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Today’s will be the last post before Christmas. I’m having a break. Getting on an aeroplane and buggering off somewhere sunny for a while. So, Christmas-lovers, I’m gonna have to trust you not to peek at the 23rd or 24th‘s advent pictures until the tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Today’s photo is of the annual electricity fest that is Friedrichstrasse’s Christmas lights.

I’ve been thinking about today’s post for a week or so, and it seemed to me like a good idea to have this one as the last one before Christmas. Time for family and all that. So, my grandfather, George Wilfred Robinson.

The next two photos are incredibly cute. First, George as a baby. In his baby get-up. Surrounded by loads of fur. Even then, he was wearing the Robinson family Oh-fuck-what’s-gonna-happen-now? look on his face.

Aaaah, what a handsome young boy. The pretty shoes, the nice lacey collar and cuffs, the haircut, and, wow!, a cane!

Jump forward a few years, and George is at school in Sleaford, Lincs. That’s him top right.

George in the scouts. First row, fifth from left.

And again in the scouts. Middle row, far left. Not entirely sure what he was trying to do there. That’s quite a scowl he’s got goin’ on. Perhaps the lad in front of him broke wind, perhaps he was just trying to look tough.

I don’t know what age he was here, but he’s right dapper dressed up, eh?

I love this photo. Although he’s squinting, Grandad is looking very cool at the seaside. A nice shirt, superb trousers, and from what I can tell, splendid socks. I don’t know who the other people are. The guy in the middle has quite an effeminate stance, don’t you think?

The next two aren’t photos of my grandad, just birthday cards that my sister and I gave to him in the mid-eighties. I include them as proof that it was quite obviously our mother who went to the shops to buy the cards, rather than my sister and I searching for them ourselves. But, y’know, power drills and lawn movers do kinda sum up a pensioner’s life, I suppose.

This is getting closer to the Grandad I remember. I’m not 100% sure when this was, but seeing as though there’s still some non-grey hair on his head, it’s probably slightly before I was born or when I was very very young. I adore this photograph. I love the burgeoning “Grandad Pose” he’s bringin’ home. I love the clothes, I love the pipe, and I love how it’s not really clear whether he’s in a field in Norfolk or on safari in Africa. It’s more likely the former, although I’m gonna continue thinking that just off camera are a few elephants and lions.

Aaaah, here’s Grandad. This is the full-on Grandad Pose. A pose he adopted in EVERY photograph of his retirement. It’s a pose I’ve begun to adopt in photographs too. I like to think it’s a tradition that I will, one day, pass on to my son, and he will pass it on to his.

Anyway, that’s yer lot.
If you’re a Christian: Happy Christmas.
If you’re a lapsed Christian but still like toys, turkey and tinselly trees: Happy Christmas.
If you’re Jewish: Happy Hanukkah.
If you’re a Seinfeld fan: Happy Festivus.
If you’re a fan of The O.C.: Happy Chrismukkah.
And for everyone else: Happy Generic Winter Holidays Greeting.

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December 22nd, 2005 at 8:35 am

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  1. happy christmas craig!

    frans theunisz

    22 Dec 05 at 10:10

  2. Happy Christmas to you too! Hope you have a warm and fuzzy one…

  3. Oh and I think there are definitely lions and elephants off to the side of that photo of your grandad… great photo.

  4. Maybe some zebras too.

    Hope you have a lovely, fun Christmas.


    22 Dec 05 at 10:53

  5. What a cool grandad! And what a poseur. Must have (had?) a great sense of humour.

    Happy Holidays Craig and please think of me whilst sunbathing, while I sit by my computer working my ass off… ;)


    22 Dec 05 at 11:46

  6. Happy Generic Winter Holidays Greeting to you too Craig!


    22 Dec 05 at 12:39

  7. Happy Christmas! Don’t know about you, but I’m loving my festivus pole this year. It’s much fuller than last year’s one.


    22 Dec 05 at 13:29

  8. he looks ace. but – fifth from left: what’s wrong with thrd from right, eh?
    have a great trip / xmas dude. I think we may have made a mistake opting for somewhere colder than the UK


    22 Dec 05 at 13:35

  9. About the person in the middle at the beach – it’s not an effiminate person. It’s a girl. Honestly, if you’re not sure it’s a guy it most definately is a girl.

    How much do you bet?


    22 Dec 05 at 21:09

  10. Dave, Craig is left-handed so of course he counts from the left side :)


    22 Dec 05 at 21:32

  11. Merry Mid-winter festival!

    Here’s to grandparents. They’re great.


    23 Dec 05 at 01:52

  12. Enough celebrating Christmas! I need my daily Craig-fix. So pack your stuff and get back to Bratwurst-land and business-as-usual.



    28 Dec 05 at 13:40

  13. Happy New Year!

  14. Merete – aha I see! I always count from whichever side is the nearest. Is that odd?


    3 Jan 06 at 19:47

  15. Craig, just had an email from Dec 30th bounced back from your mail system. This is the only way I can think of letting you know.


    5 Jan 06 at 02:57

  16. Mark

    10 Jan 06 at 18:17

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