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Can’t think of anything I want to write about today.

(Advent photo is the window display of a second-hand clothes shop on my street, by the way.)

Woke up feeling groggy after having a dream that I’d scratched my glasses really badly when cleaning them on my t-shirt.

I have a very big craving to have a fried egg sandwich, though. Ooooh, I’ve not had one for ages. Thick white bread, some ketchup, and a gloriously unhealthy fried egg. Maybe some bacon, too. And the bread could be fried as well. Loads of butter. Some mayonaisse. Maybe a layer of sliced-longways sausages. A couple of slices of Cheddar cheese. A generous slap of peanut butter. And some onion rings. Salt and pepper. And a heart attack for pudding.

Anyway, time for my breakfast: some Weetabix.

Written by Craig

December 18th, 2005 at 10:41 am

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  1. Mayonnaise


    18 Dec 05 at 11:48

  2. zzzzz……


    18 Dec 05 at 11:50

  3. But are you one of these people who like their Weetabix crunchy, or do you, like me, prefer them to get all soft with lots of sugar on top?!


    18 Dec 05 at 16:55

  4. I like it to still be looking Weetabix shape, but soaked with milk all the way through. And sugar on top of the Weetabixes; not too much, mind.


    18 Dec 05 at 17:28

  5. What IS Weetabix? Some weird English breafast-thingy, we (the rest of the world) don’t know of? Or is it just me…


    18 Dec 05 at 17:46

  6. I dunno. It is British, I think, but I can buy it in regular supermarkets here.
    It’s like an elongated ice hockey puck-shaped biscuit of wheat-based stuff. It’s delicious with cold or warm milk and sugar.


    18 Dec 05 at 17:52

  7. probably the best description of weetabix so far.


    18 Dec 05 at 21:59

  8. I admire your self control…I would have went for the egg sandwich…minus the mayo, but ditto on all else.


    19 Dec 05 at 17:45

  9. weetabix are known in france but i’m not sure it’s still available here. got to check


    26 Dec 05 at 23:54

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