When I first saw the video Michel Gondry made for The Chemical Brothers’ song Star Guitar, I immediately felt that pop videos would never be bettered, it being absolutely perfect and all.
After finding this Sony Bravia page (via The Simple Life) and watching the Quicktime, I’m kinda convinced I’ve seen the peak in advertising beauty now, too. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this ad since a few photos appeared on Flickr a while back, but the clip itself way exceeded my expectations. It’s truly stunning. And the site’s got a nice fadey colour thing going on too, which can only be a good thing. If only my crappy Sony hi-fi was as good as their advert…

Written by Craig

November 2nd, 2005 at 11:59 am

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  1. Oh man. What a perfect way to start the morning.


    2 Nov 05 at 14:28

  2. Awesome stuff.

    The song is “Heartbeats” sung by Swedish-Argentinian José González, originally by Swedish-electro-punk duo The Knife.

    Matt Sephton

    2 Nov 05 at 14:37

  3. That is so so lovely. Its funny because I was thinking about San Francisco this morning and thinking how much I would like to go back and then you give us a link to the most beautiful advert. Although I was alway a bit partial to the Aero hula hooping mouse as the pinnacle of advertising!


    2 Nov 05 at 14:52

  4. ok so, thats the kind of thing that at the end of the movie you find that you’ve got the widest smile on your face youve had in ages….and you’ve no idea how it got there!

    (bit like a 3-0 win i think..hehe)

    Lee Jenkins

    2 Nov 05 at 15:15

  5. btw…how is it done?
    It looks so real but would they do that, with all the damage it could do to cars and windows etc? I dont think so..but what application can do that?

    sorry to post twice like this…

    Lee Jenkins

    2 Nov 05 at 15:18

  6. I LOVE it. So pretty.

  7. There is a little movie on the Behind the Scenes page showing that they really did let loose hundreds of bouncy balls! Apparently it was also in Creative Review but as it always goes missing in our studio I haven’t seen it!


    2 Nov 05 at 15:44

  8. Benji

    2 Nov 05 at 19:04

  9. Craig, thanks for mentioning my blog on your blog. I’m honored. Speaking of things to do in San Francisco, a couple weeks back they trucked in a couple tons of snow and covered one of the streets with it and had a ski jump competition. Pretty great stuff. Guess they’re never at a loss for things to do there.

    Thoroughly Amused

    2 Nov 05 at 21:13

  10. craig, i imagine being an arty-computery person you are aware of the delight that is http://www.airside.co.uk. if not, then cruise over to it and look through it’s splendourous archives! i got to know it through lemon jelly. love your site!


    5 Nov 05 at 20:36

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