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Bill say Happy Holidays

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Okay, so I’m a little bit obsessed with Bill O’Reilly at the moment. He’s dangerous, he’s got that whiff of evil about him, but, he seems very good at his job: being right wing and convincing his following that there’s a liberal conspiracy out there that wants to make your children gay, abortion-loving, Christmas-haters.
Anyway, to try and heal my obsession, I’ve made a little festive season message from Bill. Roll the tape.

And while I’m on the subject of right wing folks, let’s discuss Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tookie Williams.
Now, I don’t really know much about Williams, but it would seem that he was a bad man in the past, but had tried to do some good in the latter part of his life. And anyway, I, of course, being a wishy washy socialist, am against the death penalty. But one thing has bothered me since he was executed yesterday, like an itch on my back that I just can’t reach: seeing Schwarzenegger deciding on whether a man lives or dies. It just felt wrong. A man who’s spent most of his career pretending to kill people, actually got to make the decision about someone’s life in the real world. It just feels wrong.

Finally, today’s Around Berlin advent picture: a festive hardware store around the corner on Stargarder Strasse (one of the best street names I’ve ever known, incidentally).

Written by Craig

December 14th, 2005 at 11:29 am

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  1. I hope I get one of those presents (as on the right) with the big exhaust pipe coming out!

    Magic Door

    14 Dec 05 at 12:00

  2. New years resolution: Give up Fox. It’s bad for you. Really bad.


    14 Dec 05 at 13:28

  3. Most contemptible in the history of Tookie Williams it is that its anguish will have been of 22mn. Terrifying.


    14 Dec 05 at 14:11

  4. haha magic door!!! great! i want one too!!!

    about arnold: “the terminator” sounds different now doesn’t it?

    frans theunisz

    14 Dec 05 at 16:05

  5. Man, the amount of Bill O’Reilly you musta listened to to put that together… doesn’t bear thinking about…

    Shame, as whenever I see O’Reilly, I think of Tim and his publishing company, who are quite nice.


    14 Dec 05 at 19:19

  6. Well, yeh, I did listen to a bit of it, but over a couple of weeks. I just downloaded the podcasts, saved a few of them, then cut the umms and errs together. Chuck in a couple of words here and there, et voila!


    14 Dec 05 at 20:02

  7. On Tookie:

    Fuck the death penalty, seriously. But I have trouble discussing redemption when his victims were never given the chance.

    And I think governors are supposed to go easy with clemency because, in the end, it isn’t their job to decide the fate of individuals.

    Anyway, pardons and clemency are, you know, for white people who couldn’t get off any other way.

    Also: fuck Bill O’Reilly. Don’t mistake entertainment for commentary.

    The Big A

    14 Dec 05 at 20:44

  8. I just played your festive message Craig, and itunes jumped to Slade immediatelly after. It works almost too well as an into. I smell a rat.


    14 Dec 05 at 21:25

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