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Advent calendar

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I’m not 100% sure if I’ll be doing something Christmassy on FFF this year. I hope to, but I can’t be sure. This is why: the story I wanna do requires a fair bit of planning and drawing. I’ll try, but I’m not promising anything.
Anyway, someone commented yesterday, asking why I didn’t have an advent calendar on the site this year. Err, I just don’t. But while I was out and about today doing some chores, I figured that because Berlin is a very Christmassy place, maybe I could take a photo of something every day and present it for you here.
So that’s what I’ll do. I’m gonna try not to cheat and stockpile photos; I will make an effort to make a photo every day. So, it’s the 1st of December, so here’s today’s advent photo: buckets of senf und ketchup at a Bratwurst stand at Alexanderplatz’s Christmas market.

Written by Craig

December 1st, 2005 at 5:49 pm

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  1. Cool!
    I feel all warm, fuzzy and christmassy now…




    1 Dec 05 at 19:09

  2. Well, y’know, mustard and tomato ketchup in pumpy-buckets always make me feel festive…


    1 Dec 05 at 19:13

  3. Ich hätte am aller-aller-liebsten auf der ganzen Welt täglich einen deutschen Satz (no cheatin, mate like copying one from the newspapers), sondern einen echten charmanten Craig-Satz. Biiiitte.

    alex (the other one)


    1 Dec 05 at 20:33

  4. Okay, Alex: I hasse die Zollamt. Abshaum, echt abshaum.


    1 Dec 05 at 20:44

  5. Thank you kindly. Gute Nacht.


    2 Dec 05 at 00:25

  6. brilliant.


    2 Dec 05 at 03:44

  7. Looks like the IKEA interior… ;)


    2 Dec 05 at 16:09

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