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Advent calendar 4 of 24

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I’m pretty sure my money would be safe if I put on a bet that each and everyone one of you will hear someone – a friend, a family member, a stranger on the bus, yourself – over the next couple of weeks say that Christmas has got too commercial. If by some weird freaky chance you’re married to the boss of Universal, Sony, Microsoft, Walmart, or some such corporate giant, you‘ll probably hear your spouse say the exact opposite.

For as long as I can remember I’ve heard people say that Christmas is too commercial. Similarly, for as long as I can remember I’ve noticed those exact same people spend loads of money on gifts, booze and Quality Street. Christmas seems to be as commercial as we allow it to be.

One small part of that, amongst all the bigger concerns of where our society is going, is how advent calendars have changed. Is it actually possible to go to Woolworth’s and buy an advent calendar without chocolate inside it these days? I hope I’m not just romanticising the past, but I seem to remember enjoying simply opening up the windows and finding a new Christmassy scene to look at.

Hey, chill out, Craig, it’s only a tiny bit of chocolate! Well, aside from the dubious qualities of allowing children to eat chocolate at breakfast time, isn’t it just a sign that we’ve given up on Christmas being anything other than an opportunity to stuff ourselves and spend more money than we have on stuff that makes us fleetingly happy?

And anyway, from an aesthetic point of view, a nice little Victorian snowy scene behind a window is far nicer to look at than a chocolate-shaped indent in a sheet of vacuum-formed plastic over a crappy line drawing of a snowman.

So now can we open our hymn books to page 42…. (just kiddin’.)

Oh, and by the way, today’s advent photo is the Christmassy effort from the hairdressers across the street.

Written by Craig

December 4th, 2005 at 12:54 pm

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  1. Non-chocolate advent calendars are usually only available from Christian bookshops and others whom dare spread the heresy that the whole ‘Christ’ bit kinda makes *Christ*mas.
    Also, in Germany they tend to dispense with the classic advent calendar and instead hang a string of small paper bundles full of all kinds of nice things to eat. Each bag is labelled with a day and taken down, opened and eaten when the day comes. It’s all homemade and is OK in my book as it’s all homemade.


    4 Dec 05 at 19:32

  2. you can still find the chocolate-less calendars here…and they are in the lovely old victorian style. Lots of gifty, crafty/antiquey stores sell them. It is the only type of advent calendar I subscribe to…except the dollhouse-like ones where you open the shutters to a different room each morning and a new x-mas scene reveals itself. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to make one of those.


    4 Dec 05 at 20:11

  3. Woohoo!!! See, Craig? I’m not just a pretty face :)

    I used to have an advent calendar which had a small gift for each day, it was shaped like a christmas tree and had little present shaped pockets all over it.
    Ah thems were the days…

    the brain

    5 Dec 05 at 10:47

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